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    greenplum-1504 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 1 year, 10 months ago

    Okay….. where do I begin?
    I am so sorry that I haven’t posted a chapter in a few weeks, it totally defeats my post-a-chapter-a-week-during-summer concept. I’ve been having the worst writers block in the history of writers block, and then I went on holiday, so I didn’t really have much time to post a decent chapter in between. Anyways, now that school is officially in session I won’t be able to post as much anymore, but don’t worry! The story will still continue. Thanks to anyone who has given me support throughout the wholesome twenty-two chapters, it is greatly appreciated. If you enjoyed the story and want to be TAGGED please let me know!
    *Starts humming the tune to Mamma Mia*
    Mamma Mia, Here we go again!
    Chapter Twenty-Two:
    Loss for Words:
    Audrey’s P.O.V:
    It’s been half a month since the Trial by Tale and it’s clear to anyone that it’s no longer on people’s minds. There’s been the same piece of gossip circulated around the school longer then talk about the Trial by Tale. I’m the last one to be complaining about it, trust me. For a week or so people started spreading rumors around about what went down in the Blue Forest, all of course were started by some dumb , prissy evergirl like Ambrosia. Then some ‘Organisation Committee’ started hanging up posters advertising the Circus of Talents, even more…. The Snow Ball. I take a look at the shimmering poster advertising The Snow Ball, I don’t want to go. I might be the only girl who doesn’t want to go. A crowd of evergirls come rushing past and I quickly make an exit out of the hallway, I don’t want to be seen ”fantasizing” about The Snow Ball. I start taking my books for Good Deeds out of my satchel, a tall lady with dark hair ******* in a tight bun walks quickly and with a purpose towards me. The lady stops dead in front of me, he eyes lingering at the book, 138 Ways to be Wonderful , that’s sitting quite comfortably under my arm. Her deep brown eyes meet with mine, as he proceeds to open her mouth.
    “Are you Audrey of Alinburg?” She asks in a warm tone,
    I hesitate to answer, how come I’ve never seen this women before?
    “Yes.” My voice says unsteadily,
    The women releases a quick laugh, “Needn’t be afraid. I’m Princess Uma, I teach Animal Communication, you don’t take classes with me and I spend most of my time in the blue forest, so…” Princess Uma releases another quick giggle before proceeding, “Anyways, Dean Dovey sent me to fetch you, your roommate is being told by dear old Yuba. Dean Dovey wants you to meet her in her office, she told me you know where it is.”
    I nod my head. Why does Dean Dovey want me? Am I in trouble for something? Was it when I refused to eat the Smaller Smile Samosas for Beautification? Princess Uma taps my shoulder in an elegant manner.
    “Don’t worry dear,” she says, “You’re not in any trouble.”
    Phew! That settles something. I watch as princess Uma curtsies before turning and walking back down the glittering crystal hallway. Gosh! Everything here glitters! I turn back around and start walking the up the grand staircase to reach Dean Dovey’s office. I place my hand on the solid gold handle and loudly knock on the door. The door magically opens and I find myself being pushed in by some…. I don’t know, invisible force? The invisible push stops me right in the middle of the room, Dean Dovey, Norah, and a girl I’ve never met before stare at me. Dean Dovey quickly breaks the silence, “Well, now that Audrey’s here, I can introduce all three of you!”
    Norah gives me a puzzled look and I shrug back at her.
    “Norah, Audrey this is your new roommate, May of Altazarra!”
    It takes an incredible amount of force to stop me from laughing. I’ve always known people from Altazarra to be a bit… annoying to put it one way. I take a look at the girl. She’s rather pretty, to be honest. The girl offers out her caramel-coloured hand, Norah politely accepts it and I follow her lead. I manage to get a good look at her, she’s REALLY pretty. I’ not sure if it’s her dark curly hair, or her olive green eyes but she definitely makes Ambrosia look like a runner up.
    “May’s going to be your roommate since your old roommate Alex-”
    “Amber,” Norah interrupts.
    “Amber, sorry. Since your old roommate Amber left, please treat her with utmost respect.”
    “Norah, Audrey. Would you mind giving May a hand unpacking?”
    Norah nods her head and leads May out of the room, I stay behind.
    “Dean Dovey,” I proceed to ask, “Why is May joining this late into the year?”
    Dean Dovey shakes her head, “All I can say for now is that you’ll see, dear.”
    @sydneywhite (did you ask to be tagged?)
    Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed! Let me know if you want to be tagged!

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          Thanks so much!

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          Glad you enjoyed it!

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          Yeah, that’s my girl @greenplum-1504 ! I’m in the same boat as you with school+story= not a lot of time to write.

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          great! tysm!

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        Awesome job! Would you mind tagging me? 😉

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          No, it’s not a problem! I’ll tag you from now on!

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        I miss this stuff. It was so sooo good.

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