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    heida posted an update in the group RP Level 1: Great Lawn 4 years, 5 months ago

    Ok so, for the first time ever (this is something ive never done) im writing a storyline snd the plots and mapping it out and so on, so hopefully my RP should be fun *reads the first page and falls asleep* ok, so maybe it wont but i have hope! So heres my first bio, also, would anyone like to be in my RP? Thanks!//
    Name: Tiki of Neverland
    Age: undetermined…probably 13 or 14
    Appearance: long black hair thats usually braided and rests on her shoulder, luscious dark lips and a round, chubby face with flat brows, grey eyes, her skin is a light tan, and she’s inbetween tall and short with a plump body and curvy waist. She also has a flat nose and her bangs are parted neatly
    Talent: she can bring anything carved from wood to life for at least a minute
    Parents: a native-indian and a pirate from hooks crew
    Fingerglow: lemon-yellow
    Ever/Never: Ever
    Personality: She’s very, very adventurous and is probably more curios than a cat. She’s considerate, independent and prefers to stay away from more than two people, aggressive, kind and gentle (although very tough and aggressive when shes mad, annoyed or snappy). Shes lost in thought often, found staring at a wall or chasing imaginary butterflies.

    Thats all! Hopefully i’ll finish the next bio soon, if you want her in your story go ahead! 😉

        bostonhorsez replied 4 years, 5 months ago

        Ooh. That sounds interesting! I’m sure it will be great!

        pacificsonne replied 4 years, 5 months ago

        You can use my two character if you want. I’ll put their bios below c:

        Name: Irlo
        Age: 13
        Alignment: Chaotic Good
        Gender: Male
        Fairytale relatives: Maginta (his mother) and Larina (his aunt)(Both are from Maginta and Larina), a Diwata (his fahter)
        Race: Half human, half diwata (Basically half lesser god)
        School: Good / Boys
        Finger glow: Hot pink
        Talent: He can make any plant grow from his hand if he is given its seed. He can also heal plants if, ever needed.
        Weapon: Although they are trained to have swords, he prefers daggers.
        Personality: Mischievous, outgoing, flirty, friendly, confident, prideful yet easily embarrassed, caring, adventurous, competitive, brave, rebellious, a bit reckless, bold, chatty, cheerful, sarcastic, the boy can’t hold grudges even for his own sake.
        Appearance: Due to his human and Diwata mixed blood, he has retained various bits and parts of his diwata side although his human side is more prominent.
        Like his father, he has fair skin which is a bit too smooth to be true, yet everything else can easily be seen to have come from his mother. His full lips, almond-shaped hazel eyes with messy hair that he usually doesn’t cut until 5 months.
        Irlo has high cheekbones, pronounced collarbones and a very clear adam’s apple. Due to him being quite mischievous, he often climbed up things as a child to prank people. Because of this, he has resulted to having various injuries that his family healed.
        Typical clothing: Irlo is often seen wearing clothes no one would wear during the summer, whilst seeming looking like a huge ball of fluff during the winter. Unlike other Ever boys, Irlo can never get used to the cold due to his life in a tropical area.
        Hobbies: Pranking, singing, dancing, reading, flirting (if you can even consider that a hobby.)
        Pet: A teacup sized brown mini pincher
        Crush: Libitina Noa (He will blatantly flirt with her if ever he gets the chance)
        Backstory: Irlo grew up happy in the land of the Diwata with her parents, he was treated fairly and more than often pranked other people which they took light-heartedly.
        He is yet to form any complications with his family except with his aunt who of course, hates him and his mother very much.


        Name: Libitina Noa
        Age: 13
        Alignment: Lawful Evil
        Gender: Female
        Fairytale Relatives: The first dancing princess is her mother, the seventh is her biological mother.
        Her father is of course, the soldier and of course, she has eleven aunts from her mother’s side.
        School: Evil / Girls
        Finger glow: Lavender
        Talent: To make anyone dance along with her as she wills
        Weapon: A professionally dulled knife sanctioned by the dean.
        Personality: Loyal, Frank , Confident, Sarcastic, prideful, vengeful, almost merciless,
        moody, rebellios, strong-willed, persistent, descisive.
        Appearance: Fit, pear-shaped, flexible, slender fingers, long legs and arms, blue eyes, peachy skin that does not tan easily,
        long eyelashes and ***** blonde hair. Libitina has a sharp jawline and a defined collarbone, she is slim and
        has proper posture due to her lifestyle. Her hair used to be long but she cut it. One of her eyebrows is
        cut into two sections by a shaved part.
        Typical clothing: A buttoned-up black blouse below a white pinafore, her mother’s old dancing shoes, and black knee-high socks.
        Hobbies: Dancing, singing, reading books, practing thievery, connivance, and trickery, helping people out of abusive relationships
        Pet: None
        Crush: None as of the moment, but she is reported to have had some on various boys ranging from ever to never. She never takes her
        feelings seriously and will often treat you as she always does.
        Backstory: After her mother and aunts had been exposed of their secret, the soldier had won her mother as a reward. The two were fine
        together albeit her mother absolutely hating the man, but since he was king, she had to do what he said. Libitina’s mother was
        constantly mistreated before her birth, and whenn she’d found out that her sister had been impregnated by the man, she broke down.
        After Libitina’s birth, to avoid scandal, her father had made it look like it was her mother who had given birth to her. As she grew
        up, Libitina saw the pain and anguish her mother felt due to the man and hated him, often rebelling whenever she could. When she’d found
        out about the secret that he’d revealed to her grandfather, Libitina was even more enraged, which added to the amount of stress she felt
        seeing her mother abused….. after a while, she’d broken down and was no longer the ‘proper prim and nice’ girl she was before. A little
        to none of that was left and what came in it’s place was a cold carcass.
        A few months before the day she would enter the school for good and evil, Libitina’s rebelling had gone to the max. She burned her father’s
        garden down, killed his horse, poisoned many of his soldiers and destroyed his whole closet. When she’d discovered her ability, she quickly
        used it to have his father’s wolves jump down a hole before burning them alive. Everything she did was not found out by her mother, she made
        sure of that. What her mother did notice though was that she had cut her hair shorter as an act of rebellion, an act her mother cherished for
        she knew her daughter had known what was evil in this world. She didn’t know her daughter would become one of them.
        An hour before going to the school for good and evil, Libitina’s mother had given her her old ballet shoes, the only momento she had left of
        her fun times dancing with her sisters. Libitina cherished them before bidding her mother goodbye, hoping that someday of she graduates the
        school, she can finally murder her father in his sleep.

          bostonhorsez replied 4 years, 5 months ago

          Wow! Awesome!

        heida replied 4 years, 5 months ago

        Thank you @pacificsonne i’d love to use both of them if thats okay, i love their bios 🙂

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