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    Chapter 7 Found Out
    “Wait, wait, wait. OK I’m so confused.” said Laurence.
    “I was just about to tell you OUR story,” I said to Laurence while gesturing me and Eric. “But not here,” I said, so we went to my room and there I saw Megan and Rose. Megan was obviously bored considering how she was on the bed and just looked at the ceiling, while Rose was looking at a mirror. When I opened the door, Megan went to me and said, “Oh you’re here, we were already done and since you, Laurence and Enrico left we also decided to leave.” Then the 3 of us went in the room. “Oh yeah and Tera arranged again another group study for tomorrow.” I closed the door and told Laurence and Eric to sit down, then I went to Megan and Rose.
    “Do you remember the story of Eric, earlier in lunch?”
    “Yeah,” they both said.
    “Well, here he is,” I said point and at Eric. They both gasped, then Megan went to him and said, “HOW DARE YOU! YOU LEFT HER ALONE AND JUST COME BACK LIKE THAT!” then she slapped his face. Then Laurence stood up, “Please Heart, tell me what happened. This confusion is killing me.”
    “Ok, Laurence I’ll tell you,” the he sat down on my bed with me, while Eric was on Rose’s and Megan was on her bed with Rose. I can see that the both of them didn’t like Eric.
    “Ok, when we were young, Eric and I were best friends. Every summer my family and I would visit him and his family, just like you and Rose. We were inseparable, we did a lot of things together, we play, laugh, cry. Even get in trouble together.” I laughed and I heard him laughing silently too. Laurence noticed this and asked me to continue. “Then one summer, his sister received a letter and a flowerground pass because of that, her father threw a ball. His sister then asked if all her friends have their own entrance, since I’m one of them, then I’ll have my own. But on that night, I was nervous.”
    “Not to mention shaking.” Eric said, cutting me off. Then I threw him a look.
    “So he offered accompanying me and I agreed happily. Before going, I told him not to leave me and to not let me go. He held my hand tighter and promised ‘Never.’ After the ball, we became more and more inseparable. We became closer and closer friends, until one day in the pond where we always play, he said he liked me. I said I liked him too. Then he said these exact words, ‘I will never leave you and I will never let you go. I promise.'” Then I took a deep breath.
    “But you said that that day was the last time you saw him,” said Rose.
    “No, what I meant was, that was the last summer that I saw him,” I corrected Rose.
    “What do you mean that that was the last time you saw him? He left you?” asked Laurence.
    “Yes, yes he did. The next summer, my family and I went to his kingdom for our yearly visits, but he was not there, only his mom. I asked her where he was and she said that he was with his dad and uncle for prince lessons. So I asked when he will come back, she said that only when school starts. So it occurred to me that I may never see him again. I went to my horse and I rode it crying going to the pond where we used to play. There I laid all my anger, there I cried all my tears until I slept. Then when I woke up, SHE showed up.”
    “Who? Who showed up?” Megan, Rose and Laurence asked. Then I saw Eric’s face with anger, guilt and fear. Why is he afraid, did he see her? Does he know?
    “That is one question that I must leave unanswered.”
    Then Eric stood up, “So, what happened to you?” Then I stood up too and went closer to him.
    “I’ll tell you what happened to me. I became angry and bitter. Every night I cried and couldn’t sleep because you left me. Every day, I was silent, bitter and distant to everyone I saw. That lasted for an entire 6 months! 6! I never spoke to my parents, my friends even my relatives. Every single day, I cried and cried saying your promise. Everyday after school and after my school work, i ride my horse going as far as possible. I scream and scream ,’Why did you leave me? Why did you break your promise?’ There were even times that I stayed over night in the woods. Then my father had enough of hunting me down whenever I stay overnight, so he locked me up in my room, only letting me go when it’s time for school. When school is done he locks me up, then after a few weeks when he knew that I wouldn’t break out he let me go. But I enjoyed being alone, so I locked myself in my room thinking that forever I will be alone, unloved and unwanted. I couldn’t live like that anymore, I couldn’t live sad anymore so one day I decided to kill myself. Before I could do it I was stopped by 6 girls my age. Then they became my best friends, they became your REPLACEMENT.”
    “But I sent you letters. Invitations to go to a ball, to meet up, to say sorry.” said Eric looking into my eyes. I was also looking into his eyes seeing that they were also hurt, and I was happy to see that.
    “WHY WOULD YOU THINK THAT I WILL GO BACK THERE. THOSE 6 MONTHS, I WAS TRYING TO FORGET YOU. TO THINK THAT YOU NEVER EXISTED, TO THINK THAT YOU WERE NEVER IN MY LIFE.” Then I saw my eyes in Rose’s mirror and it turned from red to black. I looked at Eric’s face and saw that he was horrified and scared. She’s back, I thought. Then all my anger melted into fear. “She’s back. No no NO!” Then I sat down on the floor. “I’m Good. I’m Good. She can’t come back not ever.” Then I noticed that everyone was staring at me, so I stood up and asked Eric, “Why did you leave? Why didn’t you even think of saying goodbye to me in person? And why were you staring at me earlier?” Then we heard the birds singing and its means that it’s time for dinner.
    “I’ll tell you later,” he whispered. So I went down to eat, I was turning into my bitter and silent self again, but I was fighting it. Then Rose and Megan asked, “Can I tell them yours and Eric’s story, they want to know why you’re so silent and you seem angry and Tera thinks that she saw your eyes flickering turning red to black,black to red.”
    “What!” I said alarmed, “Sure, you can so that they’ll understand a lot better.”
    “Ok,” so she turned around to face the others and I heard her say our story. But I didn’t listen that much because I was thinking, I can’t afford to be angry. Then Eric went to my place, “I’ll answer every question you ask.” I stood up,
    “Well then, let’s go.” So we walked and walked but we never said anything. Then he stood in front of me and I looked at him, “What?”
    “Look I’m sorry ok? Why do you even hold a grudge? Don’t you remember the rules in Yuba’s class, The Good Forgive.”
    “I was distracted by your stare.”
    “And not by your pretty prince over there.” I wanted to slap him so hard but I didn’t want to be angry. “Just answer my questions,” I said roughly.
    “Fine. I was staring at you earlier because I hardly believed that it was you. You who I gave my heart to. My best friend in the whole world until now.”
    “We were young and I gave it back a long time ago.” He continued like I didn’t say anything. “And when you left to go back to Maidenville, 4 years ago, my parents saw that we were getting too close. They said that we must never see each other again. So they sent me to my uncle every summer.”
    “They didn’t like me?”
    “Well they said that they wanted to protect me. They said that you were dangerous. I didn’t believe them, but I didn’t want to disobey them so I did what they said.”
    “What do they mean dangerous? And what got them to think about that?”
    “Your parents told mine. They said that you had something, something that makes you Evil.”
    “Do you still not believe them, or do you now?”
    “Before I didn’t, but I did when I saw you in the pond.”
    “You saw me there?”
    “Yes. I knew the day that you were going to visit me and that you would know the news. So I decided to go to the palace that day and to tell you myself, knowing that you’ll understand. Before I reached it, I heard screaming and crying. I followed the sound and it led me there. I saw your horse, so I went closer. I ******* my horse a few trees away from yours, I saw you screaming and crying saying, ‘WHY DID YOU BREAK YOUR PROMISE!’ It really hurt me seeing you like that so I decided to go to you, but then I remembered that I had brought some food with me. But before getting the food, I went to you and saw you sleeping. I sat down beside you and wiped away the tears from your face, then I went to my horse to get the food. When I got the food, I was going back and start to prepare it like a picnic. But when I went back, I saw you standing, so I decided to hide behind a tree. Nothing was happening, you were just standing there. Not screaming or crying, nothing. I went closer and saw that your hair turned from black to red, your skin went from light chocolate to pale white and you eyes, from black to red.”
    “You didn’t see it that fast?” I asked coldly.
    “No. Because from where I was, it was a bit dark. There wasn’t that much sunlight. But when I went closer, I saw you clearly. You said, ‘He left me, he doesn’t like me anymore. He doesn’t like me, he broke his promise. He didn’t even say goodbye to me. If he doesn’t like me then he lied, he toyed with my feelings.’ Then you feel to the ground and everything was back to normal, sort of. Then you said, ‘No, he didn’t.’ Then you turned pale again, ‘Yes he did. Stop lying to yourself.’ Then you kept on changing until your skin and hair was the same, just your eyes stayed red. Then your eyes turned to black again and you said, ‘You will never kill me. Never. You will not control me.’ Your eyes turned red again, ‘Just wait, you will have the worst time of your life.’ Then I decided to go to you, to find out why you were like this, but while walking I stepped on a stick and you heard it. Your eyes then turned black again, I hid again and saw that you looked scared. Then you ran, I tried to follow you but I didn’t get to catch up. Then I saw you ride your horse going back to the palace, I followed you there. But when you got there, my parents and yours said that you went back to Maidenville. Was that true?”
    “Yes, I just went back to get my stuff and to ask permission to go back.”
    “I wanted to follow you, even if it was already night. But my parents won’t allow me to. Ever since your parents went back the next day, I kept on sending letters to them to ask how you were, but they never answered.”
    “That’s because I burned them.” I said coldly. Then I saw Gracelynn and Mason walking together, “There you are, we were looking for you guys. We’re supposed to go to our rooms now.” I went to Gracelynn and turned to Eric,
    “Bye,” I said in a dead tone, then I walked with Gracelynn. “Wait a sec, we’re not roommates, but why did you look for me with Mason?”
    “That’s because we’re neighbors, don’t you remember? I’m room 26 and you’re room 25. And I would never miss a chance to go with Mason.”
    “Oh right,” I don’t really want to think right now since Eric is here and he knew the truth. What now? He’s not afraid of me. Does he still like me? Do I still like him? Who did he give his rose to? I shoved away my questions knowing that they don’t matter. Then I got to my room, I said my good nights to Gracelynn, Megan and Rose. Of course before sleeping, I wrote in my book how my day went.
    Today was a blast,at first, because Megan and I dog piled Rose, I got 1st place in Beautification, 2nd in Etiquette and 1st place again in Animal Communication. The other lessons didn’t have any challenges, and now I sort of got an enemy to becoming Class Captain. Her name is Alyssa. In the last subject for the day, I didn’t really get to concentrate because Eric was staring at me. Well at first I didn’t know it was him because instead of Eric, his name was Enrico. When the last subject was done, all of my friends and Laurence’s friends had a group study in the library. That was when I knew that Enrico was Eric. And you guys, I think She’s coming back. Because Tera (Laurence’s baby sister) said that she saw my eyes flickering from black to red and red to black. I spoke with Eric and he said why he left and that he knows about her I don’t know of he will say anything to anyone but I really hope that he doesn’t. He said earlier about Yuba’s class how he said the rules, he said that the Good Forgive. I want to forgive him, but SHE’s keeping me from doing it. I want to be friends again with Eric but whenever I see him I don’t remember the good times but the sad ones. I don’t know how things will be tomorrow but I wish that it would be ok.

    That’s chapter 7 hoped you enjoyed reading it, this is making up for the short chapter before. Thanks to @megannnyap, @peppy, @wits12345 and @gracelynnofmadinvail for letting me use their characters. It won’t be always that I will ask questions to you guys. I’ll only ask when I want to know what you think. But if you want to ask questions to me, feel free to do it. Thank you to those who read my chapters, love you guys. Also I’m already posting chapter 8 and 9

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