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    happilyeveraftergirl posted an update in the group RP Level 2: Blue Forest 1 year, 7 months ago

    After reading the storyline of the Plague RP, I’d really like to join! If anyone’s still out there please tell me if this is good enough.

    Name: Alyson (means freedom)
    Age: 13
    Soul: Overall, Good
    Region: Onyx
    Family: Alyson lives with her mother, Olivia, and her Grandmother Rose, who is a banished, long-lost princess from the Amber region. Alyson also has an older sister, who is her mother’s favourite, called Amara, and a little brother called Stephan. Alyson and Stephan have a special connection because Amara was quite rude and ******. Grandmother Rose had a favourite too: Stephan, probably because he reminded her of her once-prince. Alyson used to be her father’s favourite until he died from the Plague.
    Fairytale relative: Princess Serendipity Rose Brown of the Amber Region (Grandmother Rose)
    Plague: Yes
    Summary of relative’s fairytale: Serendipity was born Good, and brought up in a Good family, in the Good region, Amber. She was Good, too. After her parents were poisoned with the deathly poison arsenic, Serendipity, aged nine, was left to rule the kingdom on her own. Her reign was peaceful and good, but the laws were that by the time she turned eighteen she must be married. Suitors were turning up at the palace at the age of twelve, but she turned them down, again and again. Finally, when she was seventeen, she met a dark, mysterious prince from a “faraway kingdom”. Everyone was delighted, and Serendipity loved the prince. What no one knew except for the prince and his “friends”, was that they wanted the crown for himself. The prince was going to kill Serendipity in her sleep! He was going to use arsenic, the same poison that had taken Serendipity’s lives so many years ago, and put it in the girl’s food. Serendipity wasn’t fooled so easily, though. She knew arsenic. She smelt it right away and called for the guards to arrest the prince. The prince was arrested, and Serendipity reigned for another three years after marrying a different prince, but his friends sought revenge one night. They crept into her room, and tried to kill her with a dagger. But at that moment Serendipity had gone to get a drink, so instead they stabbed her new husband by mistake. When Serendipity came back, she knew she was the one who the killers, who had run away, had wanted to kill. She took the knife out and saw that the prince wasn’t going to die, but would just suffer from a cut. At that moment, the prince awoke, saw the blood and his princess with the knife, and assumed she had tried to kill him. Serendipity went to trial the next morning and the sentence was death. But the prince took pity on her and instead banished her to the Onyx region, making sure no one from the Amber region ever heard from her again. Years went by and soon everyone forgot about the scandal, except for the Prince and Serendipity, though.
    Appearance: She used to have dark, raven-black wavy hair but the Plague faded the colour and turned it a sickly yellowish-white. The Plague also took the colour from her eyes, turning the sky-blue into a pale, misty blue. Her olive skin is unblemished except for lightly sprinkled freckles across the bridge of her nose and the odd pimple here and there. She was born with dimples, and her height and weight was average until she was hit with the Plague when she was nine. She became skeleton-skinny, and she didn’t grow taller while all the other children shot up. She also became underweight, but despite all this her blue eyes still held a stubborn fire, fighting for life and holding onto every single breath.
    Clothing: Alyson loved being fashionable but was forced to abandon her beautiful clothes for nightgowns. She had to stay in bed everyday, and she hated the dull, paper-thin nightgowns that ranged from bright blue to aching white. Alyson, being a “girly girl”, loved pink and after months of pleading, her family finally got her a hot pink nightgown with white lace.
    Personality: Alyson is stubborn, and is refuses to give up. She is also confident and hates being questioned, and enjoys being the leader. Often perky, optimistic and sometimes even bubbly, people who didn’t know her would mistake her for the kind of person you would go to for compliments. WRONG! If you deserved compliments, Alyson would definitely give it to you. But she was very, very truthful and never lied. She made it a bad thing sometimes, but that was the reason her friends loved her. They could always rely on her to give them a pep talk and advice.
    Fingerglow: It used to be vibrant, hot pink, but just as the Plague took the fire from her appearance, it took the fire from her fingerglow. It faded down to a pale pink, which flickered feebler than anyone else’s.
    Weapon: She used to be better with magic and swords, but now she has to use her wits and logical thinking to get out of a mess.
    Talent: Alyson knows it’s the ability to see past, present and future events through visions and paint them out (like Sader, I forgot what it’s called), but since the Plague took over her she’s not too sure she can do it anymore.

    Thanks for reading!

        sapphy replied 1 year, 7 months ago

        Wow! I love this bio! Can you just change the poison though – arsenic is undetectable

          happilyeveraftergirl replied 1 year, 7 months ago

          Oh! OK, I didn’t know that… XD…

        sapphy replied 1 year, 7 months ago

        sorry, I’m really picky.

          happilyeveraftergirl replied 1 year, 7 months ago

          OK, so what poison should I pick? Arsenic is the only one I know… XD

        sapphy replied 1 year, 7 months ago

        Um… cyanide???

          happilyeveraftergirl replied 1 year, 7 months ago

          Cyanide it is!

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