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    hester112 posted an update 2 months ago

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    Hello everyone! Today is the first “meeting” of the Singing/Songwriting Club.

    Now: I want to say, most of our stuff will be on Flipgrid. However, if you can not use flipgrid, email me your response at [email protected] and I will put it on flipgrid for you. If you want to do what we’re doing without putting it on flipgrid at all, then just record it and don’t send it to me.

    Our first assignment is already up in flipgrid! Please sing 1:30 of a song! You can sing less if you like, but the minimum is 20 seconds. Please cover your camera with a finger or in flipgrid, use the board function to cover your screen! Have fun with today’s assignment!

    Please also get to know each other down below in the comments. Write a bit about you!

    Remember to have fun! We will begin actually writing songs together next week!

    About me:
    Hi, I’m Hes. I like reading, writing, drawing, animating, cooking way too much, eating, singing, acting, being dramatic, playing hockey, and walking. I love all things sweet but I’m trying to cut down on sweet things. I’m vegetarian and I care about the environment a lot. During middle school chorus, my drive for singing was crushed, but due to an amazing private voice instructor that I got to help with my acting (because to act you have to sing and I used to be tone-deaf.) I began to love singing again! I hope to have fun with this club! I also sound like an eight year old when I talk but I’m over the age of eight by quite a few years. ~hes (:

        hester112 replied 2 months ago

        link to our flipgrid: https://flipgrid.com/flipgridforsge

        Log in with your sge username unless i’ve told you otherwise.

        anadilforever7 replied 2 months ago

        Um i think I want to leave this club sorry. if its allowed

          hester112 replied 2 months ago

          Ok! I just won’t tag you in future posts! Thank you for letting me know!

        skylark14 replied 2 months ago

        I’m Li! (Pronounced like Lee, short for Allison)
        I love singing and songwriting. My favorite artists are Lewis Capaldi and Lin Manuel Miranda, who wrote Hamilton. I have this *small* obsession with Hamilton, which I’m sure you will figure out. I’m an alto, but I can sing soprano because my choir teacher INSISTS on it. I love writing stories, reading, and crafty things like drawing, clay, and painting.
        I’m excited to get to know you all better! <3

          hester112 replied 2 months ago


        iceangel replied 2 months ago

        Hi! I’m Angel, and I’ve been singing since before I can remember. I’m technically a contralto, but I sing soprano a lot. My favorite groups are BTS and Blackpink, but I also really like Billie Eilish, Taylor Swift, and Shawn Mendes. I like reading, writing, and acting.

        skylark14 replied 2 months ago

        Sweet! Contraltos are really rare, I’ve heard.

        lauren813 replied 2 months ago

        Hello! I’m Lauren, but you can call me Laurie too! I’ve been singing for a while, at least three years, and took voice lessons for a year, and was in choir last year! My mom thinks I’m an alto, but I was forced to sing soprano for a while last year. I don’t think I’m very good at it though, lol. Some of my favorite artists include sabrina carpenter, lorde, melanie martinez, and tate mcrae. I enjoy acting as well and was in a few musicals before! I’ve never gotten a lead yet but I got close once, with nineteen lines and a singing solo!

        star123 replied 2 months ago

        Soo hi! I’m Star and I’ve just started singing a few weeks ago and don’t really know much about it but I am trying! I think I went back to my Disney and descendants somehow… Welp mostly expect random songs from me and I like a lot of different artists but I’ve also mostly been listening to Faith Maire which is an artist that I really do love. 🙂

        anadil777 replied 2 months ago

        Hm, I don’t really feel comfortable sharing my voice, is that okay?
        Also, I’m Tia. I’ve been writing songs for a while now, and I’ve been working on a album for fun. I’m a soprano 1, and I’m also in my school’s advanced chorus. I perform in my school’s plays a lot too, and I have an audition for Meg March soon. I’m a huge fan of Taylor Swift, Johnny Orlando, Kenzie, Sabrina Carpenter, and I’m a minor fan of Ava Kolker, Ariana Grande, Lorde, and probably a few others. I enjoy reading, writing, acting, singing, and dance.

          hester112 replied 2 months ago

          Yeah of course!

        effie replied 2 months ago

        Hi! I’m Effie/Fia/Adele, depending on what you want to call me. I’ve been singing since I was a tiny child, because my whole family is made of singers, and I think I’m pretty good at it. I love Hamilton and Pentatonix, but my dad works at a church so I have to be the choir there, so I sing hymns too. And that’s about all I sing, but I’m excited to discover new genres here.

        galvaldon replied 2 months ago

        Hi, I am galvaldon, but you can call me Bella, which is my online name. I have more a deeper voice, but i can sing high as well, it just won’t be as strong. I love to sing, mainly Broadway, especially Legally Blonde. My favorite song to sing is So Much Better from Legally Blonde. My dream is to be on Broadway, and I am looking forward to getting to know all of you!

        princezzdot replied 2 months ago

        May I join this club?

          skylark14 replied 2 months ago

          Yes! Anyone can join!
          Hes might need to create an account with your user for the Flipgrid though.

          hester112 replied 2 months ago

          Ok, I’m adding you to the taglist and the flipgrid! (:

        princezzdot replied 2 months ago


        skylark14 replied 1 month, 4 weeks ago

        Hey, Hes? I just tried to log in, and it’s not working.

          hester112 replied 1 month, 4 weeks ago

          Lemme check if your username is correct.

          hester112 replied 1 month, 4 weeks ago

          It is! Make sure to type in your sge username with no uppercase letters

        skylark14 replied 1 month, 4 weeks ago

        I typed it in with a capital S

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