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    happilyeveraftergirl posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 1 year, 6 months ago

    The Hated Princess is coming back!

    The Hated Princess
    Chapter 7: My Roommates
    I wasn’t rooming with Agatha, and I was absolutely terrified. I twisted my dark blonde hair around my finger feverishly as I made my way up to Room 156, Purity Tower. My palms were sticky and clammy.
    Why was I acting like this?
    Whatever. This stupid nervousness had to stop. Like, now. I took a deep breath and pushed the door open.
    Three other girls were sitting on the luxuriously large bunk beds. The girl who was sitting on the top bunk with the window, who was chatting, had brilliant green eyes, a snub, freckled nose and glossy brown ringlets. The second girl, who was sitting on the other top bunk, had narrow brown eyes, olive skin and a cute black bob. She was nodding along. The last girl, who was sitting underneath the second girl, was surprisingly plain, with muddy brown eyes, straw-coloured hair and a light sprinkling of freckles. She looked uncomfortable and it appeared that the other two were not so chummy with her. When they saw me, they fell silent.
    Finally, the first girl spoke.
    “UGH! I can’t believe I’m with that monster! Come on, Arianna, let’s go and ask if we can bunk with Maddie,” she snarled, and leapt off the top of the bunk, landing lightly on her feet and marching out of the door, shooting me a despised look.
    Arianna, the girl with the bob, attempted the same feat, and landed heavily with a loud thud. She narrowed her eyes even further at us, and hurried after the other girl.
    “Teresa, wait!” Arianna called, tottering in her heels.
    There was only one more girl in the room.
    “Um, hi,” she said softly. “I’m Renee of Eternal Springs. Sorry about Arianna and Teresa. They’re kind of… you know…” Renee made a face.
    I nodded and smiled at her. She seemed pretty nice. “I’m Brooke, from Maidenvale. Nice to meet you. Hey, mind if I pop out for a moment? My best friend Agatha is most likely stuck with some people like Arianna and Teresa, so I want to save her.”
    Renee grabbed onto my wrist. “But we’re best friends, right?”
    I stared at her in surprise. “Renee, I’ve only known you for two minutes!”
    “I know, but, I just thought, maybe…” Renee trailed off wistfully. “Never mind.”
    “I’ll be back in half an hour,” I promised, and slipped out of the door.

    Hope you enjoyed!

        hahahahahahahahaiamanever replied 1 year, 6 months ago

        cool, tag me please!

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