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    happilyeveraftergirl posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 1 year, 6 months ago

    Hi, um, random idea…
    The Odd Ones Out
    Plain Jane
    Name: Jane
    Official title: Her Majesty the Crown Princess of Maidenvale, Jeanette-Louisa Isabelle Sierra Katelyn Diamonde Gretchen Willoughby-Jenkins-Brown
    Age: 13
    School: Good
    Nickname: Plain Jane
    Family: Jane has a perfect sister called Annette-Carly, a mother called Eliana and a father called Elliot.
    Appearance: Jane’s called “Plain Jane” for a reason. With straight, thin hair with no gloss or sheen in it at all, it contrasts greatly with Annette-Carly’s thick glossy blonde curls. Her eyes are muddy brown, unlike the sparkling bold blue of the rest of the family’s eyes, and her skin is ghostly pale and freckled, looking so out of place in a family of tanned models with no blemishes. She’s not ****, just… plain. Jane is tall, atrociously skinny and gangly, not small, delicate and elegant like her mother and sister. Her hands and feet are slightly too big for her arms and legs, and her teeth, though whitish, are crooked and her ears stick out a little. What Jane likes about herself is her small button nose, her long, curly eyelashes and thin pink lips.
    Personality: Jane is a pleaser and a giver. She wants to be perfect and always has conflicting thoughts about how she and Annette-Carly are so different. It doesn’t help that Annette-Carly is horrible to Jane and that her parents dote on Annette-Carly. Jane is shy and withdrawn at first sight, although she’s tons of fun once you get to know her. She’s more of an introvert, but she doesn’t feel badly about it. Jane likes to be on her own although she also enjoys hanging out with friends.
    Fingerglow colour: Midnight blue

    Choc Charlie
    Name: Charlie
    Official title: Her Majesty the Princess of Altazarra, Charlotte Georgiana Helena Taylor-Denton
    Age: 12
    School: Good
    Nickname: Choc Charlie
    Family: a mother named Hana, and a father named Kyle.
    Appearance: Although obese, Charlie, like other Evergirls, have a sweet appearance. Even with rosy cheeks, a big smile and a round face, Charlie is bullied by other Evers for being “fat”. Charlie holds her head up high, though, and won’t let anyone get to her.
    Personality: You could probably guess that Charlie is confident, right? Correct! She has a high self-esteem even though she’s different from other princesses. Charlie won’t let anyone get through her armour of smiles and cheerfulness, although she’s not all sunshine and rainbows. She knows what it’s like to be put down, and she’s a sympathetic, kind girl. Like Dot from the original SGE series.
    Fingerglow: Milky blue

    The Mute
    Name: Ellie
    Official title: the Lady of Nupur Lala, Eloise Daisy Lyndon-Lee
    Age: 12 1/2
    School: Good
    Nickname: the Mute
    Family: a mother called Alice and a father named Nick
    Appearance: Ellie is actually the most beautiful girl in the whole of the Endless Woods. She’s extremely gorgeous, like a Barbie doll come to life. With her shining blonde hair, tanned skin, curvy body and large blue eyes, there’s only one problem that stops her from becoming the most popular girl in Good: she can’t talk. A Lady of Nupur Lala, she’s born with a rare condition with no tongues.
    Personality: Ellie is extremely clever as well. Being mute, she can’t talk, so she learnt sign language and how to read and write at only two-years-old. Ellie is a straight-A student. As to how Ellie feels about being mute? Well, she felt normal at home. Like it was normal not to speak. But she’s nervous about Good. She thinks everyone will judge her, and is a perfectionist. Ellie is always criticising herself harshly about every little mistake she made. Since she has no “real voice” to fight her “inner voice”, it just gets stronger and stronger.
    Fingerglow: Silver

    The Nice Never
    Name: Bena
    Official title: N/A
    Age: 14
    School: Evil
    Nickname: The Nice Never
    Family: only a horrible, mean older brother named Jet
    Appearance: Bena certainly looks like a Never. With her ghostly pale skin, thin black hair and emerald green tattoo, at first sight she seems like the perfect villain. But once you get closer, you’ll see her tattoo is of a heart, her eyes are warm and smily, and her smile is friendly and Ever-like.
    Personality: Warm, generous and kind, she is like the Agatha of the story; branded as a witch, but a heart of gold underneath.
    Fingerglow: Pale pink

    Hope you enjoyed reading…

        amorthia replied 1 year, 6 months ago

        interesting, your good at character creation

        cakeordie replied 1 year, 6 months ago

        hehehe… did u make a joke?

          ponylover29 replied 1 year, 6 months ago

          i like ur characters, very creative and i like how u connected them to the original SGE characters

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