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    hester112 posted an update in the group Fan Fiction 7 months ago

    LAST CHAPTER OF 3’s. Ezza’s task. I have included an epilogue as well. If you want a book two, PLEASE TELL ME. If two people (or more) want a book two, I will make one. I hope y’all enjoyed 3’s.
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    There was a voice surrounding me. It was everywhere. Yelling. Screaming. I wanted to run, but I couldn’t.
    Were they trying to torture me? Was I gonna die?
    I swallowed an reminded myself, I am EZZA. No way was I gonna die.
    The screams got louder and more intense. Suddenly, I could make out some of the words.
    “Leave! You have no money to pay me, so on your feet.”
    I swallowed. This doesn’t affect you. Don’t be weak. You are Ezza. Ezza the Machine. Ezza the Evil. Ezza the person who DOES NOT DIE.
    These weren’t any screams. They were mine.
    “Mami is dead! What do you not understand about her?” my brother, Pablo, was scolding. I didn’t love him – not like I did Ginger – but in that moment, I had to admit, I was thankful for him.
    My first love. And I was taught it was supposed to be a boy. A boy that would lure me in. A boy that I would have to ignore. But I wouldn’t, couldn’t avoid GInger.
    When I met Gen, a little after that, I confessed what I felt to Ginger. Who agreed, it wasn’t normal. And we were confused.
    But more importantly, she loved me.
    And I loved her.
    So we did date. But we kept it a secret. ESPECIALLY from Gen. Cuz when have you ever seen a princess marry a princess? Never, right. Because princesses are weak and emotional and a boy is peeeeeeerfect for that. According to them.
    “Listen to it. Defeat it. Can we ever move on from childhood trauma?” A dark voice tells me in the background.
    “And Papi lost his job at the raaaaaailroad!” My voice is whining.
    “I don’t care!” the man yells.
    “You need a chiiiiiiiiill pill,” my little voice is telling the man.
    And then he slapped me. I wince, tearful.
    I can’t see it right now but my mind is replaying the scene already.
    No. I won’t this break me down…
    but reliving it makes me want to cry.
    “Yes! Give in! If you destroy yourself now, you’ll never have to deal with it,” the voice tells me. And I want to. It seems reasonable. Give myself in and never deal with it again.
    It takes all my energy to restrain myself. I’m breathless. Sweating. A mess.
    “She’s sorry,” Pablo is telling the man.
    “NO I’M NOT!” I yelled.
    “Tell her to shut up,” the man instructs Pablo. And then Pablo, my kin, slaps me.
    “Shut up, Ezza! Don’t get us arrested!”
    It goes on and on. I’m more on the brink. Just as I draw a knife, I remember something.
    This memory. It ends good. Pablo was always mean. I ran away from him and my sisters. And then I met a girl my age.
    We were perfect for each other, as friends. She was so light-hearted and funny at times, but she was definitely Evil. She had Evil intentions.
    Shandra. Shandra. Shandra. I keep her name in my head. I can survive. I did then, I will now.
    The scene ends and I hear applause. And then I’m falling…

    “Plant this seed,” Jai tells me, next to me suddenly. Jone is furiously talking to Midnight. Then, Jai calls for us all to talk.
    After I plant my seed in the ground, a huge tree suddenly grows. After that, a couple branches sprout out with words on them.
    “Jai Kalsi,” one says, and next to it “TRUTH”.
    Another name; “Jennifer Kray”. Next to it, “LOVE.”
    Ginger looks over at me, smiling. Walking over to me, she whispers in my ear, “You look like you need a bit of love.”
    Ginger gives me a sloppy kiss and walks away. I’m there, awestruck. It happens, every time, no matter how long we date. I can see Gen oozing out “awwws!” I send a curse her way. She frowns as her nail polish chips.
    A couple more branches sprout out. But next to ours, they all say aka and have JK names. Jone’s is already filled in:
    “Kett Greene, aka Jonethan S. Swat aka Joneathan Karn. EXCITEMENT.”
    “Why do you have so many names, Jone?” Gen questions, all chipper. She has a curious expression on her face, like she believes that Jone has three names because of something great.
    Midnight is looking at Jone madly. I can’t help but giggle. Is this what me and Ginger will become? Overcritical, like Midnight? Then again, Midnight’s anxiety really is up there…
    “Well, I was born Kett Greene. I changed my name to Jonethan S. Swat because, I… I killed someone. A girl named Anita. She tried to kiss me and make me be with her. I fell for her, but she started… manipulating me. I left my parents. I lived only for her, her commands, her pleasures.
    “Then, she started… using me. To do all her stuff. Her laundry, dishes, you name it, I did it. And… I thought we had something. It wasn’t love. There was no ‘us’. It was just ‘her.’
    “And then I found out… she was cheating on me. She… well, I stopped helping her. She was mad, threatened to kill me if she saw me again…
    “I saw her first. And I knew Anita wasn’t bluffing. She didn’t have that in her, she was so mad. So… I took her life.
    “Then I left. I was… well… devastated that I had murdered someone. So, I took a new name: Joneathan, which I didn’t like. So, I went by Jone. And I changed my last name to my Mother’s: Silvin-Swat. Or S. Swat, just to make a middle name for myself. She was the last person dear to me as my father had died years before and my siblings wouldn’t speak to me after Anita.
    “Soon, though, my mother went looking for me. When she found me, she saw that I had stolen her last name, she… she tried to murder me as well. And I…”
    He looked at Midnight with tears in his eyes. I didn’t know Jone had had it in him to murder anyone. He was too… Jone. Then again, he was evil.
    “So? She was gonna murder you anyway. Plus, Anita was a snake,” I said. I mouthed to Ginger, “Takes a snake to know a snake.” She laughed. Gen gave her a look that said, No-Making-Jokes,-It’s-Time-To-Be-Serious.
    “That…. That’s not the worst part,” Jone said, his voice quivering. He put his head in Midnight’s lap and said, “I… I killed her, two. She was… she was gonna kill me. I should’ve… should’ve just let it happen. But I… I KILLED MY MOTHER!”
    “There, there, Joneie baby,” Midnight told Jone, stroking his straight, slick hair.
    “So, I changed my name,” Jone breathes out.
    “Nice story,” I said, not dry at all.
    “Now choose your JK Names!” Jai yells. And we did, moving on except for Midnight, who was still comforting Jone.
    Here are the names:
    Me – Jessica Kold, STRANGENESS (excuse me? I am SO not strange. I am EZZA.)
    Midnight – Julia Kartin, ACCEPTANCE (accepting? Of what? I’m sure she is, I just don’t know why she had THAT adjective.)
    Gen – Jasmin Kreatin, HELP (Only if you want a stupid Evergirl to help you be all positive and sappy.)
    Ginger – Jade Khosova, CREATIVITY (I can see it.)
    Shandra – Jemimia Keen, STEALTH (how do they pick these things, I ask? Shandra is NOT stealthy)
    Alicia – Jaylani Kool, LIVELY (as if. I see her dozing off ALL. THE. TIME. She is nowhere as cool as Ginger.)
    I was told we would get a desk job, a good income, and a house.
    All we had to do was stay.


    The wedding is so drab.
    Trust Ezza and Ginger to make sure that everything was black. Gen had tried to be party manager, but did that work out? No. Midnight’s wedding HAD TO be coordinated by Ezza and Ginger.
    Rhian had been invited and he was a man of his RVSP, so he came. He knew that his hologram form would die very soon.
    What would happen about that?
    Rhian had so many things to do. He needed someone to follow his journey, to do what he needed. Smiling, Rhian rubbed his hands together. He already had a plan. As per usual.
    Walking up to the bride, who was wearing a bridal dress that Ezza had spray-painted black and written in her horrible handwriting: THE BRIDE. Jone’s said THE GROOM.
    “Hello, Miss Midnight Eve,” Rhian said. Midnight cringed.
    “I need help, Miss Midnight Eve,” Rhian continued, oblivious. “I have a plan to make the heir to the throne of Camelot part of me. But I need help.”
    “Tedros?” Midnight asked and laughed. “Yeah, he needs help.”
    “No, not Tedros,” Rhian said, his eyes twinkling. “His name is Rhian.”

    Also, guys, just wondering, who do you ship?
    I ship Mone/Jidnight (none of those sound good lol)
    And Gezza/Enger.

        princessgirl2911 replied 7 months ago

        I like Gezza!
        Also, please make a book 2!

        sallysallysally replied 7 months ago

        Gezza/Enger! Please make a book two!

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