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    hester112 posted an update in the group Fan Fiction 8 months ago

    Gen’s task! Tags: @galvaldon @aggieandtedrosx @crazycatlady101 @aloha101grl @PRINCESSGIRL2911
    I might (no promises!) be able to get two chapters out today.

    “Gen. Sweetie. I need you to put something on,” came a serene, crisp voice that sent ripples of relaxation through my spine.
    “What do you mean?” I ask, longing to hear the perfect voice again. Plus, I’m already in a cute, denim sweater with a long, black shirt and jeans. Oh, and silky, black shoes.
    “Tap an outfit and it will be transported to your body,” the voice giggles. But not like it’s giggling at me, but more like it’s giggling with me.
    I search the closet and find a petite, purple dress and some black high heels. I tap it. I look down. I’m in it.
    “Quest failed. Selection, not approved,” a dark, mean voice comments. Something slaps me in the face. My face is bleeding! Uck. And ow.
    “Life lost,” the voice continues.
    Ok, so it doesn’t want me to choose something girly. I guess. So maybe something neutral? I find a beige shirt, khakis, and bleak sneakers. They look horrid, but I don’t want to die. And Ginger would be soooo mean about it if I didn’t.
    I tap them and instantly fall over in pain.
    “Life lost. One life left,” the horrible voice comes again.
    Hmm. So they don’t want something neutral, nothing girly, so… what’s left…?
    The answer makes me want to ****. Not just because pain seems to be consuming me whole, but because it’s horrible.
    I’ll have to wear the clothing of a Never.
    Ugh, how can Evie bare it? I find a shapeless, black sack and fat shoes. Then I realize my makeup would NOT go with this so I grab my makeup remover from my purse and take it al off.
    Oh, shoot, my purse wouldn’t go with it either!
    I grab a black, drab purse – not tap it – and empty all of my purses content into it. With a longing look at the pretty, purple purse, I put the purse on the glowing hanger where I took the purse and put the purple on it.
    I take my hair out of the braid I always put it in and make it into spikes on top of my head. That looks a little chic and fierce so maybe that’ll go. Although for a moment I wish my hair was black, and not poofy blonde because poofy blonde is not too great in this hairstyle. Then I remember that I love my hair and poofy blonde looks better with most things than black.
    I tap the clothing sadly and the sweet, serene voice I love came back and said, “Quest accomplished.”

    I’m still wearing the ****, black dress. Ginger is laughing at me, of course, beyond herself. I roll my eyes. God, Ginger. Shandra pats me on the shoulder as celebration.
    Jai hands me a seed and I plant it, smiling.
    I hope what I did helps someone.
    Cuz I hate the dress soooo bad.

        princessgirl2911 replied 8 months ago

        Nice job!

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