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    heart posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 3 years, 11 months ago

    If you guys are new to this story, just press this link to catch up @heart
    (This is from Eric’s POV)
    Chapter 12 – Waiting
    “Eric. I’ve heard what the boys were saying. About you and Alyssa,” said Mason.
    “What about it?” I asked even if I already knew the answer. Why did he have to end the day asking about Alyssa?
    “I know that what she says isn’t true.”
    “So all of us boys made up a rule.”
    “What rule and where was I when that was made?”
    “That rule was made when you were carrying Heart back to her room earlier.”
    “So Laurence also doesn’t know?”
    “Well……we already told him when we had the chance. Which was after school.” I sighed. Knowing that you’re the last person who knew something that everybody knew really *****.
    “So what’s the new rule?”
    “That we will take things slow. We won’t always be beside a girl. That we will be like before, the girls like a boy but they don’t know if the boy likes them.”
    “But Gracelynn knows that you like her.”
    “I know. I mean that we won’t get attached. Not yet anyways.”
    “Oh. I get it. We’ll be just like Tedros and his batch of boys. Ok.” Then I got to sleep.
    The next day, I woke up early so that I could have time to visit Heart. But before leaving, Mason saw me.
    “Remember the rule I told you last night?”
    “Yes. Of course but Heart’s my friend so I have the right to visit her. I’m not getting attached to her in like a boyfriend and girlfriend relationship. We’re just friends, best friends to be exact.” Mason eyed my suspiciously.
    “Oh fine. You can go.”
    “Thanks,” then I left. I went to Valor Tower and knocked. There was no answer.
    “Maybe they’re still asleep,” but I knocked again and Megan opened the door. She was already prepared for breakfast.
    “Morning Eric. Come in.”
    “Morning Megan. Morning Rose,” then I went in and I almost stepped on a branch. I don’t know what that was about but I didn’t ask, I looked at Heart and saw her sleeping soundly, sleeping well. I have my own Sleeping Beauty.
    “I think she’s dreaming about you,” said Rose while brushing her hair. She’s dreaming about me? I felt happy. I can’t describe with words how I felt knowing that she’s dreaming about me.
    “Why do you think that?”
    “Because we heard her this morning trying to say your name. Then she said, ‘Eric, I’ll save you.'” What is she dreaming about? Saving me?
    “I know that you came here to visit her but she’s just sleeping,” said Megan.
    “I just wanted to see her.”
    “I wonder if Laurence will visit her too.” Right Laurence. Just accept it. Laurence is hers and she is his, I’ll just be her friend. As a friend I will let her be happy. Then we heard another knock. I opened the door and I saw Laurence. He didn’t seem surprised to see me.
    “Hi. May I come in?” I looked at Megan and she nodded her head.
    “Sure,” then he entered looking at Heart. Then he looked at Rose, he smiled as she did.
    “May I sit here?”
    “Sure,” he sat on Rose’s bed and I sat on Heart’s chair. We didn’t speak for a few minutes. I just stared at Heart.
    “So do you already know the rule Eric?”
    “Yeah,” I said not leaving my gaze.
    “What rule?” Megan asked.
    “The rule that we’ll be like his dad and his batch of boys, in their first year here.” I said.
    “I don’t understand,” said Rose.
    “That we won’t get attached that fast. We won’t have a boyfriend and girlfriend relationship before the Snow Ball,” said Laurence.
    “Can you tell the other girls this, cause they might get mad at us because we’re not in the usual table and stuff like that.” I asked Megan.
    “Sure. That’s very understandable. What got you boys to think about this rule?”
    “When Alyssa was telling lies about Eric,” said Laurence. Then Heart sort of moved or cringed. Then she was mumbling something. Laurence and I went closer to her. Megan and Rose just stayed where they are, maybe this was already normal to them.
    “E-E-Eric,” she said. Then she was smiling.
    “Eric stop. I’m getting wet,” I smiled and laughed. I remember that time when we were by the pond. I kept on splashing and she was getting wet. Then she was moving her hand. It was like she was looking for something then she felt my hand and held it tightly.
    “Eric don’t go. Don’t leave me again,” I was confused.
    “Is she awake?” I asked Megan.
    “No. That same thing happened yesterday. She held Rose’s hand since it was the nearest thing that she felt. Saying the same thing that she said now.”
    “Poor thing. Scared of being alone. When I let go she said, ‘Eric. Eric come back don’t leave me again.’ But I had to study and she was holding my writing hand so Megan took a branch and placed it to her arm.” Rose said walking towards Heart.
    “So that’s what the branch was about.” I held her hand and I didn’t want to let go but it’s already time for breakfast and we had to go.
    “Eric we have to go,” said Megan. I know but I don’t want to let go, I answered in thought.
    “I want to stay.”
    “Eric you can’t stay. You need to eat and it seems silly to tell people that you’re taking care of a sleeping person,” Megan said. I was about to answer then Heart let go of me.
    “Ok, she let go of you now so let’s go,” said Laurence. We left her there sleeping soundly. Laurence and I sat with the other boys and he asked a lot of things about Heart. That was the first long conversation I’ve had with him, I think. We laughed and laughed about a lot of things that the other boys thought that we were crazy, because of Heart we became friends. Classes went by swiftly and well as did the following days and surprisingly, Alyssa wasn’t talking to me or doing something to me. I’m so happy cause Laurence and I became friends although whenever he visits Heart, I get the feeling that he’s just looking for an excuse to visit Rose. I’m also getting so excited when Heart will wake up and we’ll be able to catch up. Everything seems to be going my way or giving me my way. As I was walking towards Heart’s room, I saw Alyssa. That was the first time I saw her for 5 days. She looked at me with an expression I can’t quite understand, she seemed angry and sad. But I didn’t look at her long, I just kept on walking. When I got to the room, Megan and Rose seemed to be going somewhere since Megan is wearing a yellow short dress and Rose is putting a few finishing touches on her uniform that I didn’t see earlier in class.
    “Going somewhere?”
    “Yep. I have a date with Jaxon,” said Megan. What about that rule?
    “And I’m going for a walk with Laurence and Tera,” said Rose.
    “Is it really a date Megan?”
    “Well, we’re also going for a walk around the school but we girls call it a date.”
    Ah. I thought Jaxon chose not to follow that rule. “Ok,” was the only reply I could think of.
    “So you’re going to be alone with Heart. I know you’ll like that,” said Rose smiling. I smiled thinking that I’ll be with her.
    “Bye. See you guys later,” Megan and Rose said.
    “Bye, have a good time.”
    “You too,” they both said. Then they’re gone, while I’m with Heart. I sat on her bed and stared at her face.
    “Heart. I don’t know if you can hear me but if you can, I’ve wanted to say this to you ever since I saw you again. I’ve really missed you, ever since I left you. I missed all the times that we’ve had together, I wish I can bring them back. Your sad and hurt face in the pond has always haunted me until I saw you again. Cause whenever I remembered you before, I just remembered your face in the pond but now it’s replaced by the day that you said that you want to be friends again,” I sighed thinking what else I should say. “I’m excited that just 2 more days you’ll be awake and we’ll be able to catch up. I don’t know what else to say.” I took her hand and smiled, “Do you know that Laurence and I are friends now because of you? He too, knows his talent and only shared it with me, his sister and Rose but I guess I can share it with you. He can control the weather. He can make it rain, snow, sunny and more
    I think. I’m still trying to learn my talent but we’re not supposed to tell anyone. But you’ll be the first person who’ll know.” Then she smiled. I told her about the entire week, about Alyssa, classes and more.

    That’s chapter 12, I hoped you enjoyed reading it. Thanks to @gracelynnofmadinvail, @peppy, @megannnyap, @wits12345 and @athene.
    I need some help, I already asked this but do you think that it’s fine to use ‘The Force’ as a talent. I need a little life threatening talent for Alyssa. I thought maybe a talent sucking or borrowing talent, (I sort of wanted to use that for another character of mine). Please help I need ideas.

        leslie191234 replied 3 years, 11 months ago

        Nice job @heart!

        peppy replied 3 years, 11 months ago

        The force is a great talent!
        I love that chapter. 😀

        gracelynnofmadinvail replied 3 years, 11 months ago

        I like it 🙂

        megannnyap replied 3 years, 11 months ago

        Omg awesome chapter! I loved the last part :)) haha and btw I kind of have the same power as Laurence

          bookworm15 replied 3 years, 11 months ago

          Wait, I’m just thinking aloud here: Are you saying that maybe, just maybe, Eric will end up with Rose in the end, or is that just something Eric thought?

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