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    happilyeveraftergirl posted an update in the group RP Level 2: Blue Forest 1 year, 7 months ago

    Hi! I’m going to start my RP now. My character bio is just below.

    Chapter 1: The Mother Who Just Didn’t Care
    Alyson, 3rd POV
    Nausea rose and instinctively Alyson reached for the bucket that sat near her bed.
    Sitting up, she proceeded to throw up into it, which caused her mama, Olivia, to rush into the room.
    Alyson set the bucket down, coughing, her eyes watering. No matter how many times she threw up, everyone still hated it. Especially Alyson herself.
    “Oh, sweetheart,” Olivia cooed from the doorway. Alyson glared at her mother. It was obvious Olivia didn’t really care about her daughter. If she cared, she wouldn’t be smiling. She wouldn’t just be standing at the doorway. She would be crying and sitting next to Alyson every second of the day and checking her temperature every hour, like she did when her papa, Matthew, had the Plague.
    Alyson coughed a few more times, and tucked her knees up to her chest. Olivia had already left the room, most likely to grumble to Grandmother and Amara about how Alyson was so much trouble these days. Alyson knew, because she had heard Olivia say so.
    The only person who seemed to care about her these days was Stephan. Grandmother always tried to prevent him from visiting Alyson because she didn’t want her “little prince” to catch it from her. Stephan still did, though.
    “How you doing, Alyson?” Stephan waltzed into the room. In his arms was a small dog, who he set down onto the bed. “I brought Aggie to cheer you up.”
    Alyson’s hand flew to her mouth and she let out a gasp. “Oh, Stephan…” Aggie let out a little yelp and climbed onto the bed next to Alyson, snuggling under the blankets. Alyson smiled, but then turned to Stephan, trying to frown. “You know you’re not supposed to bring her in to see me! You’ll get beaten again! Listen, I can’t say I’m not glad. I am glad, really I am. I don’t get to see Aggie as much as I’d like to. But still! You can’t risk a beating for me! I’m not worth that much.”
    Stephan shook his head and smiled sadly. “You’re worth everything to me.”
    Silence fell over the room, and after a few moments Alyson set Aggie on the floor gently. Aggie whimpered and pawed at the bedsheets, attempting to climb up to Alyson. Stephan picked the dog up. She squirmed about in his arms.
    “You’d better take her back, Stephan,” Alyson decided firmly. “I don’t want you getting in any more trouble than you already are for visiting me.”
    For a moment the siblings’ eyes met. Stephan was about to argue, but something in Alyson’s face made him leave wordlessly.
    Alyson lay down in bed, staring at the ceiling, until sleep overtook her and she finally closed her eyes to a few moments of peace.

    Hope you all enjoyed that! Please comment!

        princessluna235 replied 1 year, 7 months ago

        I like it! Please tag me 🙂

        sapphy replied 1 year, 4 months ago


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