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    happilyeveraftergirl posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 1 year, 6 months ago

    Hi guys! Remember me? I was writing a RP a few weeks ago and since I’m still SUPER interested in it, so I’m reposting it all. Pretty long! Here’s my old tag list, if you would like to be tagged or untagged please tell me in the comments.


    Full name: Irina Brooklyn Sanderson
    Official title: the Other Princess Irina.
    What they call me: Brooke, or Brooklyn – no one can stand ‘Irina’ because Mother, who I was named after, disgraced the family when she ran away.
    Age: 12 & 1/2
    Society status: Daughter of the King and Queen, but a hated Princess. Apparently I’m a “spitting image” of my mother, and no one likes Mother because she ran away.
    Good/Evil: Good.
    Family: The Majestic King Richmond (that’s Father), the Graceful Crown Princess Sophie (my oh-so-wonderful sister), the Mother Queen (Grandmother), the Swan Duchess Isabella (Father’s sister, therefore one of my aunts), the Mischievous Duke Henry (my favourite cousin!!!), the Flawless Duchess Luciana (a nice, but far too perfect cousin of mine), the Gentle Duchess Annamia (another cousin who loves animals and can talk to them), and the Betraying Queen Irina (yep, that’s the runaway mother I was named after).
    Appearance: A younger version of Mother – long, glossy, dark blonde curls that cascades over my shoulders rather than falls in the most delicate, sweet way. I was also born with a dark-brown “wild curl” near my right ear – porcelain-white skin with no blemishes, except for perhaps the odd freckle here and there – large eyes that look like the midnight sky, with “stars” in them – a slender, hourglass figure with curves in the right places.
    Personality Flower: Rose – smart, beautiful, witty, bold, courageous, charming, has two faces: a polite, ladylike princess and a cheeky, mischievous tomboy, fun, exciting, always has a comeback, can be quite rude, results are disastrous when I’m really furious, quick-tempered.
    Things I’m good at: horse-riding – dancing (not too great, but still I’m OK) – flute (which I have what Grandmother calls “natural talent” in but it’s what I really hate) – piano – tree-climbing (something I really love, unlike flute!) – ice-skating – babysitting (which is why my cousins love me, especially Henry) – baking (who knew?) – reading (I love books) – art.
    Things I’m not-so-good at: Sewing – dealing with animals (they hate me, but love my cousin Annamia) – singing (“Shut up, Brooklyn!” – Father, and I don’t blame him) – makeup – hair – deciding on what to wear – making hard decisions.
    Friends: Most of them you’ll meet if you read my tale, but here’s one: Agatha of Maidenvale (A/N: Yes, this is the Agatha from the original SGE series. I’m not changing too much about her, only that she’s an outcast from Maidenvale, not Gavaldon). She’s been my friend thick and thin through all the years.
    Love interest: Prince James of Netherwood (I know, I know, he’s a Never and I’m an Ever… *rhyme not intended*)
    Nemesis: Prince James of Netherwood. Great situation I’m in, aren’t I?
    Fingerglow colour: rose red.

    Chapter One: Visiting Agatha
    I made my way up to Lone Hill, where my best friend lived. A glum, grey stone house stood on top of the hill. It was gloomy, but had a kind of old-fashioned, unique beauty to it. Because if you looked past the weedy garden and the cobwebs, you could see the most wild beauty in Maidenvale. Ivy crept up the white, grey-speckled gate and splashes of colourful flowers braved the weeds and lack of water.
    I opened the gate, dodged the Graves family protector, a beady-eyed crow “Grimm”, and went up to the door.
    I rapped sharply. “Agatha, it’s me!”
    Silence. I sighed.
    “Ag, please come out,” I pleaded. “You know you’re my only friend.”
    Agatha’s muffled voice came through a crack in the door. “I thought you had your cousins. I thought you liked that Luciana better than me.”
    I tried not to laugh. “Agatha, Luciana is very nice, but-”
    She interrupted me. “Oh, I knew it! Plain old Agatha Graves just isn’t enough, is it? Not when you can have a Duchess.”
    “Let me finish,” I said. “Luciana is very nice, but she’s far too prissy. All of them are, except for Henry, but he’s too young, and you are, and always will be, my best friend. Now will you please come on a walk with me like we always do?”
    I could see in my mind Agatha hesitating, before she said:
    “I’ll ask my Mother. If she says yes, I’ll come. If not, tough it out!” – as usual.
    I heard Agatha’s footsteps fade, and after a while she came back, opened the door and rolled her eyes. I knew she enjoyed these walks, but pretended she didn’t.
    “How is your mother, anyway?” I asked. I wished I had a mother. Agatha’s mother, Callis, was odd, but very nice.
    “Alive,” Agatha grumbled. “I don’t want to talk about her.”
    “What do you want to talk about?”
    Agatha pretended to look thoughtful. “Hmm… I don’t know, maybe the School Master?” she half-shrieked, waving her arms around like a crazy madwoman.
    “The School Master? What about him?” I asked, playing dumb. I had heard too much about it from my family, especially Sophie.
    (A/N: Princess Sophie, Brooke’s sister, is based off the Sophie from the original SGE series. Just letting yah know! ‘K, keep reading now!)
    “It’s been four years since the last two kids were taken. This year they’ll take two more. Everyone has been preparing for it. Haven’t you seen? Have you been asleep for the past two weeks, Brooke?”
    “Ugh, puh-leeze, don’t remind me,” I grumbled. “That’s all stupid Sophie talks about nowadays! The School for Good this, the School for Good that. I hope she gets chosen, so I won’t have to see her ever again!”
    “I bet I’ll be chosen for Evil,” Agatha murmured.
    There was a shocked silence.
    “What?” I didn’t think I had heard her right.
    “I think I’ll be chosen for Evil,” she repeated, meeting my gaze.
    “No you won’t. You’re not Evil, not in the least! You’re kind and funny and – and…” I flailed for words.
    “A witch.” Agatha smiled sadly.
    “You are not,” I said decisively. “You are not a witch, and you never have been one. Agatha Graves, stop being ridiculous. I, being your Princess, command you to!” I joked.
    Agatha laughed, and shoved me. I shoved her back, and this turned into a game of shoving.
    Suddenly we felt a person’s gaze on us. Actually, a lot of people.
    The whole of Maidenvale stared at us.
    I was stricken with fear. I couldn’t move. What were they thinking?
    And then I suddenly knew. I just knew.
    Two girls, born Evil. The **** outcast and the unwanted Princess.
    So who would be taken for Evil?

    Chapter Two: My Letter???
    Agatha and I were deep in discussion of tabby cats when a servant girl, Essie, came and told me the Royal Family wanted me. Apparently three letters had arrived for them – and they were from the School for Good and Evil.
    I sighed. “Ugh. Probably for Sophie or Luciana or Annamia or Henry. Why do I have to be there?”
    Essie shrugged, refusing to meet my gaze. “They want you there and you will come.”
    See I’m treated in Maidenvale? Even the lowliest of the low (no offence, Essie) have the right to treat me like dirt. All because I’m like… Mother.
    I smiled helplessly at Agatha. “Oh, well. See you later, Aggie.”
    Agatha waved goodbye as I was dragged after Essie.

    In the lavish family room, everyone was sitting around the glass table, where three unopened, creamy-coloured envelopes sat.
    Father glowered at me, and Sophie smugly flicked her hair.
    “You are late, Brooklyn,” he said, not trying to keep the disgust out of his tone.
    “Oh, I’m sorry, Father, but I didn’t know until Essie went after me, so it wasn’t my fault,” I said sassily.
    “Don’t speak to me like that,” Father said sternly, but I just rolled my eyes at him. I detested the way he spoke to me like that, as though I were a pet dog who ought to obey him. I would not. If he was going to be so horrid to me I would rebel – not too much, just a little, by “talking back”.
    I took a seat next to Aunt Isabella, who inched away from me, and Grandmother sent me a look of disgust.
    Luciana, Henry and Annamia smiled at me from across the table. I smiled back. Even thought Father, Aunt Isabella, Grandmother and Sophie obviously despised me, my cousins didn’t follow suit and decided to befriend me, even the model child Luciana.
    “Three letters have arrived,” Father announced majestically, “and three of you children will go to the School For Good And Evil. I hope that all three of you will go to the School For Good, but if one of you get accepted, I doubt that my wish will happen…” His eyes rested upon me, and I met his gaze boldly. A pained expression flashed across his face for a moment, and guilt pierced my heart for that one moment, but soon he looked away, and pretended I didn’t exist again, and that guilt that had stirred in my heart stirred no more.
    “Well, shall we open them?” Aunt Isabella suggested, and Father nodded, smiling.
    “Would you like to open them, Isabella?” he asked, and Aunt Isabella nodded curtly. She picked up the first letter, read the words on the envelope silently, and a look of expectancy crossed her face.
    “The Crown Princess Sophie,” she said, and with a smile she handed my sister the envelope. Sophie let out a squeal and hugged it to her chest. She began to open it but Father cleared his throat and said:
    “Sophie, perhaps wait for everyone else.”
    Sophie pouted, but nodded. I sighed softly. This was so boring.
    Aunt Isabella read the next name silently, and a proud smile overtook her face.
    “Henry, my dear! You have been accepted as well,” she said proudly, and handed an excited Henry a creamy envelope. I looked at him and smiled at him.
    “Congrats,” I mouthed, and he grinned at me in happiness.
    I thought the next letter belonged to Luciana, and I sighed and rolled my eyes again. What was the point of this, seriously? I wasn’t going to gain anything from it.
    Oh, yeah. They wanted me to “be there”.
    Aunt Isabella looked at the next name and she looked surprised. She reread it, over and over, and Father became impatient.
    “Whose is it, Isabella?” he asked.
    Aunt Isabella looked up, in mingled shock and disgust, and replied:

    Chapter Three: What Our Letters Said
    There was a stunned silence, that was finally broken by Annamia, who smiled across the table at me.
    “Congratulations, Brooke!” she said, and Luciana smiled too.
    “Yes… yes… I suppose…” muttered Father, and Sophie scowled at me.
    “She’s SO in Evil,” Sophie whispered in a not-so quiet voice.
    Even though I was annoyed, I didn’t dare to say a word. Father would definitely back perfect Sophie up.
    “Why don’t you open up your letters?” Aunt Isabella suggested, and Sophie smiled far too sweetly at her.
    “Of course, Aunt Isabella,” she said, and picked at the opening while Henry and I just ripped ours open. Huh. Much easier.
    Sophie tutted annoyingly, and after a minute of no success with picking at the opening, she finally tore it open. No doubt she was just as eager to find out which school she was in.
    The three of us unfolded our letters, but before I got to read it, Henry squealed and announced, “I’m in Good!”
    I smiled. “Cool!” and was about to read my letter when Sophie began to read hers outloud.
    “Dear Sophie of Maidenvale,” she began smugly, “we are delighted to tell you that you have been accepted into the School of – WHAT?! The School For Evil Edification And Sin?” Sophie shrieked. She turned to Father, who looked shocked.
    “What about you, Brooke?” Luciana broke the silence.
    I checked my letter, and gasped in shock.
    Because on the thick, creamy-white parchment, it read:
    Dear Irina of Maidenvale, we are delighted to tell you that you have been accepted into the School For Good Education And Enlightenment.

    Chapter Four: Even Witches Cry
    I was so happy. My ticket out of the miserable life I had in Maidenvale, where I was the unwanted princess. I could finally be free! I didn’t care about eternal glory and fame and having my story written. All I wanted was a way out of Maidenvale, and a way to avoid Sophie, forever!
    But of course, she had to ruin it.
    “WHAT?!” she shrieked again. “It – it must be mixed up! It has to be a mistake! I’m the Good one! She’s Evil!”
    Suddenly I felt terrible. Sophie was going to Evil. She was going to go to school with the children of murderers and villains. Even though Sophie was mean to me, she wasn’t at the same level as murderers and villains, I knew. I knew that the School For Good had always been her dream. Who was I, the Other Princess, to take that away from her? I knew she deserved the School For Good, at least more than I did. All I wanted was a way out of Maidenvale – but taking another person’s rightful place at the School? That wasn’t the way. How could I rejoice at the thought of leaving Maidenvale by taking Sophie’s place at Good? That was Evil, I thought. Pure Evil. Sophie was right.
    So I did the only thing I could think of.
    I ****** the letter at her.
    “Here – you can take it, I don’t want it,” I murmured.
    Sophie narrowed her eyes at me. “How do I know you haven’t cursed it with your dark magic?”
    “I haven’t got dark magic, Sophie!” I argued.
    “Oh, yes you do! You STOLE my place at the School For Good by probably hypnotising the poor School Master! You WITCH! And you jinxed our letters so I would be in Evil! H-h-how could you?” Sophie seemed to decide to switch from the angry, yelling mode to the pity-seeking, sobbing girl when perfect tear drops spilled onto her cheeks.
    “I’m not a witch!” I didn’t want to be one. Surely I wasn’t one? I choked back the lump that was rising in my throat.
    Sophie began to cry big, crocodile tears. “She s-stole m-m-my spot! F-Father, she’s a m-monster! A w-w-witch!”
    I rolled my eyes, pretending that I wasn’t hurt, but I was. I really was.
    Because even witches cry.

    Chapter Five: There’s A Remedy For Crying Called “Agatha Graves”
    I couldn’t take it anymore. I burst into tears, and, ashamed that my family was seeing me cry, I ran out of the palace and climbed up Lone Hill. It was a long and steep climb, with only mournfully singing crows for company, but my sadness became my energy and I sprinted up the Hill. I rapped on the door.
    “Agatha,” I shouted, tears flowing freely. “Agatha, open up.”
    The door opened and there stood Agatha. She looked surprised.
    “Brooke! What’s wrong?” she asked.
    I wiped away my tears. “Sophie… she called me a witch and a monster because she’s in Evil and I’m in Good…”
    Agatha’s eyes widened. “Oh! You too?”
    Confused, I asked, “What do you mean, me too?”
    Agatha smiled slyly and pulled me inside. “Come on. I’ll show you.”
    Her room was very messy, but the floor was sparkling clean, to my surprise. And then I remembered that Callis knew a cleaning spell to clean the floors until they sparkled. I had tried it once, and Father had given the cleaning maids a raise that day.
    Agatha sat down on her hard bed and it creaked. I winced, but she didn’t seem to notice. She didn’t ask me to sit down either, but I did anyway.
    From her pillowcase, she pulled out a creamy white letter and read it out loud:
    “Dear Agatha of Maidenvale, we are delighted to inform you that you have been accepted into the School For Good Education And Edification.”
    I looked at her in shock, then laughed, forgetting my tears, which had been pricking at my eyes even though I was no longer hysterical.
    “Oh my goodness!” I cried in excitement. “We’ll be together, Agatha.”
    “And who knew? Me!” Agatha let out a small smile.
    I hugged her. “You always know how to make me feel better. That’s one of the thousands of reasons you’re my best friend.”

    Chapter 6: The Flowerground
    A week later, I found myself holding out a Flowerground Pass to a strangely thin, strangely blue caterpillar.
    I handed him my gold Flowerground pass, and he looked up to see who it was.
    I sighed, knowing what was going to happen. Everyone knew me as the somewhat Evil, unwanted princess of Maidenvale. The caterpillar let out a shriek and pushed me through, not explaining the rules. The same happened when he saw Agatha, with her bug eyes and greasy black hair.
    Gasps flew around the flowery train.
    “Oh my goodness! Is that the Evil princess of Maidenvale?”
    “I heard from Sophie that she stole her spot in Good. I’m going to stay away from her!”
    “Do you think she eats kids?”
    “I bet she does. I bet she’s every bit like her betraying mother!”
    I exchanged glances with Agatha, who was smiling slightly.
    “For once I’m not being noticed too much.”
    We took a seat and a voice filled the train.
    “Welcome to the Flowerground.”

    OK, posting a new chapter soon! Hope you enjoyed!

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