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    hester112 posted an update in the group Fan Fiction 7 months, 3 weeks ago

    Only three more tasks and all of 3’s will be over. It’s taken like a year and OMG I can’t believe it’s almost over. Not that that’s a good thing, I’ll miss writing it, but it’s a bit of a wow for me.
    This is Midnight’s Task!
    Tags: @galvaldon @aggieandtedrosx @crazycatlady101 @aloha101grl @PRINCESSGIRL2911

    I woke up, and a lady in a white dress was smiling down on me. Her hair was in a bun and blue butterflies swirled around her.
    “Embrace,” a booming voice told me.
    Embrace? What does that mean?
    I mean, usually an embrace is like a hug. I’m not dumb. I know that. But that’s beyond the point. Maybe embrace in this context means to let the butterfly lady hug me? Or…
    “The School for Girls will now begin!” she squeaked. “I am Evelyn Sader, your dean!”
    Everyone around me is clapping, and in hopes of not being awkward, I start clapping as well.
    “What is your name?” she asks me. “Because you look like a fine soul.”
    “Beatrice” tumbles out of my mouth, even though the word is empty to me. It means nothing. I know that I am so glad to meet the Dean – who is she? Evelyn Sader, she said, right? – and I want to be just like her when I grow up.
    That sounds like an Ever way of thinking. And Beatrice definitely sounds like an Ever name. So… yeah. I’m an Ever. I look down, but I’m in white, not pink. New school, I guess.
    Oh! I’m supposed to embrace the school! Yeah, that makes a lot more sense than hugging a random person. But hey, you never know. You need to think about all scenarios.
    “Girls, do you like this school?” Evelyn smirks. But that doesn’t bother me.
    “Of course!” I yell out, louder than anybody else. Because I need to embrace this school. No matter what. Otherwise, I might not make it out alive. Or something.
    “Then fight for it!” Evelyn says.
    “EVELYN. EVELYN,” I start chanting, and soon I have an entire group of girls following. One smiles at me.
    I know her name is Reena.
    How do I? I don’t know. Don’t ask. It’s just like an instant recognition.
    Like “Beatrice” knew her whole life.
    Now that I’ve accepted, I’m washed away back to the real world.

    I hit the ground, and it hurts. My knees buckle, like I fell from a great distance. Slowly, I open one eye… and then the next. Jai is watching me, smiling. Ginger gives me a small backslap and Gen is smiling, helping me up.
    Jai hands me a seed and shakes my hand.
    “Thank you,” she whispers.
    I plant the seed.

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