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    hestergirl09090 posted an update in the group Book 6: ONE TRUE KING 1 week ago

    Okay guys, so ya know how Callis was originally from Netherwood? I think that maybe they’ll go to Netherwood and try to find people that knew Callis. All the kingdoms except for Camelot have given in to Rhian’s Dwayne Johnson charm, but there might possibly be a few people willing to help Callis’ foster daughter.

        takan replied 6 days, 21 hours ago

        😮 You’re right… I hope that happens, it’d be really cool.

        evilxaudrey replied 6 days, 15 hours ago

        Good theory but I can’t stop laughing at Dwayne Johnson charm

        thecatgirl replied 6 days, 1 hour ago

        Oooh I really hope that happens!

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