hello006 posted an update in the group SGE MOVIE FANTASY CASTING 1 year ago

    i think
    sophie- sabrina carpender (girl meets world)
    agatha- nina dobrev (vampire diaries)

        moviestarawesome445 replied 1 year ago

        Nina’s almost thirty, Sabrina doesn’t really give me the Sophie vibe. Light skin and blonde hair doesn’t just automatically make someone look like Sophie.

          ebcrazyreader replied 1 year ago

          I think Sabrina would be a great Sophie in looks but no one could be like sophie exactly

        leviosanotleviosar replied 1 year ago

        Nina would be good except she’s a bit too old
        and Sabrina looks more like the Sophie on Book 5

          skyfire1 replied 1 year ago

          She is a bit too old, maybe one of the teachers?