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    halfbad posted an update 11 months ago

    Hi. Since I didn’t post my character info, here it is now:
    Name: Rain
    Nickname: Ray – like ray of sunshine
    Age: 15/16
    Personality: shy, quiet, overly – sensitive, sometimes rude when agitated.
    Sexulaity: heterosexual/straight
    Gender: female
    Likes: books, art, music, creative writing
    Dislikes: rude people,
    Flaws: is always moving her arm(s) or leg(s), sometimes rude when agitated
    Strengths: who knows? Only time will tell.
    Weaknesses: give her a good book, and she just might do what you want
    Secrets(if any):
    Crush(if any): None. has had the normal amount of crushes for her age. – not looking
    Appearance: long black hair with streaks of blue white, black skin, very dark brown eyes, almost black.

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