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    greenplum-1504 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 1 year, 5 months ago

    Chapter 23:
    Audrey’s P.O.V:
    I walk out of Dean Dovey’s office in a huff. Why? We don’t need a new roommate, may as well bring back Amber. I pick up a mahogany trunk that’s sitting next to the door, it’s surprisingly lighter than it looks. What does this May have in it anyways? Dewdrop-embroidered pillowcases? That’s probably it, dewdrop-embroidered pillowcases. Another loud huff is released from my mouth. I slowly make my way down the hallway my eyes quickly scan the doors as I’m passing by. A tall figure wearing a sparkly saffron-colored romper slowly shuts a door behind them. I get a closer look at the figure, emerald skin, bright pink hair, amethyst-colored eyes. It’s Edralynne. Without hesitation I wave my hand and start calling Edralynne’s name.
    “Edralynne! Eda! Edralynne!”
    She turns around and I immediately notice a large smile or grimace appear on her face. For my own well being I decide that she’s smiling.
    “Audrey,” She says, “How are you?”
    “Lovely.” Edralynne gives me one more smile and quickly exits back into the room she came out from.
    What one Earth is wrong with her? That’s not like Edralynne at all. I get the instinctive feeling that there’s something wrong but immediately shrug it off. I have enough to deal with, Edralynne can be weird, she’s not my problem. I open the door to Dorm Room 34 and find May sitting on her bed unpacking another one of her mahogany trunks. She comes rushing up to me.
    “Oh thank God! That’s the most important trunk and I seriously thought I had left it in my carriage. Thank you Audrey!”
    I silently nod my head. Of course it’s the most important trunk, don’t princesses need good pillows to get at least twelve hours of beauty sleep? Ugh. May opens up the trunk I handed her and takes out a vanity mirror with gold vines wrapping around it. It looks much heavier than it felt. May takes one look at the mirror, smiles, and puts it down on her bed.
    “Well, I need to use the loo. Do you have a bathroom in here?” She asks,
    Norah points at a door right behind her bed. May nods her head in thanks and walks into it. I find myself staring at the mirror on May’s bed. Why was it so utterly important? Why? Was it her grandma’s makeup mirror? Oh! I know! It pure gold and silver. I remember the golden dove necklace my mum wore around her neck, she protected it like it was her life. Maybe May feels the same way? I find myself walking towards May’s bed. I pick up the mirror by it’s handle and stare at myself in the mirror, only it’s not me. Well…it’s a better version of me. My hair, it’s a shiny golden blonde and not the ***** blonde that it is now. It’s much more tamed and falls onto my shoulders in delicate cascades not in the messy French braid it’s in now. I notice how it’s gently brushing against my rosy cheeks, not the sullen ones I have now. My eyes, they’re a much brighter shade blue than my bluish-grey eyes now. My nose doesn’t have the crusted blood around the nostrils that it does now. I stare at the girl in the mirror for an incredibly long time.
    “Like my mirror then? Do you?”
    I immediately drop the mirror onto May’s bed.
    “Oi! Careful with it please. Tinkerbell gave it to my mother once Peter brought her back from Neverland.”
    I look at May straight in the eye, “What is that?”
    “A mirror,” she replies,
    “A error reflects, that girl wasn’t me.” I reply,
    “Well of course not, silly.” May laughs, “That’s not how mirrors in Altazzarra work.”
    “What? Then it’s not a mirror!”
    “Yes it is. It’s a mirror of desires. It takes your deepest desire and reflects it.”
    What? So that pretty girl in the mirror is my deepest desire? No way! It can’t be! I want to be powerful, strong. Not beautiful.
    “So, you saw what I saw?”
    Norah now rises out of her bed, her book still in hand. “That’s not how they work, May. You can’t see Audrey’s desire. It’s impossible, you can only see your own desire. I read so in One Thousand Pixie Artifacts
    A smirk grows on May’s lips, “Not if your greatest desire is to see others desires.”
    That shuts Norah up.
    May turns back around to me, “So you really want to look like that?”
    I make a face with I can only imagine looks like a unicorn in fairy lights.
    A squeaky voice comes out of my mouth, “I….I mean….If…”
    May smiles,” “It’s fine.”
    May turn on her heel and continues unpacking. I grab my fairy out towel from my cupboard, for the first time in months I’m having a shower.
    Thanks! Please let me know if you enjoyed it!

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