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    halfbad posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 11 months ago

    Hi everyone. So, I was thinking, since I’ve joined, why not write a story? It will be similar to SGE, but will not have connections to that world. Basically it’s a fairytale spin-off, because I LOOOOOOVE those. it might take 1-2 weeks. a possible collab with @actressmodel if she accepts. my Character Rain “Ray”. I would like to tell you before hand that I will take into consideration any comments you give me about the storyline. Have I bored you so much you left? no? good, ‘cause i’m not done. anything related to my new story will be in favorites, and I will soon put up a story-naming contest with a description of the story

        silver13 replied 11 months ago

        yayaaaa cant wait to read it. I suggest writing a good fairy tale mystery if you dont know what to do. I’m writing one and they’re really fun to write:)

          halfbad replied 11 months ago

          I’ll read it as I’m sure that there are great writing tips there

          silver13 replied 11 months ago

          thanks it isnt that developed yet bc its only the first couple chapters. when you write ur story (or if u do it with @actressmodel) pls tag me

        halfbad replied 11 months ago

        I will. thanks.

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