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    Third task of 3’s… Ginger’s!
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    “Hello,” a booming voice told me. Great. It sounds more powerful than me, so I’m already checking if I can punch it in the face.
    “Hi, can we get this over with?” I asked, moaning.
    “Very well. Your task is to prove kids in school can fight AND NOT DIE,” the voice told me. I snorted.
    “What’s the big deal about?”
    One of those movie-action-sounds from the book about the regular world is playing in my head. Duh-duh-dun.
    An arrow is seconds from slicing through me. I’m surrounded. I look around. I look like… Agatha? The Ever who looks like a Never- should BE a Never? Next to me is bald, pimpled witch.
    “Aggie, Aggie,” she tells me.
    I grab my fist and strike her square in the nose. The scene shimmers away.

    I’m a witch. And there’s Rapunzel.
    “Kill her,” the voice commands.
    I grabbed a staff (crazy, I thought staffs were for people a hundred years ago!) and dropped it to the ground. It turned into a snake and tried to bite Rapunzel before Rapunzel glared at me.
    “Excusem moi, mother, what the heck are ya doing to me, I thought we were o-ver,” Rapunzel told me, hands on hips, like a sassy teen.
    “Hi, Little Miss Teenager,” I hiss. Now I understand why Mother Gothel did what she did! Rapunzel is a brat.
    “Hi, Mami. You asked the three, billy goat gruff to watch after me, and then because they knew the truth you had a troll try to eat them? Young was my BFF! So, um, like get out,” Rapunzel says.
    The snake is still moving. Rapunzel sees it.
    “SNAKE! SNAKE! SNAKE! O M G! HELP! HELP!!!!” Rapunzel was yelling super loud.
    So loud, in fact, she didn’t notice that I killed her with a tiny spell I’d learned in class.

    “Great job, Dayzy!” Alicia’s voice says in my mind.
    “Marvelous, just marvelous!” Shandra giggles, in real life.
    “Hello, Miss Ninja,” I say. I look around.
    Jai is smiling holding up a seed. Probably from me to plant. ‘Cause what else do you do with seeds? Shandra has on all black clothing like always, probably pretending to be a ninja. Alicia is smiling at me, picking leaves off a flower. I look closer. It’s a daisy. She giggles and I give her a glare that says, ‘No giggling.’
    “Don’t be so strict,” Alicia’s voice giggles in my head.
    I worm my way into hers and make her stop.
    She sighs in my head.
    I plant the seed in the ground, and wait.

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