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    hester112 posted an update in the group Fan Fiction 8 months, 3 weeks ago

    And we’re at the second task! Alicia’s task! Almost at the end of this book! Which has taken me nearly a year to write…..
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    “You wish for villains like Ginger to win. I hear it in your mind,” A voice tells me. Which is true.
    I try to connect to Ginger for reassurance.
    And it doesn’t work. Great.
    “Don’t try to connect, that won’t work either,” The voice tells me. “Just do as I say. Open your eyes.”
    I’m ****** in a beam of light. Everything is white and I can’t see. Dots cover my vision and I squeeze my eyes shut again. The voice laughs.
    “Open your eyes now,” it instructs.
    I do as it says because I know it can do whatever it wants to me.
    Now, I’m in a small village. Neverland. I recognize it from Ginger’s mind.
    “You must save Captain Hook from demise. This won’t change the storybook as of now, but you this is your task,” the voice tells me. “GO!”
    I run up to the ship. There’s a fight between pirates and Pan.
    “Hey! What side arrr ye on?” A pirate asks, yellow teeth showing. Typical pirate.
    “Yours,” I mutter.
    “What’s yer name?” he questions.
    A pirate name! I need one fast!
    “Ol’ ‘Licia Black,” I come up with. Pathetic!
    “Okay, Ol’ ‘Licia Black,” the pirate says.
    Peter Pan advances on the pirate and pits him off the ship. He either doesn’t notice me or doesn’t really care about me because I’m a girl.
    Three kids are getting ready to walk the plank. I suddenly have an idea.
    “Hey!” I yell at the pirate holding them. “My name is Ol’ ‘Licia Black! And I got orders from Hook himself that we should get ‘em to fight!”
    Now the pirate’s are nodding, showing off golden teeth. One with a peg leg unties them, his fingers quivering. Captain Hook catches my eye and bares his teeth.
    He walks up to me, ignoring Pan for a second and whispers, “Good idea. But I didn’t say it!”
    He gets back to fighting Pan.
    Wendy, Michael, John, I remember the kids names are.
    “Wendy,” I ask the oldest girl. “Pan thinks your with the pirates. He’s gonna try to kill you.”
    To prove my point, Pan runs up and starts lashing out at Wendy.
    “How could you?” Pan howls.
    Hook seizes the opportunity and stabs Peter Pan. I give him a smile and he smiles back. But more wicked.
    “Good job,” the booming voice says, and the light starts. I close my eyes…

    “Second one out!” Shandra exclaims, smiling and high-fiving me. Jai hands me a seed and tells me to plant it.
    “What was your fear?” Shandra asks.
    “I didn’t face a fear…” I tell her, confused.
    Jai explains. “Everyone has a different task. Shandra’s task was that she had to face her fear. Your task was you had to have a villain win. So now, everyone can fear. And everyone can win. We’re just waiting on everyone else.”
    I looked around and there was nobody but us.

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