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    hesterisqueen posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 1 year, 8 months ago

    People really seemed to like my first paragraph of this. Yes I still don’t have a name. But my other one does so it shouldn’t get too confusing.


    Everywhere I look there’s bunches of heads, their eyes all directed in the same place.
    Ivana pushes me forward onto a small wooden stage and I get a chance to look at the room. The walls are a sky-blue, decorated with small white stripes that I assume to be clouds. The room is circular, almost like a giant tent, with a pillar on either side. The roof goes up in a dome, and a golden chandelier hangs proudly from it. The floor looks glassy and translucent, I wouldn’t be able to tell you what it was made out of. In front of me is a row of curved benches, staggered upwards, that carry over a hundred people.  
    “Only the lucky ones get in on time. Me and my family made it once, but only just so we had to sit at the back where we could hardly see. Of course, as I have been assigned helper to the new person, they get some of the best seats in the house.” Arabella says, pointing to a family in the second row. Twin boys of around the age of seven wave shyly, almost an exact clone of their sister with shorter hair. A princess-like woman smiles warmly at me, giving me the feeling I’d expected when Arabella smiled at me the first time. A man with slightly darker hair tries to calm the boys back into their seats.
    “Wow. This is almost like seeing your past and your future.” I say absent-mindedly, watching the boys wrestle with their dad.
    “Umm I guess so.” Arabella replies with a smile. Two staff walk up to me, saying comforting things like, ‘it doesn’t hurt’ and ‘don’t worry about it’. Before I have time to ask what not to be worried about, the staff are telling the girls that they are done for now and to move of the stage. Arabella smiles sweetly at me and Ivana gives a thumbs up, even Ade loosens her scowl. A look of confusion crosses my face as a screen lowers over the stage, followed by a strange ufo-like thing, this time over my head. A tube begins to feed out of it, as it does with the screen until they are connected. I am wondering whether I should run now, whether the girls weren’t actually my friends at all, rather the opposite and this is all a plan to send me to my doom. Without warning, a ray of blue light shoots down from the ufo and around me, encasing me inside. I get the weird sensation that I am floating, even though I can see my feet on the ground. Then I start to feel as if my head is emptying, and I know what they are doing. Looking through my memories. No, they can’t do that! I try to shout, but the blue light has trapped my voice inside me. This is going wrong, very, very wrong. Talk about judging a book by it’s cover! If they look through my memories, they’ll find out the person I used to be, the life I used to have. Then I notice a smaller screen on the back of the large one, playing what it does. I stop trying to shout and peer at it. Sure enough, I see everything that has happened to me playing in front of my eyes.
    Me seeing my brother for the first time.
    Me riding my old, rusty bike away from my house.
    Me reading the news saying how afraid my mum is.
    Me running back.
    Me apologizing.
    Her forgiving and taking me out.

    And finally, the one that kills me the most inside,
    Us having a car crash and dying. At the this, the audience let out a collective gasp. As they replay the last scene, I notice something strange. Instead of me dying with them, which I thought I had, I just disappear the moment the other car hits in a flash of light. That must be how I got here, I think to myself, watching the scene again. At my recognition, a million questions hit my head, all fighting for attention. Why did dying ************ here? Why am I here instead of all the other people that have died? Do you have to be dead to get here? Does that mean everyone else here is dead? I dismiss this last thought quickly, as Ivana said we are all perfectly alive. Then how did I get here? I thought I saw myself die, but then I think of the light taking me the second before I was sentenced to my doom. Then that means I’m alive! A wave of relief crashes over me, swiftly followed by confusion. What was the light? I am distracted from my thoughts by the feeling of weight returning to me, the heaviness greeting my head. I quickly associate this with the blue ray lifting, the screen disappearing and the ufo retreating back into the ceiling.

    Arabella, Ivana and Ade rush out to me from behind the curtain- evidently they had a screen too by the looks on their faces.
    “Woah! You certainly have had an exciting life!” Ivana greets me with.
    “What was all that about?” Ade questions.
    “Well, um, yeah I didn’t have the best life.” I tell her, realising this is my first proper talk with her and, for some reason, really wanting her to like me. “Anyway, how come I just got teleported here as I was on death’s door? Why was it me and no-one else?” The girls exchange knowing looks.
    “Some people have different, how do I put this, souls than others.” Ivana starts, speaking slowly as if deciding whether to tell me everything or not, “The people who come here usually have very ,um, flexible souls. They are a rare kind, and some years, nobody comes at all. They are able to travel between dimensions, time and space, though not all with one soul, that would cause it to tear. You have a dimension soul, we call them Dimers. That means that you can travel through dimensions, though only when faced with danger that could be fatal. Some Dimers have learnt to harness their power, so that they don’t just use it when in mortal danger, but can use it at will. Of course, this is more difficult than I can stress but people have been known to do it. The sad thing is, people who do this tend to have shorter lives than they should be entitled to, but this is the price to pay for having great powers I suppose. That’s the way life is, always at balance.”
    “How come I never knew I was a Dimer?” I ask, bewildered and lost for words.
    “Like Ivana just said, you will only be able to use your power when in a situation that could be fatal. As this has probably never happened to you before the crash, you would have never had the chance to discover it.” Ade answers.
    “But I still don’t understand? How do you become a Dimer?”
    “You don’t become one, you have been one since birth, you *****. Don’t you get it? This is an extremely rare power, you’re lucky to have it.” Ade says, exasperated.
    “Oh, but what if I face danger here before the year is up? Will I just have to put myself in danger again so I come back here?” I ask, still unbelieving.
    “That’s not how it works! Stop thinking you’re so special that you can cheat the system! If you faced danger here, you might not go back to Earth. Only people who have harnessed their powers can control where they go to. Which means, while you’re here, we need to keep you out of trouble.” came Ade again.
    “Or something bad might happen like it happened to…” Arabella is shut up by her friends’ death stares. I decide pressing the point would only result in more outbursts from Ade. I will probably ask later, when we are better friends.
    “So, where do we go now?” I ask for a change of subject. To be honest, I have forgotten we are still in the Telemania Hall.
    “Oh, right.” Ivana says, clearly untensing after I didn’t ask questions, “Well, you need to follow me. Come on!”
    “I hate it when she acts as if we’re her side-kicks.” Ade mumbles to me as we walk. I snigger.
    “You need to show her you’re more than that then.” I advise her. Her eyes change.
    “You know what, Celestia, I think I like you.” I smile, knowing that I was always going to be drawn most to Ade.
    “Star. Call me Star. It’s what my name means.” I tell her.
    “Okay then Star, count me as your friend.” she replies, smiling more than I have ever seen her.
    “Guys, keep up!” comes Ivana’s voice.
    “And there she is again.” Ade mutters.

    Ivana opens double doors into another room, not dissimilar from the Telemania hall, just bigger and without pillars. There is no bench, just many pews and an isle down each side of the rows. Instead of a chandelier, there’s a banner hanging from the ceiling, flashing a badge with a portal in the centre and stickmen holding hands around it. Underneath, it reads:

    With destruction comes unity

    “The Realm’s motto.” Ivana says, as if reading my mind. “This is the Grand Hall, we hold weddings and stuff in here. We have to go through here to get to the Meeting Hall, which is just down here. She led us down some almost hidden stairs next to a much larger stage. “Arabella, you better go first, I think he likes you best.” Ivana advises.
    “I’m always last.” Ade said to me, “The Sergeant hates me.”
    “I’ll go after Bella, Celestia, you can follow on and Ade,” she gave her a look that said, ‘you know where you’re going to be’ “you can cover from the back.
    “Told you so,” mutters Ade as she falls into line behind me. Ivana pushes open a door into a small, official-looking room. The lights are off and there isn’t a sound. Just as I am beginning to wonder if Ivana has lead us into the wrong room, the lights flicker on and we come face to face with an army.
    Now this is where it really starts.
    Did you like it? I know this was slightly weird, but I hope it was enjoyable nonetheless. Any constructive criticism will be appreciated and taken on board, character recommendations are welcome, and please do say if you want to be tagged or untagged.
    Hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading!

        sapphy replied 1 year, 8 months ago

        hahahahahaha I love this!

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          sapphy replied 1 year, 8 months ago

          Wait WHAT?!

        hesterisqueen replied 1 year, 8 months ago

        Go to my most recent post and you’ll understand


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          spaceunicorn replied 1 year, 8 months ago

          Save me from my laugh… oh no! It’s coming! HEEEEEELP!!!

        sapphy replied 1 year, 8 months ago

        And for names… I dunno.

        hesterisqueen replied 1 year, 8 months ago

        Yeah, well I said I wasn’t very good at making up names for things……

          inlovewithbooks replied 1 year, 8 months ago

          I LOVE THIS!

        hesterisqueen replied 1 year, 8 months ago


          inlovewithbooks replied 1 year, 8 months ago

          When will you update again? (Sorry for being impatient but I LOVE IT SO MUCH!)

        hesterisqueen replied 1 year, 8 months ago

        dunno, 2 days?

        agathag replied 1 year, 7 months ago

        sorry know I’m really late, have been so BUSY, but this is really good!!

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