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    If you guys are new to this story, just press this link to catch up @heart
    Chapter 5 First Day
    “Oh!” I groaned when i heard the bluebird in our room chirp as loud as she can. Oh where am I, then in a second, it all came flooding back to me. “Oh yeah, School for Good,first day, yada yada yada…… Wait. FIRST DAY!!!!” I was so excited so i told Joy, the bluebird, “Sing, sing louder!!!” Then i went to the window to move the curtains so that some sunshine will get in, then i went to the beds of Megan and Rose, “Wake up, wake up. WAKE UP!!”
    “WHAT!!” Megan shouted.
    “It’s the first day and we don’t want to be late.” I said quickly because of excitement. Then her eyes bulged and quickly got off her bed and we saw Rose still in bed asleep. Megan and I looked at each other and smiled so I knew that we were thinking the same thing. We silently went closer to Rose’s bed and Megan mouthed, “One, two, three.” Then we both said, “Dog Pile!!” Then we dogpiled on Rose, Megan was on the top, i was in the middle, while poor Rose was at the bottom.
    “AHHHHHH,” she screamed. I thought, Wow, she has a really high pitched scream.
    “WHAT IS GOING ON!!! Get off of me. Get off,” she said. So Megan and I got off and laughed, Rose who was trying to stay mad at us, saw us laugh and couldn’t help herself. When we 3 stopped laughing she asked, “What was that about?”
    “We were waking you up,” said Megan.
    “Mission accomplished,” I said and I put my right hand up to Megan and we high fived each other.
    “Heart, heart,” I heard someone with a high voice call me. “Who’s that?” I asked.
    “Hmm I don’t see anyone else here,” said Rose. Then I remembered, “Oh yeah,” i turned around and saw Joy, “Thanks for waking me up, maybe you can do it again tomorrow and the days after that?”
    “Sure Heart, it was fun seeing you dog pile Sleeping Beauty over there,” she said laughing while pointing Rose.
    “What can i get you for waking me up?”
    “Ummm maybe you can share with me your food in lunch?”
    “Sure. You don’t want anything for breakfast and dinner?”
    “Nah. I’ll get lazy. Anyway, if you need me, just whistle or sing.”
    “Ok,” then she flew out of the window. I turned around with a smile on my face and saw Megan and Rise staring at me like they’ve seen a ghost. “What?”
    “You can talk to animals?” asked Rose.
    “Well, not all. Just birds, mice, dogs and horses since they were my grandma’s only company next to my step grandmas. So she taught my mom and my mom taught me.”
    “Oh,” both Megan and Rose said. Then we prepared for our first day of school. After preparing, we went downstairs to the room where we ate lunch and dinner. There we met with Thalia, Tera, Gracelynn, Gaby and Izzy. After eating breakfast, we already went to our classes.
    Thalia, Gaby, Rose and I went to class and took our seats, then Professor Emma came in with a smile on her face and said, “Good morning class, I’m Professor Emma Anemone. Our lesson for today will be about your smiles.” She looked at us and smiled again and wrote on the board, ‘Making Smiles Kinder.’ “When a person is smiling, you will feel comfortable with him or her. For example, when I came in this room, I was smiling and all of you felt comfortable around me. But what if I came with a frown on my face, what will you think of me then?” Then I saw her look at me and looked at a piece of paper and read, “Heart of Maidenville, please stand up.” I was nervous. Why am I so nervous, I’m always called on by the teacher to answer questions, what’s the difference now? I stood up and looked at Professor Emma and she looked at me, “Heart, if I entered this room with a frown or an angry expression on my face, what would you think my personality is?” I took a deep breath and answered, “Well, Professor Emma, I would think that you are strict, a grumpy person or a person that’s really hard to please or can’t be pleased at all.” She looked at me and said, “Very good, you may take your seat.”
    “Thank you,” I said while taking my seat. “What Heart said is correct, if I did come in here with a frown on my face you will think of me as a type of person that’s strict or grumpy. When you wear a smile, you’re like saying to other people that you’re approachable, but with a frown, you’re saying go away. So now we will be working on your smiles. Ok girls you try.” I took another deep breath and tried to smile, I thought mine looked good until Professor Emma looked at my classmate’s and started to pick the best one. I can see that their smile was not a smile of happiness but just a smile. Maybe the key to the best Kinder Smile is by thinking of something that makes you happy, I thought. So I closed my eyes and thought about my friends in Maidenville, when I opened it I saw a scorching 1 on top of my head. “Beautiful, beautiful, that was a very beautiful smile, Heart. Pray tell, what did you do to make that very beautiful smile, so that others here will know what to do.”
    “All I did was thinking of my friends in Maidenville and all the good times we had.”
    “Well, your times with your friends in Maidenville must have been very fun.” She smiled and said, “Ok class, take your book named The Privilege of Beauty and turn to page 3. Wow the first class and I’ve gotten first place, what will happen in Etiquette & Chivalry? After Beautification & Grooming, we went to our next class, Etiquette and Chivalry. While waiting for Pollux, I was looking at the room and wondered what our lesson would be about. Then a really beautiful and flawless girl went to my place, “Hi I’m Alyssa, Heart of Maidenville right?” She asked smiling.
    “Hi, Alyssa. Yes you’re correct I’m Heart of Maidenville.”
    She smirked and said, “Of course I am.”
    “Ok. So what’s your business? Why are talking to me? Do you want to ask me something?” I asked still smiling but it was about to turn into a frown.
    “No, I just wanted to tell you to STAY OUT OF MY WAY.”
    “Stay out of your way to what?”
    “To becoming Class Captain, I was there in Professor Anemone’s class. There I was trying to get my first 1st place but you. YOU! You were there and ruined it! Instead of getting 1st, I got 2nd.” Before I could answer, Pollux came in with an elk’s body.
    “Ok class, hello I’m Pollux. Now class we will be practicing your posture. Now get out and line up by the stairs.” So then we all lined up by the stairs, when Pollux came he was pulling 3 fat books by his left foot. “Ok class I want you to go up one floor with these books on your head and go down with these books still on your head.” So we lined up and started. Then if some of books fell, Pollux said, “Just put them back up on your head and continue.” Then it was Alyssa’s turn, since we were just 3 princesses away, before starting she told me, “May the best princess win.” Then she put the books on her head and started walking. While watching her, I felt nervous that she’ll be watching me with a glare that will make me fall. I was giving myself a pep talk, “If we do look at each other, just look away. Yeah, just look away. Anyways my mom also taught me this. So don’t be nervous, just think of a good memory that includes the stairs or something like that.” When I realized that nobody held the rail, i got more nervous. How will I get my balance now, I thought, wait a second I’ll just pretend Eric is holding my hand. My hopes were up with a big smile, I remembered when Eric and I held hands 4 years ago in a ball. I noticed that it was my turn, I took a deep breath, put the books on my head and started walking. So while walking I pretended that Eric was holding my right hand, then when I was about to go back down i lost my balance for a little. Then I went back to reality I saw everyone looking at me, and I also saw Alyssa smirking knowing that she gets 1st place. I took a deep breath, straightened the books and remembered that ball 4 years ago with Eric.
    (This is a flashback or a memory)
    I remembered that when it was my time to go down the stairs for the ball. They were about announced my name, and I need to go down. I was really nervous that day then, Eric came to me,
    “Why are you nervous?”
    “Because I might fall then everyone will laugh at me.”
    “Tell you what,” he said holding my hand, “I’ll go down with you, and if you fall, then I’ll fall down with you.”
    “Ok,” I said.
    “Take a deep breath. It will calm you down. I’ll just tell Derrick to announce the both of us together.”
    “Ok,” then a took deep breaths until he came. Then Derrick announced the both of us. I held his hand really tight, before I was going to take the first step, “Don’t let go and don’t leave me.”
    “Never,” he promised. Then we walked down.
    (Flashback over)
    Then I realized that I was done, that my memory helped me. While waiting for the other girls to finish, Rose went to me, “What was that about with Alyssa and what did you think about?”
    “How did you know that I was thinking about something?”
    “While you were walking I noticed that you were looking up, smiling and keep on looking at your right side.”
    “I’ll tell you at lunch.”
    “Ok,” then when everyone was finished Alyssa got a blazing 1 while I got a 2. She looked at it then when it disappeared, she looked at me and mouthed, “Ha,ha.” Then she turned around with her group of stuck up and shallow girls, to go to their next class. “Oh,” I groaned.
    “What is it? Are you not feeling well?” asked Gaby.
    “No I’m fine. I just realized that Alyssa and all of us have the same schedule for the whole year.”
    “Oh yeah. That’s really unfortunate for us. It’s not a good thing that you’re short tempered.”
    “Sometimes I am, sometimes I’m not.”
    “What do you mean?”
    “Well I’m short tempered with people that I know but I’m very forgiving with people that I don’t know. I might break after a few months and when I do, promise me one thing.”
    “That I will be very far away from you and your knife,” I said laughing.
    “Ok,” she said laughing. As those 2 classes ran smoothly, it was the same with Animal Communications ,where I got a 1st place for speaking to Joy, and History of Heroines. Then lunch came and we sat down under a tree, our other friends wanted to eat somewhere with the company of others, so Rose, Megan, Gaby and I ate together without them.
    “So what’s the deal with Alyssa?” asked Megan.
    “How did you know about that?”
    “Rose told me.”
    “Oh. Ok so while waiting for Pollux, she went to my desk and introduced herself with a smile. I didn’t know her intentions so I just greeted her, then I asked her what are her intentions. Then she told me to get out of her way to being class captain. I’m guessing she thought of me as a threat.”
    “What about in the challenge in Pollux’s class, tell me what you were thinking about.” demanded Rose.
    “I was thinking about Eric, my old friend. My mom and his mom are best friends, so every summer my family and I went to his kingdom. We had amazing times together and the best one was at the ball. 4 years ago, his sister was given a flowerground ticket. So then there was a ball prepared for her and since I was one of her friends too, I was going to have my own entrance. But I was so nervous because I might fall or trip then everyone will laugh at me. Then just a few more people, I’ll be introduced, Eric saw me shaking and I told him why I was nervous. Then he told me, ‘I’ll go down with you, and if you fall, then I’ll fall down with you.'” I laughed, “He also told me to take deep breaths. That’s where I got the habit of taking deep breaths when I’m nervous. Just before we were going to take the first step, I told him, ‘Don’t let go and don’t leave me.’ And he promised me that he’ll never let go and leave me.”
    “Wow, that’s really romantic, in a way.” said Rose.
    “So when was the last time you’ve seen him?” asked Megan.
    “Well, that was the last time I saw him. He broke his promise, but I still believe he was just forced to break it. Because when my family went back for our yearly visit, he wasn’t there, but his mom was. She told us that his dad taken him to his uncle to start his lessons as a prince. I asked when he’ll come back and she said that he’ll only be back when school starts, that his classes will only be in the summer. So it was clear that I may never see him again.” I stopped cause I noticed that I was crying, “So of course I was sad and mad. My mom and dad saw my expression and understood, then my mom told me, ‘Go just come back.’ What I did was that I rode my horse,Stephen, and told him to run, just run. While running I was crying then I stopped. I stopped in a small pond where Eric and I used to swim and play, there I laid all my anger. I screamed and cried, until I got to sleep, when I woke up, she showed.” I shuddered then I took my glass and it reflected my face, i saw that it was horrified. Then Thalia and Gaby went to us, “Hey you guys come on. We don’t want to be late for Good Deeds.”
    “Oh right,” I said. So we went to our next class. The next class went really fast cause I was thinking about what happened to Eric. Then in Yuba’s class, we were divided into groups. My group mates were Jaxon, Laurence, De’mya, Ranya, Megan, Tera, I didn’t catch the others names but there was another ever boy in our group named Enrico.

    There’s chapter 5, hope you enjoyed it and I’m getting so excited for chapter 6 because…….because. I can’t tell you guys, but you might have a few ideas why. Thanks to @megannnyap, @peppy, @wits12345, @gracelynnofmadinvail and @athene. If you wanna use my characters just press this link here (@heart) or above. My characters are Heart and Rose. You can use them as the smart one, the pretty one, the stuck up one, the **** one and anything you guys just tell me in the comments below if you wanna use them cause I also want to see your story. Ok starting now I will have a question after every chapter. Here it is: What is your favorite part in this chapter?

        heart replied 4 years ago

        Mine is when they dop piled Rose. I love that one

        athene replied 4 years ago

        I like the where Alyssa goes “of course I am” because, I have to say, that sounds like me some of the time (with people I don’t like mostly.) 🙂

        megannnyap replied 4 years ago

        Loved. Every. Bit.

        peppy replied 4 years ago

        KEEP IT UP

        peppy replied 4 years ago

        I didn’t have a favourite part 🙂
        It was all too wonderful!!! 🙂

        gracelynnofmadinvail replied 4 years ago

        I like it 🙂

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