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    hailstorm posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 2 years, 6 months ago

    Here is my bio:
    Name: ******
    Age: 14
    Gender: Female
    School: Evil
    Lineage: Evil Queen
    Appearance: Pale skin, heart with chains wrapped around it on cheek, jet black hair, piercing green eyes, light gold eyeshadow, bold red lips
    Clothes: always has a crowned heart somewhere, normally wears skirts, signature colors are gold, red, and black, wears miniature capes
    Personality: cold-hearted, loves to talk about her mother’s legacy, seems nice at first, then she could backstab or use “friends” for personal gain
    Flaws: doesn’t have very good uglification skills, hates Readers
    Weapon(s): Always carries porion ingredients, and has a dagger at all times
    Talents: Can make spot on potions and spells
    Finger glow: red with a tinge of gold
    Backstory: Had to find her own way since her mother isn’t helpful and ****** REFUSES to listen to that her “bratty” stepsister Snow White. ****** is a natural at Evil and Snow wanted to put her in Arbed House (the house which the Snake in book 4 is from).
    Enemy: Any Ever (especially Nicky, Hort and Nicola’s daughter; ****** thinks Nicola, being a Reader, and anyone with her, is bad news)

        ameliatheforever replied 2 years, 6 months ago

        great job !!!! I HATE NICOLA TOO though …….I am an ever

        bookgirl2007 replied 2 years, 6 months ago

        Please tag me. I don’t like Nicola either. Hort and Sophie were just starting to become friends or maybe even something more when Nicola swoops in like a bomb and ruins Hophie.


        hailstorm replied 2 years, 6 months ago

        I have some added stuff for my bio:
        Pet: ****** owns a crow named Rhian (named after THE Rhian for his manipulations; ****** dreams of living up to be EVEN BETTER at Evil….)
        Henchman: The Hunter’s son, Richard (he is like his father and is doing this because people think his father is Evil even though he let Snow Whote escape)
        Appearance (Revised and edited): Pale skin, heart with chains wrapped around it on cheek (acts like Hester’s demon), jet black hair that is pinned out of ******’s face with a crowned heart pin, piercing green eyes that no one dares look into (rumor has it doing that will turn you into a poisoned apple), light gold eyeshadow, bold red lips
        Favorite Food: Sour Apple Tart
        Talents (revised and edited): Can make spot on spells and potions, also can transform into a beggar woman at any time
        Flaws (revised and edited): doesn’t have good uglification skills, hates Readers, is reluctant to trust anyone even if her life depends on it
        Enemy or enemies (revised and edited): Any Ever (especially Hort and Nicola’s daughter, Nicky; ****** thinks Nicola, being a Reader, and anyone with her is bad news; ****** also despises Snow White’s daughter, Apleca)
        Side note: ****** also thinks Nicola is a VERY stupid girl because Nicola thinks Sophie (a very great witch) is a Class-A brat in beginning of book 4

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