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    greenplum-1504 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 1 year, 11 months ago

    Chapter Twenty:
    Trial by Tale: Part Two:
    Audrey’s P.O.V:
    “So, Audrey. I think we should get to know each other a bit more, you know with our relationship and everything.” Kareem says,
    I snort, “Relationship? Which one? The relationship you made which you’ve decided you can kiss me whenever you want?”
    “I am a good kisser though, aren’t I?”
    I continue walking on.
    “Anyways, Audrey where are we going?”
    “I don’t know, when I decide we should stop, we’ll stop.”
    We keep walking for a few minutes in silence before a bloodcurdling scream fills my ears.
    “HELP! Please, someone, please! HELP ME! HELP!”
    I stop dead still, it’s Norah’s voice, Noah’s the one screaming. I feel all color from face disappear. The screaming stops and red sparks fly into the air, Norah’s dropped her handkerchief, she’s out of the competition.
    I turn around so I’m facing Kareem, “Do you think she’s okay? She’ll be okay right?”
    “O’ Course she’ll be okay, Audge, this is one of the safest places. if she’s hurt she’ll be sent to the infirmary, everything’s fine, you’ll see.”
    I slowly nod my head, “Okay, okay,” I mutter, “She’s fine, okay.”
    Kareem pats my shoulder and continues walking on, I decide it’s best if I follow him. Suddenly a flash of yellow light cuts across Kareem and me. I snap my head around as fast as ever and find myself staring at a stunningly gorgeous girl in a black cloak. She fires another spell at me, which I barely manage to dodge, shoot, she’s really good. I feel my hand immediately grab the handle of my sword, I feel best when I’m using a sword. I quickly take a glance at Kareem, he’s staring at the girl with his mouth slightly open. Boys. Why is he looking at the girl like that? Is she that gorgeous? Why am I jealous? I find myself powering my jealousy into my sword fighting, the girl throws a spell and my sword hits it back at her, she throws another spell and my sword hits it back at her again. Destroy her, a voice says in my head, it’s the same one I heard earlier before the Trial by Tale started, End her, Why is she making me feel so jealous? Why is Kareem acting like that? I remember reading about these half-human mogrifs who, with one look, would make boys stunned by their beauty and girls jealous of their beauty. Oh my god, that girls a Novapolitan. Now I have to end her, I walk up really close to her she continues firing spells at me, I continue dodging them with my sword. I place my sword against her neck with no intentions to harm her, I slowly press harder and harder and eventually, she drops her handkerchief to the ground. Red sparks fly up into the air and she disappears. YES! I did it! Who did it? I did it! I grab the still stunned Kareem by the arm and start dragging him with me. What is it with boys? I continue lugging Kareem behind me until I feel him start to resist, he’s finally gaining emotion again.
    “Can we…er…not talk about what happened?” Kareem asks rubbing the back of his neck,
    “I’d love that,” I reply cooly,
    We walk through a nest of huckleberries and into the bluegrass plains.
    “I remember seeing someone walk into here, I’ve been counting all the red sparks I see and so far I’ve seen seventeen go up into the air, that means there has to be one more person left, and I saw something or someone go inside here.”
    Kareem nods his head and slowly points at a small figure becoming slightly and slightly bigger.
    “If I turn into the Fyrefiende that’ll scare anyone Ever or Never and it’s not attacking in any way,” I say to Kareem,
    “You sure. Do you want to do that?”
    “What other plan o we have?”
    I take in two deep breaths and think of the stories my mother told me about the Fyrefiende. I feel a weird impulse throughout my body, a sensation of stone veins, it’s new and never been done before. I take a deep breath before opening my eyes at the grotesque ogre-figure own below.
    “You,” The boy hisses at Kareem, “You brought a forbidden pet into the arena.”
    He fires a spell that hits Kareem right in the head causing him to fall over. I look down at the boy in all his greatness, he’s not scared, not yet anyways. I take one deep breath and release it, fire comes out from the two holes near my forehead. The boy gives me a look of terror before dropping his handkerchief on the floor. I cool down and feel myself turn back into my human form again.
    Kareem’s still on his back, his eyes wide open. I kneel down next to him.
    “Audrey,” he whispers, raising a hand that gently grazes my cheek, “My white handkerchief, take it.”
    “No, Kareem. You’re just delusional, the suns coming up, look.” I say pointing at the horizon, “If we stay a little bit longer we’ll win.”
    “No Audrey, it’s like Lancelot and Guinevere. I don’t want to win, I want you to win.”
    “Kareem, please. You’re fine, I don’t have to win by myself, please. Let it be.”
    Kareem slowly sits up and places his hand in his back pocket.
    “No, Kareem! I’m telling you.”
    Kareem ignores me and slams his handkerchief onto the ground. Red sparks fly up into the air above where he is, he’s lost. Did Kareem really lose for me? Gold sparks fly up in the air above me and before I know it, I’ve arrived back at the front gates, this time on the floating podium next to both Deans. Dean Dovey looks delighted, she pulls up my arm.
    “This year’s winner of the fall Trial by Tale…. Audrey of Alinburg!”
    Hope you liked it! Have a good week!

        never11ever8 replied 1 year, 11 months ago

        I loved it!!! Plz keep writing more!! I love Audrey’s story!! Plz keep tagging me!! Cabr wait to figure out what happens!!!

          greenplum-1504 replied 1 year, 11 months ago

          thank you.

        evernever24 replied 1 year, 11 months ago

        I’m a tag? Of course I am!
        Plz kp tagging me!

        evernever24 replied 1 year, 11 months ago

        This is awesome!

          greenplum-1504 replied 1 year, 11 months ago

          Merci Beaucoup. I love your story as well.

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