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    halfbad posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 11 months ago

    I know it has only been 30 minutes, but the competition is on! it shall end on June 17th 11:59. the winner shall be announced on Friday. On to the description. Every year, more and more hero/ine’s from the fairy tales turn bad, and every year, there world suffers. Ray is just an ordinary girl, with a very extraordinary gift. Can she find this gift and save all mankind? or shall their world be doomed to fall down a spiraling black hole? coming to the school for good and evil websites soon.

        halfbad replied 11 months ago

        edit: about 50 minutes

          halfbad replied 11 months ago

          edit: Ray AND Rose are very ordinary girls with very extraordinary gifts. Can they find their gift in time to save all mankind? I have just recieved news from @actressmodel that she can’t collab with me. she has recently started a story, and shall soon start a new one. be on the lookout for news about it

        silver13 replied 11 months ago

        lol this sounds interesting. cant wait to read what u write

          halfbad replied 11 months ago

          thanks. I’m currently working on it.

        milly11 replied 11 months ago

        Tag me

          halfbad replied 11 months ago

          Okay, will do. Any title suggestions?

          silver13 replied 11 months ago

          oof thats like the one thing i cant do

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