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    heida posted an update in the group RP Level 1: Great Lawn 4 years, 5 months ago

    Continuing part 2 of the prologue. This time it’ll be from Tikis POV, which, i have made her bio already but im still working on stacys and a character named Pindu and *****. Hope you enjoy!//

    Tiki leaped down from a tree without making a noise. She stealthily ducked behind a large coconut tree and waited. Silence. She prepared to peek around the tree, but froze when she heard a shell shatter. She waited, again. Then, when she was sure noone was close enough to see or hear her, she carefully slid around the trunk and tiptoed gracefully across the clear ground. Grass slowly turned to sand, and monkey calls turned to a seagulls squeals. The sand was cool under her feet, shivering under the shade of each palm tree above her. A boys laugh echoed ahead, surging her on. The boy was gaining distance, she would never catch a glimpse of him if she didn’t hurry. But he would catch her if she did, and her mother and the cheif would punish her like last time. She could still remember the taste of the enemys lips, how the very, very, very young soldier gazed into her eyes with pure evil in his heart. Okay, so maybe she shouldn’t have kissed the enemy. She couldnt help it though! She hated those goody-two shoes, the spoiled princes from other tribes, their fake emotionless smiles all for good. Who cared if she was the neice of a cheif, if he was her uncle than she wasnt a princess. They acted like she was though. She liked devious, cunning and mysterious boys better. With them she could always have an adventure– NO. She stopped walking and turned around, determined to stay away from this boy. Her mother made the mistake of creating a child –her. And her mother made the mistake of falling in love with one of captain Hooks pirates, the worst possible choice for her childs father. Tiki ran away from the boy, ignoring his playful laughs behind her. She couldnt ruin her mothers life even more, all she ever did was get in trouble! She even told her uncle about the pirate who was her so called ‘father.’ Instead of crying she smacked the side of her face and clawed her knees. Crying didnt help, but pain could teach her something, indeed. She expertly pulled herself up a wide base of her favorite tree. As her head poked out of the leaves she let the salty air around her sting her eyes and brush through her long hair. She sat there for a moment, thinking to herself. Then she closed her eyes and tested her bravery, stumbling around the large leaves of the tree and wondering what would happen if she fell. She shook her head and looked down. The ocean, HER ocean. Then she spread out her arms like a bird would spread its wings; and jumped. She screamed happily as she plummeted to the deep ocean below. She loved making risks, jumping and moving. Water rammed into her face and body, turning her light tan skin dark pink. It was painful, but thats why she loved it so much. As she drifted there for what seemed like forever, she felt a sharp, thin peice of something carefully float onto her palm. As she waded through the water to shore, she studied it. Paper, it was paper. Yet it was still completely dry even though it was in water. But as she looked closer, she realized it was a ticket. “Greetings Tiki of Neverland! It brings honor to us and hopefully you that you have been accepted into the SCHOOL FOR GOOD. Please pack your bags and prepare to leave not a moment too soon ~in two days~ We cant wait to see you! Sincerely, Dean Dovey and Dean Sophie.” Tiki stopped, her brain whirling in circles. If she was good than why’d she fall for evil boys? This made no sense. None at all. But as Tiki waited for herself to smack sense into her, all she did was shrug.

    Thats all! Not sure if i should include a part 3 and 4 of the prologue later on for Pindu and *****, what do you think? If i dont then i’ll start chapter 1 instead and include them both sometime in it, ill give you a hint: they’re both nevers and ***** plays a major role in the plot later on 😉 hope you like it, and if you want to read part 1 from Stacys POV, here– @heida hope you like it!

        heida replied 4 years, 5 months ago

        Sorry, his name was ***** but i guess i’ll have to change that since it keeps turning to stars…

        bostonhorsez replied 4 years, 5 months ago

        I love it! You describe everything so well! It’s like I’m actually there!

          heida replied 4 years, 5 months ago

          Thanks! Thats exactly what im trying to do, i want everyone to actually feel like they’re there 😉

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