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    heart posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 4 years ago

    Chapter 3 The Welcoming
    When the gates opened, I forgot my question and looked at the Schools, the Woods, there is so much to see. When we’re already at the Welcoming, we took our seats, Rose was in the middle, I was on her right and Megan on her left. I remembered my question and asked again, ” Where are the boys?” Before they could answer, there came a group of boys who went out of the west gates (where we went out too) sword playing. When they went out, all of the girls screamed and I swear, i think i saw one of them faint, but me, Megan, and Rose didn’t since we didnt have that much interest in boys. Then one boy went out of the door he had hazelnut brown curly hair, wide blue eyes, fair skin, tall, slim, lean, muscular and long eyelashes. When i saw him, my girly side was about to show but i controlled her and she didn’t show. I asked them, “Do you know who that is?” Megan just shrugged her shoulders.
    “Oh he’s Laurence from Camelot.” answered Rose.
    “Camelot,” I was surprised that he was the son of Agatha and Tedros.
    “How did you know?”
    “When my dad visits his dad, he brings me, my 3 brothers and my mom along. So we know each other.”
    When the boys were finished with their sword playing, they took the rose from their pocket in their uniform, kissed it and threw it. I saw the girls trying to catch or wait for a rose to drop on their hand. I was looking at the other princesses and laughed at their attempt to get a rose. “What are you laughing at?” asked Rose and Megan.
    “I’m laughing at the princesses trying to catch a rose,” I said to them pointing at the princesses then they also laughed with me. When the princes took their seats, the 3 of us were surprised to see roses on our laps. Megan had 5, Rose had 7 and i had 3. “Do you know who gave this to me?” I asked them.
    “No, we didn’t even know who gave us our roses. We we’re so busy laughing at the princesses, remember?” said Rose.
    “Oh yeah,” I said.
    When Pollux and Castor were finally done, we were all going back to our rooms. When I stood up, the Laurence went to the 3 of us, “Hi,” he said. There were a few seconds of awkward silence, then he spoke again, “Um…hi Rose can you introduce me to your friends?”
    “Sure, this is Megan of the Northern Kingdom. She’s a descendant of Hua Mulan.” Rose said pointing at Megan. When Rose introduced her, she stepped forward and curtsied to him. Then he took her hand and kissed it.
    “And here is Heart of Maidenville. She is Cinderella’s granddaughter.” Rose said pointing at me. I went to him and curtsied. He took my hand and also kissed it. Then he saw our roses and said to me, “Oh, I see you got my rose. It means that my throw was perfect.” I was looking at him stunned and said,
    “Your……your this is your rose?”
    “Yes. You seem surprised. Why?”
    Before I could answer, the fairies were already pushing us to go back inside in our rooms. He just said, “ill wait for you at lunch!”

    Ok and there’s chapter 3. I hope you guys like it and now Im working on chapter 4. If you guys wanna be in the next chapter just create a link or just tell me what you want me to know about yourselves. Don’t worry i can still announce more characters since you guys only know 4 characters here. Here are my daily thanks.
    Thanks to: Megan/ @megannyap
    Laurence/ @peppy
    My daily thanks are for those who wanted to be in the next chapter and are in my chapters that are real people. You guys i need more Evers, im going to write the 4th chapter and all i need more people,if not I’ll just make more imaginary people.

        wits12345 replied 4 years ago

        Here you can use my two people
        Name: Tera of Camelot
        Age: 14
        School: Good
        Gender: Female
        Parent: Tedros and Agatha
        Crush/Boyfriend: Houston Ever boy
        Best friend: De’mya Never girl
        Talent: Can do magic with or with out a weapon
        Appearance: Jet black hair with blond streaks, chocolate brown eyes, pale, tall, wears only black grey and red clothes, black leather jacket, sometimes wears sunglasses, a black purse, doesn’t wears dresses, sneakers, and a gold locket
        Finger glow: Black with gold
        Personality: Sweet, tough, tomboy, daring, rebel, bookworm, and smart
        Other: Is in some of the boys classes, you don’t ever want to get her mad, and her story has already started

        Name: De’mya Of Woods Beyond
        School: Evil
        Gender: Female
        Parent: Sophie and Hort
        Personality: Sweet, smart, tough, tomboy, daring, mean, evil
        Crush: Nick a Never boy
        Best friend: Tera
        Talent: Can do anything she can think of
        Appearance: Blond hair with brown highlights, tall, tan, green eyes, wears only black, and doesn’t wear dresses
        Finger glow: Black
        Other: Her story has started

        You can use them if you want

          wits12345 replied 4 years ago

          Also I like this chapter

          heart replied 4 years ago


        gracelynnofmadinvail replied 4 years ago

        You can use my characters:
        name: Gracelynn
        gender: Girl
        school: Good
        figure glow: sunset pink
        parents: Belle and Beast (beauty and the Beast)
        special talent: can make white roses appear out of nowhere and has some animal like instincts.
        magic item: a white rose necklace that has the spirit of a black lion that guides and protects her
        pets: Lassie (dog), Jack (horse), Max (black lion in her necklaces)
        appearance: ***** blonde hair usually in a ponytail, fair skin, blue eyes with a brown streak in left eye, and usually wears a purple dress with a brown belt, a white jacket, and black boots/flats, always wears white rose necklace, and has a knife hidden on her (just in case of an emergency)
        crush/boyfriend: Mason good son of Maleficent (everyone thinks he is an orphan raised by knights)
        personality: kind, fun, adventures, smart, doesn’t mind looks or nevers, can do magic, likes animals and reading
        Name: Ranya
        Age: 15
        Gender: Girl
        Fairytale parent: Ursula (the little mermaid)
        Finger glow: sea weed green
        Appearance: wavy brown hair, tan skin, sea green eyes, usually wears a black skirt and top or a black dress, deep red leather jacket, and black boots if she has legs, she can have legs or black tentacles
        Special talents: can do sea which magic (steal voices, make her self pretty, etc.), can have legs or 8 tentacles, can breath under water and above
        Personality: deceiving, likes to make deals and con people in her favor, mischief, likes to trick people, only loyal and nice (sometimes) to friends
        Pets: Nessie (sea monster) Monty and Mike (Eels)
        Boyfriend/crush: doesn’t show it but she likes a boy named Brady son of the big bad wolf and if anyone finds out or tells she will get revenge and it will be bad
        Backstory: being raised by her mother Rayna wants to rule the sea and be queen of the ocean. She hopes that the school for evil will tell her the last thing she needs to complete her plane to rule the sea, so she won’t fail like her mother
        Other: her clothing is water proof
        Name: Mason
        Gender: boy
        School: Good
        Finger Glow: Earth Green
        Crush/Girlfriend: Gracelynn daughter of Belle and Beast
        Parent: Maleficent (everyone thinks he is an orphan raised by knights)
        Special Talent: Can do dark magic and is an excellent Fighter with or without a weapon
        Appearance: Brown hair that flopped to one side, Warm Brown eyes, Fair skin, usually wears jeans, Black shirt and leather Jacket, with black shoes
        Pets: Bandit (dog), Arion (crow)
        personality: Kind, Adventures, Witty, Smart, shy (when you first meet him then he Not), survival, secretive, loyal
        Other:he doesn’t want anyone to Know he is the son of a Never, he likes to magic, fight, and being outside
        Finger Glow:Silver
        Fairytale Parent: Big Bad Wolf (little red ridding hood)
        Crush/girlfriend: Has a secret crush on Reyna daughter of Ursula
        Appearance: a hafe wolf hafe human look, silver looking hair (looks like a wolf’s coat), fair skin that can sometimes look like their is wolf fur on it, gray eyes, wolf tail
        Clothing: jeans, black shirt and lether jacket, black running shoes, wolf tooth bracelet that his father gave him
        Spacial talents: can tearn in to a wolf and keep his clothing oh him when he changes into a wolf
        Weapon: a knife and his wolf like instincts
        Personality: witty, smart, con man, trickster, loyal to his friends (in my story that’s Reyna and Fillip), good fighter, wolf like instincts
        Pet’s: a small dog that her raised (Runt)
        Other: he has seen Reyna do her sea witch magic before they went to the school only she doesn’t remember him but he remembers him.
        Name: Emraled (she gose by her middle name Isabel or Izzy for short)
        Age: 14
        School: Good
        Finger Glow: bright orange
        Fairy tail parent: Calon (hunch back of notre dame)
        Crush/boyfriend: Dominick son of Esmeralda
        Special talent: can do gypsy magic (disappear and reappear with a smoke ball or cloth, can get out of things, etc.)
        Pet: pip (goat)
        Appearance: black curly hair that gose to the bottom of her chest, emerald eye’s (were she got her name), light Brown skin
        Clothing: red dress with a purple and orange cloth around her waste, purple cloth that keeps her hair back, and dosent usually wear shoes, but if she dose it’s black flats, and a bracelet her father gave her
        Personality: fun, outgoing, trickster, kind, active, energetic,humble, loyal
        Other: she is an outcast as you may call her, vary gypsy like, likes magic and shows, helps other outcast evers, is good friends with Gracelynn
        These are Gracelynn, Reyna, Mason, Brady, and Izzy’s bio’s if you would like to use one of them or any of them please let me know 🙂

          gracelynnofmadinvail replied 4 years ago

          P.s. I like your story 🙂

        heart replied 4 years ago

        Heres the link for Megan sorry it was wrong up there.

        athene replied 4 years ago

        Great chapter! Here are 2 evergirl bios and one everboy. You can use them if you want to:
        Name: Gabriella (Gaby) of Galdon
        Age: 13
        School: Good
        Parents/Siblings: her dad, and her mom, Melody and she has three older brothers and one older sister although only one of them is at school at the same time as her (Jaxon)
        Appearance: fairly straight long blonde hair, kind of tan skin, tall for a girl, as her mother puts it “too muscular to be a princess,” blue-violet eyes, slender
        Personality: even though she is pretty much the most attractive girl at school doesn’t care about the guys, daring, bold, sometimes sarcastic, focused, but look distracted and fiddles with things, puts up a shield of toughness but is really quite tender, doesn’t really know what to do when someone is hurt or crying and just sort of freezes up, pays attention to almost everything happening around her even if it doesn’t concern her
        Talents (non-magical): extremely good with a sword, smart and doesn’t seem to pay attention in class but actually does, good at strategy (especially battle strategy)
        Talent (magical): can create an invisible shield/force field as large as she wants to, can turn into a sparrow
        Finger Glow: brown speckled with grey
        Magic Item: a ring that when tossed in the air is turned into a sword that falls into the hand of the person who tossed it
        Weapon: her magic ring that turns into either a one-handed or a two-handed sword, a pocketknife that she carries around in a pouch in her uniform
        Other: changed the uniform to blue and a different style, has a special adapted uniform for fighting and the boy classes she is in, feels like she has to live up to the accomplishments of her siblings (especially her sister who already had a story written)

        Name: Jaxon of Galdon
        Age: 14
        School: Good
        Parents/Siblings: his dad, and his mom Melody, two older brothers, two sisters, one sister (Gaby) is at school with him
        Appearance: actually quite attractive, but not as much as his sister, has raven hair, light brown eyes, kind smile
        Personality: compassionate, genial and cares about the well-being of others
        Talents (non-magical): excels at hand-to-hand combat
        Finger glow: changes to random colors of the rainbow and sometimes white
        Talent (magical): can control light
        Magic Item: none (yet. . .)
        Weapon: broadsword his father got for him although sometimes prefers a dagger because it is easier to conceal
        Other: Feels bad because his younger sister is extremely advanced in classes (including some of his) and because she is so attractive, causing him to not realizes he’s almost just as attractive

        Name: Thalia Clearwater
        Age: 13
        School: Good
        Parents/Siblings: is an orphan, so she doesn’t know
        Appearance: has curly, extremely long black hair, chocolate eyes and isn’t really tall
        Personality: really interested in knowledge, cares about looks and princes, compassionate but when she’s angry or sad is cold and distant, not that much of a risk taker
        Talents (non-magical): remembering things (almost literally has a photographic memory), applying make-up in a natural but amazing looking way, great sense of fashion
        Finger glow: an extremely dark purple (almost black)
        Talent (magical): can tell how truthful people are being
        Magic Item: a locket (it’s not really special, but it’s her only possession from her parents, she was wearing it when she was found one the steps outside the orphanage and there was a note in it from her parents)
        Weapon: her mind
        Other: has a black and white hamster named Tempest

        peppy replied 4 years ago

        Wow! I really love it
        Keep writing! 🙂

        heart replied 4 years ago

        Thx to those who let me use their characters. First I’ll introduce the Ever girls then boys then the Nevers.

        megannnyap replied 4 years ago

        Thanks for using my character once agn!

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