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    hailstorm posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 2 years ago

    Hey guys if you remember I almost started The War for Evil, but I’m hoping to start now. Sorry for the delay! Hope you enjoy and tell me your thoughts below!!
    The War for Evil Chapter 1
    The first thing ****** noticed after falling into the sludge was that her outfit was ruined. She had carefully planned her outfit of spiked black boots, ripped tights, a black miniskirt, a red shirt, a leather jacket with a crowned heart of the back, and fierce makeup making her sneer look even more frightening. Now makeup was falling down her cheeks making her chained heart look like a mistake, her tights even more ripped, a boot half-falling off, and her jacket lost in the slime moat that rode kids to the looming castle up ahead. ****** noticed the other kids looking up in awe, at the castle where they would learn *********** their Nemesis in the future. ****** snorted. These saps seriously thought that they would be a Leader out of all these kids? ****** knew only the greatest villains had Nemesis dreams, and she was sure she’d be one of them. After all, her mother, Catherine of Foxwood, hadn’t been called the Evil Queen for nothing! What she didn’t know as she was climbing to the bank, was that her Nemesis dreams would come soon, and that her Nemesis was very powerful.

        ameliatheforever replied 2 years ago

        Great chapter ! I can’t wait for chapter 2

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