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    halfrida posted an update 1 month, 1 week ago


    Hello and welcome to the first meeting of the story club! Unfortunately, we have only two members besides me, but we’ll make do!I hope you are all as excited as I am and full of ideas! So, here is the concept: Every week, we will together write a short story. I will write the first entry on Monday. I am aware of the time difference, but I will write it when it’s ten o’clock where I live, and then you can read it whenever it suits you. Then it’s your turn! You will take up the story where I left off and write your entry, and then the last person writes his/hers.
    -The story will be open for writing between Monday and (my) Friday. On the following Monday, a new story will be started.
    – The story can be about anything and everything,
    – All writers must abide by what the others have written. For instance, if a character is blue-eyed, the next writer can’t just make him or her green-eyed.
    – Keep cursing/swearing to a minimum
    – All entries must be between 10 and 40 lines
    – I will change the writers order form week to week, so everyone will get to go first, middle and last
    – Never, never, never ever end a story with “she/he woke up and it had all been a dream”
    – Be kind!
    The rules are in no way final. Since we are only three, I am more than open to your suggestions. Also, please excuse any spelling/grammatical errors I might make, because English is not my first language.
    The order for this week

    Story 1 Part 1 of 3
    The girl raised her eyes and took in the sight before and around her. She supposed it could be called beautiful, but to her it was only frightening. Water, water as far as the eye could see, blue, gray and green water, water lapping around the edges of the log she clung to. She could not recall how she had ended up here, in the middle of this vast desert of liquid, but it did not seem like a priority to ponder about that just now. She was soaked through, her brown hair plastered to her forehead and her clothes spreading around her. I need not worry, she told herself, I can swim. And yet she was so tired, so very tired. Before the could spread her arm to make the first move, though, something unexpected happened. The sea began to recede, no, dry up. It seemed to be sinking back into the bottom. Within minutes, she stood on a dry, empty stretch of sand, dead fish and drying seaweed.

    Okay, go ahead mayharmon! And good luck!

        mindlle replied 1 month ago

        Yay!! Okay!! Also, @mayharmon12 tag me when your done! 🙂

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