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    hesterisqueen posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 1 year, 8 months ago

    The Tale of Rosetta and Miso
    Chapter 18: Pt 2
    Mo’s POV
    “Oh, what a pity, I was informed of your terrible state, I had no idea it was this bad though, poor thing.” Miso taunts Rose, looking down his nose at her. This makes me so mad, it’s hard to breath as all my focus is on not crying out. It’s one thing being sarcastic, but it’s another thing acting like you are superior to someone just because they show weakness. Weakness can be a great strength if you think about it for long enough. But these people don’t, because they’re too busy sitting on their imaginary thrones, feeling smug at every stupid little idea they come up with. I have no problem with Evil, it’s just another cause some people choose to fight for- and that’s the balance of the Woods. But these people don’t seem to be fighting for any cause, they just seem centred around the foundations of hate that they’ve dug for themselves. Only Rose and Lola seem to know who this ‘Victor’ is, I just know he said something about Lola being his……..Wait. That’s him? That’s the one that Rose was made to fear the second her mother died, and the one who crushed all her hopes and dreams. Wow. This is not how I imagined him. His attention has moved to Lola, and he makes sure a faux smile is on his face before speaking.
    “Lola. You have been brought up for a reason. This is that reason. So, I’ll ask you again. Will you help us kill Rosetta?” He kicks Rose when saying her name, which makes my lip twitch. These people! Who do they think they are?
    “Course not! Why would my opinion change in five minutes?” she spits back at her father.
    Miso purses his lips and holds up a piece of parchment. I don’t question it particularly, until I see the splash of red ink at the top. That’s what he was looing for!.
    “Oh Lola, you do realise we’ve got all the information we need about you to hand?” he smirks, waving the piece of paper around. I assume that must be her file. Every child in the woods has one at this school. Lola grimaces.
    “I do, but it won’t help you!”
    “Oh, but your power can.” Victor replies, smugness written all over his face.
    “I’M NOT HELPING YOU!” she roars back.
    “I thought we’d have to do it the hard way. It’s a shame, really, the power always works better when used by the owner, but I suppose it’s better than nothing.” Miso says, almost to himself.
    “Why, yes. You may think this file can’t help us, but there you’d be mistaken. You see, this here piece of paper holds the key on how to manipulate your power. I, of course, have also been gifted with it but yours is the one we need.” Victor states. Rose stirs from her place of stillness and into an almost standing position. She then asks, “What power?”
    “Silly me, of course you wouldn’t know. My darling Lola-” (Lola gags) “- has got a special talent that can help us defeat your little gang of suckers over here. It is one of the best, I have to say, what with it being mind and emotion controlling.” Victor explains in a know-it-all tone.
    “Yes, but it can also be used against Evil, specifically you two as being Evil isn’t always a bad thing.” she counters. Miso just shrugs.
    “Well, I guess that settles it, shall we begin acting upon ‘the hard way'” Miso says vaguely. Victor nods, his smirk widening. Immediately after, he closes his eyes and scrunches up his face with a look of extreme discomfort. After a long while, or maybe just a few seconds, he opens his eyes, though they might not be described as that anymore. The pupils have vanished and he resembles an alien with a sleek hairstyle. All of a sudden, blue wisps of smoke start coming from his eyes, all aimed in one direction. Lola. A small strand of smoke hits her squarely in the chest, and a scream escapes he mouth before her eyes close. When they open, she, too, is pupilless* and does not look human any more. Her eyes lock on Rose and she makes her way towards her, in the process scratching Jason’s face and knocking me over, not even looking in our direction as she approaches Rose. From her eyes, blue smoke billows, far stronger than Victor’s, and drift towards Rose. Sensing the danger, she tries to dodge and scramble out of the way but her injury prevents her going as fast as needed and she gets hit by a wisp. I hold my breath, hoping it wasn’t enough to hypnotise her. She screams, though it is a scarier scream than Lola’s, one that hangs in the air and replays itself over and over again in people’s heads, then returning to haunt their nightmares. Slowly, Rose’s eyes close and she falls to the floor. For a moment, everything is silent and a small hope erupts in me, Maybe she’s just unconscious? I think to myself. Then her eyes open, and there isn’t a pupil in sight. Jason and I let out identical cries of horror. Victor is the only one that looks in control. Rose heads towards the weapon shelf in the far corner of the room. Not flinching, she pulls down the sharpest sword and runs her hands across the blade. Then she positions it over her chest. This is the second time in a couple of days that I know Rose is as good as dead. Without breathing, I watch, unable to help, as she bring the blade down.
    “PLEASE SAY I’M NOT TOO LATE!” comes a voice as a shadow bursts into the room, diverting Rose’s attention. As he comes into the light, I feel faint.
    I have never been so happy to see Jerome in my life.
    Did you like it? If you read it, please just say in the comments so I can get a gist of how many people read this. I would also like to know, as I’m curious, who you ship Jerome with, if anybody. Personally, I ship him with Lola, though it sounds weird I do think they would be good together. Comment if you want to be tagged and anything else you want to comment, I really don’t care.
    I hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading!
    *A word I made up, meaning, ‘no pupils’.

        sapphy replied 1 year, 8 months ago

        I feel like it’s gonna be one of those moments where he trips over, and then he distracts Miso and Victor while Rose and Mo kill them and restore Lola

          hesterisqueen replied 1 year, 8 months ago

          Id really k tbh. I don’t think anyone’s going to die, then what would happen. Also, that sounds a bit fast-paced and I am already a face paced writer so…. But I get what you’re saying

        sapphy replied 1 year, 8 months ago

        I ship Jerome and Mo. Don’t ask. BTW, I tried to do the next chapter of the Elemental Rebellion and it got deleted – twice!

          hesterisqueen replied 1 year, 8 months ago

          Oh, I hate that soon much. It happens to me alll the time, sometimes that’s why I don’t post to this story in a few days, like I try and it doesn’t work. Jerome and Mo? Never thought of that before. Hmmmm

        agathag replied 1 year, 8 months ago

        ohhh I ship Jerome and Mo too. Thanks for tagging me!

        hesterisqueen replied 1 year, 8 months ago

        🙂 🙂 🙂

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