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    hester112 posted an update in the group RP Level 3: The Endless Woods 2 months ago


    Ames POV (sorry I’m typing on a phone and it’s annoying and if my punctuations bad or if there’s some weird words thank autocorrect and my phone.)

    I pick up the dagger that Ash chucked. It had barely cut my skin, and only the tiniest drops of blood came out. I felt virtually zero pain. I grabbed the dagger and zeroed in on Ash. Then I threw it at her.

    Yo um some never needs to come and kill ame soon like within the next week I’m just saying that so that the plot flows well.

        julianaarthur replied 2 months ago

        Said Never will come in circa 0.0001 seconds

          queendeansophieofwoodsbeyond replied 2 months ago

          *I’m so proud that you picked my aphorisms*

          queendeansophieofwoodsbeyond replied 2 months ago

          *picked up

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