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    hester112 posted an update in the group Fan Fiction 8 months, 4 weeks ago

    Hey guys! We’re almost finished with this book! It’s been a while. Here’s the first task, which belongs to none other than Shandra!
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    Shandra’s Task:

    “You know what you are,” a voice tells me and I shiver. God, I hate all voices that aren’t mine.
    “I’m Shandra, the Stealthy Ninja,” I reply smoothly. Or at least I hope it’s smooth.
    “You are a fifty/fifty. One of the only. And now you must face your fear…” the voice tells me. It’s ominous but I’m not scared. Yet.
    “What do you mean, fifty/fifty?” I ask, stalling. I know my fears and I’m not ready.
    “You are half-good, half-evil, but because the School Master felt like it, you were put in Evil. Now stop stalling!” the voice says. I’m confused that they know what I’m doing and the voice says, “Oh, yeah, I can read your mind. Did I mention that?”
    “You must prove Good and Evil alike should be aloud to fear,” the voice tells me. “Now go!”
    Rushing, I’m scared. I see a blue flash of light. I curl up in a small ball and remember.
    My mom left me behind when I was five-years-old. And I had to live by myself. My mouth runs dry thinking about it. Because it was horrible. Each night I thought I was going to get kidnapped, stolen from, or forced to do labor for little or no pay.
    Yeah, that was horrible. But then I got taken to the School for Evil and everything was all better! Like boo-boos with bandaids on them, when you’re a little kid.
    Mom appears in front of me. We’re walking out of the supermarket.
    ”Keep with her and nothing happens,” I tell myself. But I know the JK’s will do something to me.
    I look at my mom. I stand by her side, not letting go no matter what. And she disappears in thin air. Great.
    I grit my teeth and look around. As an unaccompanied five-year-old, it’s probably easier to kidnap me than force me to do labor. Plus, I have nothing to get stolen.
    “Hey, kiddy kiddy, want some candy?” an old man asks.
    “No,” I reply, pleasantly. And obviously, that doesn’t do it.
    He starts shoving me in the car. I’m freaking out at this point because, let’s face it, who wouldn’t be? But then I remember, be calm. Otherwise, I’ll never get through this.
    I punch his shin, pretty hard for a five-year-old, probably because I’m a fifteen-year-old in a five-year-old’s body. And I was told I was Evil.
    But apparently I’m not.
    He falls backwards.
    “Congrats, you have completed your task,” the voice tells me, monotone. I fall through a beam of light and suddenly, Jai is handing me a seed.
    “The seed of fear,” Jai explains. “If nothing else, everyone can be scared.”
    I blink. “What?”
    Jai sighs. “You’re the first one out. Now go! Plant!”

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