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    Here is my first chapter and I hope that you like it. Just a few things need to be set straight. This new story of mine will be a musical. I will tell you the song and who wrote it so you know. 
    Chapter 1 – The Life-Changing Letter
    School was over for today and Anya was walking to Woods to towards her favorite spot to go. She was going to her great great many greats grandmother Willow. 
    It was a big tree with beautiful leaves and vines that tickle you when they touch you. The big tree was surrounded by the lake that leads into a waterfall and the lake was surrounded by the Woods. That place was where Anya loved to study, rest, clear her mind and play. 
    She loved that place because the lighting there was perfect that she could do whatever she wanted to do. 
    Anya was jumping on the rocks near the lake. When she got to Grandmother Willow, she put down her things, took off her shoes and sat down under Grandmother Willow’s shady leaves. 
    She stared at the trees, wanting to get a few minutes sleep before her ballet lessons later on 6 o clock, she has 3 hours of rest. She listened to the peaceful song of the birds, soothing pace of the wind and the soft beating of the water. After a few minutes of listening to these beautiful and peaceful sounds of nature, she was out like a light.
    “Anya. Anya come on,” said a boy with light brown hair and light and fair skin. Anya followed him happily to the Woods. 
    “Where are we going?” She asked.
    “To our favorite spot, silly.” Grandmother Willow. That’s where they were going. “It’s a bit different that you asked that question. We usually go there almost everyday together.”
    Anya didn’t get to hear the entire sentence but she only heard 2 words, ‘We’ and ‘Together.’ Two words that got her heart thumping so hard that she thought the whole woods can hear it.
    Her dream was shattered by noises. She heard what sounded like plates and cups. She opened her eyes to find the boy with light brown hair and light and fair skin, his back turned to her. He seemed to be fixing something. 
    “Alex?” She wondered, looking at the boy wearing a plain white t-shirt and brown shorts. He turned around startled and continued whatever he was doing. 
    “Alex, what are you doing?” She asked groggily.
    “Sorry. I was trying so hard not to wake you up.” His back still turned to her.
    “It’s fine.” She saw ribbons on Grandmother Willow and a plain white blanket on the grass. Then Alex turned around and put the plates and cups on the blanket. 
    “What’s all this?” Anya asked, marveling at the work Alex did. “Did you do all this by yourself?”
    “I did have a little help from Flora and Minkus.” Then a bluebird perched on Grandmother Willow’s branch and a ****** climbed on a rock. Then Alex looked at Anya’s smiling face and smiled in astonishment.
    “What?” Anya asked feeling a little uncomfortable with the way Alex was staring at her.
    “You really have no idea.” Alex said. Anya just shook her head. “It’s the day that we became best friends.” When he said it, then Anya remembered, it was November 7. The very day that they became very good friends.

    Anya was the type of girl that was every parent’s dream. She was an obedient child, she was the smart one in school, she’s a sweet and kind big sister to her baby brother, also a sweet and kind baby sister to her big sister, she was dancing ballet and she plays the piano and the violin. She’s what the parents would say is a perfect child. Because of that the people in her village thought that when she becomes of age, she will be accepted into the School for Good and have a good and prosperous life. 
    When Anya heard this she just smiled and stayed silent but she thought very deeply about the rumors that she’ll be accepted for the School for Good. As a child she’s always wanted to go but now as a teen ager, she doesn’t want to. 
    She doesn’t want to go because of the wonderful and perfect life that she has and she doesn’t want to leave Alex.
    He was the boy that Anya has had a crush on since last school year. He was like the crush of almost the entire school but her other friend, Kate, doesn’t get why since she sees him as just a thin, tall boy that is immature and playful. 
    What Anya saw was a nice boy that is nice, sweet, a little immature, smart (a bit of a threat to her) and the leader type since he was tall and also knows how to give orders to people in a nice way.
    Ever since Anya saw him, she had a crush on him but she shoved that feeling away and just continued on studying. She didn’t want to think of anything that would keep her from the top of the school. 
    Three month passed and the feeling came back, she didn’t know how but it did. She thought that maybe it was when he was practicing playing his guitar. After that day, she decided to stay away from him and all the distractions, especially him. She prevailed, she focused on her studies and almost forgot that he was even in school. She began to think of him as another enemy to the top. 
    Even if she did, whenever he’d get too close, she’d sweat and her heart beats really hard. Whenever he talks to her, she has the instinct or tendency to freeze and just stare at him but she fights it and answers whatever question he has for her. One time, when he put his arm around her cause he was saying how the report his is the same as hers, she was dancing in her mind and trying to breathe in a normal pace.
    Before she and Alex were just friends, well not really friends, just 2 people that know each other and seldomly talk to each other. Until one day they became very good friends.
    On a November afternoon last year, Anya was on her daily walk to the Woods. It was a Monday and Anya just came from school, that day rumors from school was that Alex and Jane, one of Anya’s friends, broke up. Jane broke up with Alex, that was what her other friend, Sam, said who also has a crush on Alex. 
    Anya felt sorry for him although the natural reaction would be happiness since the boy that you’re interested in is available, but Anya is one of those persons that put themselves in other person’s shoes. So while walking she was thinking about Alex and how would he hide his feelings from his family since him and Jane are not yet allowed to have a relationship yet. They were too young to handle a relationship and the school forbids their students to have a relationship, unless they’ve already graduated. 
    When Anya got to put her things down, she was about to change or wear lighter clothes so that she could swim on the lake, but when she was about to undress, she heard rustling. She looked around while slowly going to her bag and getting a knife that was passed onto her by her father. 
    She looked around scouring her mind what could be out there. 
    ‘Bear? Lion? Snake? Hunter?’ 
    She didn’t move from her position, listening and thinking. She closed her eyes and focused on the sounds, then she heard a crack of a branch. She opened her eyes and threw the knife.
    “Whoa!” She heard a boy’s voice shout. She knew that voice, ‘Alex. I hope I didn’t hurt him.’ As she went closer and closer to where she heard the sound she saw Alex holding on for dear life on a bark of a tree, his brown eyes bulging, staring at the knife just a few inches away from his face. 
    He was hyperventilating. 
    Anya took the knife from the bark and held it tight, staring at Alex. Even if the knife was no longer there, he still looked scared. Anya put the knife on a different tree’s bark and tried to keep Alex calm. 
    ‘The boy saw death right at the face why else would he be like this,’ Anya thought. 
    “Alex. Come on, it’s safe,” she said trying to sooth him, unsuccessfully. He was still hyperventilating. Anya went closer and touched his shoulder, she thought he would be startled and recoil from her touch. But Anya was the one who had that reaction.
    She should overcome her small fear of having personal contact with other boys. Cause she never had personal contact with boys except for her baby brother, father, relatives and a few friends.
    She touched his shoulder again and reached for his hand. She was the one hyperventilating now. Then she took the knife and put it in a small pocket on her short sleeved orange dress that reaches her knees. 
    She gently took his other hand. Now both of her hands are in his. She was walking slowly, letting him follow her. 
    “Shh. Shh. It’s all right Alex. I’m so sorry. Come with me. Let’s talk, like have a conversation. So that you can try to be calm.”
    “Ok,” he said still a little scared. 
    “Just keep calm. It’s safe. I can protect you.”
    “How?” Giving away a soft snort, hoping that Anya wouldn’t hear it but she did. She just ignored it.
    “I have a knife. Remember?”
    “Sure but do you know how to use it?”
    “Are you really asking me that question?” Anya said getting a bit annoyed by him underestimating her. “I almost ruined your pretty face with my knife.”
    “Almost,” he said feeling a lot better. They got to Grandmother Willow and there they sat apart, feet in the water, not talking to each other. 
    “So….I heard about,” then she saw Alex’s face, he looked like he got smacked, she stopped talking and stared at the clouds. 
    ‘Why did you ask that question? You’ll hurt his feelings terribly.’
    She was right cause then he started crying. She looked at his face and it was filled with tears. She never saw a boy cry, except her baby brother, until now. Not knowing what she was doing, she slowly inched near him and comforted him. She put one hand on Alex’s back and the other one reaching for a towel in her bag. 
    “I’m sorry. I didn’t really mean t-.”
    “It’s fine. Almost the whole school is talking about it.” He said sniffling. Anya got the towel and washed his tears from his cheeks. She thought that he would take the towel and use it to wipe his face with tears, but he just let her wipe it for him like a 3 year old boy who fell from a swing and cried.
    “Wanna talk about it? Sometimes it helps but if you want to keep it to yourself, it’s fine.”
    He kept on sniffling and blowing on the towel that whatever he said sounded like gibberish. At last he got to control his crying and got to talk clearly. He told her about him and Jane. How he and her got to like each other, how he courted her, how they became boyfriend and girlfriend, how their relationship went and why it ended.
    “Let me get this straight. She just broke up with you because she doesn’t like you anymore?”
    “Yes,” he said sadly, still sniffling. “She told me these exact words, ‘The spark isn’t there anymore Alex.’
    “That is not love. That’s just plain attraction she just wanted you since she saw you very attractive but then she got bored with your looks and didn’t like you anymore. At least not in that level.” Then he cried very hard and he hugged Anya that she froze but he didn’t notice.
    “How did you become the love expert?” He asked very loud trying to fight his tears.
    “Because unlike you and Jane experimenting love, I read about it in books.”
    “I don’t think it’s the same.”
    “Really? I know that love is sacrificing your own wants for him or her or something like that.”
    “Told you it’s not the same.”
    “All I know is that whenever I need to create a sacrifice for him, I will. No matter how much pain I will feel. I will do it if it’s the right thing to do.” She said looking into his eyes, very serious. 
    “You sound like you know from experience.”
    “Books make me feel what they want me to feel,” she said looking at her feet playing in the water. 
    A bluebird perched on Anya’s lap and snuggled by her. Anya smiled at the bluebird and saw the sad and vulnerable boy that’s also cute and nice, she couldn’t help smiling a very big smile that she turned her face the opposite direction so that he couldn’t see her face. 
    “Yes?” She turned her head around able to control her smile.
    “Thanks.” He said smiling at her. Anya felt butterflies in her stomach that she was holding in a squeal. 
    “For what?” She asked a little confused although she already had a little idea why. 
    “For being a friend to me now.”
    She smiled at him now. “I’m ready to be a friend to anyone who needs one. Hoping that someone will be when I need one.”
    “I can be. When you need one.”
    “Thanks,” she said trying to hold her smile.
    “So…..when I need to talk to you, can I always find you here?”
    “Of course. I’m always here after school. But if you don’t find me here, it either means I’m sick or busy. So if I’m not here you can ask where I am in my house.”
    The next day he was there and when Anya saw him, she didn’t feel surprised. He kept on coming and coming the days after that and days turned to weeks and weeks turned to months. 
    When he came to talk to her the first few days, all he talked about is him and Jane that Anya really felt so much pain from his words but she still tried to sympathize and listen. But in the next weeks, he came but he was interested in Anya, in a friendly way. He wanted to ask what food she likes and dislikes, what she likes to do, what she’s afraid of and more.
    Anya told him what he wanted to know about her and answered every question and also asking the same to him.

    “I need to go,” Anya said getting a few pieces of cake.
    “Now?” Alex asked in a cool tone.
    “I need to go to my ballet classes and you know how far it is from the village. And I need my horse.” Anya was standing up getting her bag and making sure everything is there. Then Alex stood up and walked to her holding a letter that looks like it was already opened. He handed it to her.
    “Your grandmother wanted me to give you this. She also told me to tell you that you won’t have ballet classes today or any other day.”
    “Why?” She asked getting the letter, looking at him. Alex just shrugged his shoulders.
    She opened the letter and in it was a flowerground pass with her named written in gold and a note saying:
    Anya of Rainbow Gale,
    You have been accepted into the School for Good. Your Flowerground pass will only be valid on November 11 on 11:00 p.m.
    I look forward to seeing you in school and hope that you will have a fairytale of your own someday.
    Dean Clarissa/ Professor Dovey.

    Anya folded the note and looked at the Flowerground pass with tears in her eyes. She threw the note and the pass in the water but it showed magically on her hands dry. 
    “I don’t want to go. I want to stay here.”
    “Why what did the letter say?” Alex asked concerned. Anya looked at him, her eyes watering and she hugged him crying as he did last year. They sat down and Alex comforted her and let her cry. 
    “I’ve been accepted to the School for Good,” Anya whispered to Alex clutching him tightly.
    “That’s what all this is about?” He asked laughing a little and giving away a sigh of relief. “You should be happy.” He said holding her shoulders.
    “It’s just because that I already have a perfect life and you. A very good friend,” she said sniffling, looking at his eyes.
    “And your life will get a lot better.”
    “But I don’t want to leave you, my friends and my family.” 
    ‘Especially you,’ she continued in her mind.
    “You have to leave them someday.”
    “I know but it feels so early.”
    “Don’t worry,” he said hugging her tightly. “Everything will turn fine.”
    Anya didn’t bother to argue, she just surrendered to the warm, gentle and tight hug of Alex. There she felt safe and protected from any type of harm but she knows that he couldn’t protect her from any harm in the School for Good.
    Hope that you liked my first chapter of my new story. Every week I will post the next chapter. I won’t say a specific date because the time I have internet is still unpredictable. Thank you to @rosethorn, @RAVENQUEEN123, @LESLIE191234, @athene, @arian2, @GRACELYNNOFMADINVAIL, @haj23, @RIKKI237, @princessofcamelot, @pooplover, @iceprinces, @ISABELLUCY0531, @peppy, @jlb23 for letting me use their characters. You are beginning to be part of my story.

    Also I’m planning to post this story in Wattpad. But ill change it a little because I don’t want it to be School for Good and Evil. If you guys get what I mean.
    I’ll create my own world for this. But I need some help. So in the end of some of the chapters, I’ll be asking for your help.

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