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    halfbad posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 11 months ago

    Hello everyone. This is not the long awaited first chapter, but this is a sneak peek as to what the bad guys are up to. Here are the tags:
    Prologue Part 1:
    “Did you do it?” Demanded a very cruel and very malicious lady.
    “Your majesty, I tried, but he was too strong” A man whimpered.
    “TOO STRONG? TOO STRONG? Are you telling me I hired someone who not only is a fool, but is TOO WEAK to do what is asked of him?” replied the queen.
    “Perhaps he should be disposed of.” Said a new voice. A voice that made you want to run away. A voice that reminded you of your worst nightmares. And you could tell it was a males voice. “He could be working for them.”
    “You are right. He should be disposed of. This man claims he is a Hunter, but yet, despite the life of him, he can’t do what we ask.” The Queen paused for a moment, “A hunter traps their prey so they can do what is needed. Take a look at cats. I bet they could do your job so easily.”
    “Sorry my queen. It shall be better next time.”
    “Leave, before I get mad”
    “Y-Y-Yes my Queen. You shall win. I know you will.” The man ended his sentence more confidently.
    And the man scurried out.

    If you want to be tagged please say so
    What are your theories? What were they up to? And How does this connect to Ray? Comments are welcomed as well as constructive criticism. Thank you, and I hope I wasn’t a bore.

        silver13 replied 11 months ago

        I think you’re writing is very descriptive, that was good

          halfbad replied 11 months ago


        actressmodel replied 11 months ago

        *** the typical story
        we all know how it ends
        He is alive
        the queen and that voice dead
        everyone is happy
        well in real life nothings like that

          halfbad replied 11 months ago

          NOPE. YOU ARE WRONG. they are all completely alive. I want to ask you something. Do you know who the Hunter IS.

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