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    Chapter 5 of “The Hated Princess” – it’s time!
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    The Hated Princess
    Chapter Five: There’s A Remedy For Crying Called “Agatha Graves”
    I couldn’t take it anymore. I burst into tears, and, ashamed that my family was seeing me cry, I ran out of the palace and climbed up Lone Hill. It was a long and steep climb, with only mournfully singing crows for company, but my sadness became my energy and I sprinted up the Hill. I rapped on the door.
    “Agatha,” I shouted, tears flowing freely. “Agatha, open up.”
    The door opened and there stood Agatha. She looked surprised.
    “Brooke! What’s wrong?” she asked.
    I wiped away my tears. “Sophie… she called me a witch and a monster because she’s in Evil and I’m in Good…”
    Agatha’s eyes widened. “Oh! You too?”
    Confused, I asked, “What do you mean, me too?”
    Agatha smiled slyly and pulled me inside. “Come on. I’ll show you.”
    Her room was very messy, but the floor was sparkling clean, to my surprise. And then I remembered that Callis knew a cleaning spell to clean the floors until they sparkled. I had tried it once, and Father had given the cleaning maids a raise that day.
    Agatha sat down on her hard bed and it creaked. I winced, but she didn’t seem to notice. She didn’t ask me to sit down either, but I did anyway.
    From her pillowcase, she pulled out a creamy white letter and read it out loud:
    “Dear Agatha of Maidenvale, we are delighted to inform you that you have been accepted into the School For Good Education And Edification.”
    I looked at her in shock, then laughed, forgetting my tears, which had been pricking at my eyes even though I was no longer hysterical.
    “Oh my goodness!” I cried in excitement. “We’ll be together, Agatha.”
    “And who knew? Me!” Agatha let out a small smile.
    I hugged her. “You always know how to make me feel better. That’s one of the thousands of reasons you’re my best friend.”

    Hope you enjoyed that, everyone. Sorry, this was shorter than all the other chapters. Hopefully I can get the next few ones as long as the previous chapters! Anyway, see ya!

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