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    If you guys are new to this story, just press this link to catch up @heart
    Chapter 6 Realization
    In Yuba’s class I was trying very hard to just focus but I can’t because this Enrico kept on staring at me. Even if I just stare at Yuba and try to think of other things, I can still feel his hot stare. Because of that, Yuba’s class seemed to take forever. I turned to him and even if I look at him he doesn’t break his stare. Questions stirred in me again. Why is he staring at me? Do we have a problem? Have I met him before? What did I do? I turned to Laurence who was beside me and whispered, “Do I have something in my face?”
    He looked at me and whispered, “No, nothing. Why?”
    “Because Enrico keeps on staring at me.” He looked at me then he looked at Enrico. “Maybe he likes you. Or maybe because you’re so beautiful he can’t take his eyes off you.”
    I snorted, “Yeah right.” Then he chuckled.
    “You’re shaking.”
    “Because his stare makes me feel nervous.”
    “I don’t know why, it just does.” Then I noticed he took my hand and held it tightly. “Don’t worry I’m here.” Then he held it up a little bit and kissed my hand. “And I’ll never leave you. I promise.” What Laurence said got me to remember that ball and what Eric said, but I shoved that memory away and smiled at Laurence. Then we both looked at Enrico, he wasn’t staring at me anymore. He just looked at Yuba, his expression looked like he was defeated. Then I just looked away and class almost ended, then, finally it did.
    “We survived the first day,” I said to Laurence who’s still holding my hand.
    “Yeah, we did.” So then we walked and walked, never letting go and never leaving each other’s sides. Tera came to us, with a smile on her face, “Do you guys want to do our homework together. Like group work. You can bring your other friends, big brother.”
    “I’m up for it. Bout you?” I asked looking at Laurence.
    “Sure, where will we meet?” He said turning to Tera.
    “Umm….by the library door, we will create a large table for all of us to study.”
    “We?” We both asked.
    “Yeah, Heart, me and all of the girls.”
    “Ok,” we both said. But before leaving he kissed my forehead lightly, that really surprised me that I forgot to breathe, then he left smiling like just experienced victory in a battle. Then I noticed that Tera was looking at me and she was smiling like she was amused. “1st day of school and I can already see who my big brother will take to the Snow Ball.” We laughed as we called the others and went to the library. While preparing the table I went to Tera and asked her, “So you really think that your brother will take me to the Snow Ball?”
    Tera shot me a look, “I know you’re smart but are you really? Or just playing dumb?”
    “It’s just because what and who we like can change in time. Maybe after a few months he might like Rose or Alyssa.”
    She snorted, “Rose, is ok with me since we’ve been best friends ever since. But that stuck up Alyssa, I’ll lock my brother in his room and her in her room when it’s the time for the Snow Ball.” We laughed again. When we were all finished preparing the table, Tera waited for the boys outside. Then after a few minutes she came while holding Houston’s hand. Laurence then went to my right side and held my right hand, “The boys I invited are Houston, Mason, Jaxon, Dominick, Charles, Gavin,Andrew and Enrico.”
    “What! You invited him?” I whispered.
    “Well Mason and Charles wanted him to come. Don’t worry, he won’t be any trouble,” he whispered back.
    I sighed, “Ok.” So we sat down and I noticed that we sat down by pairs. I sat beside Laurence, Tera sat beside Houston, Rose with Andrew, Gracelynn with Mason, Megan with Jaxon, Izzy with Dominick, Thalia with Charles and Gaby with Gavin. Then I realized that Enrico didn’t have a partner or a pair, even if what he did earlier should leave a few hints of annoyance, I felt sorry for him. So I went to him and said, “Hi, I’m Heart and you’re Enrico right? Maybe you would like to sit beside me.”
    “Sure,” it was the first time I heard him speak. His voice sounded familiar, but I couldn’t remember whose voice that was. So I sat with Laurence on my right and Enrico on my left. After a few minutes, I was done with my assignment.
    “Uh, guys. Guys.”
    “What?” asked Gracelynn.
    “I’m already done with my assignment and maybe you guys might want some help.”
    Then they started talking, then Gaby said, “No thanks. We’re already good.”
    “Ok,” so I decided to take a few walks around the library. Before I was about to go, Laurence then asked, “Where are you going?”
    “I’m just going to take a few walks around the library. Are you already done? You might want to walk with me and see a few interesting books.”
    “I would love to, but I still need to finish this last assignment.”
    “Want me to help?”
    “No thanks. You go enjoy yourself.”
    “Ok. See you guys later.” So I went to discover the other books. I saw a lot of interesting ones about spells, different kinds of talents, more tips on how to win your prince, I stopped at the interesting ones and read them. Not all but a few parts of the book. Then, I saw a sign that says, ‘Fairy Tale Books’ I went inside and saw a lot of fairy tale books like, Rapunzel, Thumbelina, The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast and many more. But the book that really caught my eye was ‘The Tale of Sophie and Agatha’ I quickly took it. I’ll just read it in our table, I thought. Then when I turned around Enrico was there behind me.
    “GAH!,” I shouted.
    “Shhhhh. Do you want to disturb everyone here?” He said while covering my mouth with his hand. I took it off, “Well, if you wouldn’t sneak up on people, then that person wouldn’t be screaming.” Then he just chuckled.
    “Still same old Heart.”
    “What? What do you mean ‘still same old Heart’?
    Then he stopped walking and just stood there. I went to him and asked again, “What do you mean ‘still same old Heart’? Do I know you?” Then I stood so near him that I remembered and I knew who he was, “Eric,” that was all I could say. Then he looked down with a guilty expression. Both of us couldn’t speak, then he bent down and took the book, I didn’t noticed that I dropped it. He handed it to me but I didn’t take it because of shock and the painful memories came back. That day when his mom said that he’s not there, my realization that I may never see him again, that time in the pond where I laid all my anger, all those sleepless nights because I cried and all those days that I was bitter. I started to back away from him but he followed me, then I hit something. I turned around and saw Laurence, “Why are you crying?” He asked with a lot of concern in his voice. I didn’t want to talk, so I just ran and ran until I found a corner and cried there. Then I heard footsteps, I washed the tears away and I saw that it was Laurence and Eric. When Laurence saw me, he hugged me, “What did he do to you?”
    “He showed up,” then I gave Eric a look.
    “What? I don’t understand I need a few more details.” Then he saw me crying again, I looked in his eyes and I saw it also pained maybe because he sees me in pain. “But if you don’t want to talk about it th-,” I cut him off.
    “No, the BOTH of you should know.”
    “Both? What do I need to know?” Eric asked with surprise.
    “What happened to me when you left.”

    Chapter 6 is done hope you liked it. Sorry that it was short, I’m so excited again for chapter 7. Thanks to @megannnyap, @peppy, @wits12345, @gracelynnofmadinvail and @athene for letting me use their characters. If you like my story, you might like @whiteswan333. I loved her story and you might too. My question now is: Why do you think Eric or Enrico was staring at Heart in Yuba’s class?

        whiteswan333 replied 4 years ago

        Thanks for recommending me! I loved your story and I can’t wait to see what happens next!

        whiteswan333 replied 4 years ago

        I think that Eric might have been staring at her because of the past they share. Maybe they were like a thing or something but then he left and now he feels guilty.

        gracelynnofmadinvail replied 4 years ago

        I like it 🙂

        athene replied 4 years ago

        It’s amazing! 😉

          leslie191234 replied 4 years ago


        megannnyap replied 4 years ago

        Awesome as always btw! Thanks for using my character:)

        peppy replied 4 years ago

        Fantastic 🙂
        Maybe he knows something about you, that you don’t know??
        Like your long lost brother, or something!
        Sorry, that’s a little crazy! 🙂
        Keep writing! 🙂

        booklover13 replied 4 years ago

        Omg!!!!!! This story is really good!!!!! I just read all of it!!!!!!!!

          bookworm15 replied 4 years ago

          Omigoodness. A cliffhanger. I like it.

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