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    hesterisqueen posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 1 year, 9 months ago

    Aww ****. I just realised I was meant to do a Rosetta and Miso update today. Well, I spent a lot of my time after school at my brothers fair. Anyway, I won’t do that right now, but, as it’s already written, I’ll update my other story.


    50 men stand before me, the room seemingly bigger than I thought. They are all armed with musketeers, standing tall in army uniforms. The ones at the front have more badges than I can count, and the amount progressively gets smaller the further you look. They march in perfect unison, parting as another man, with the most badges of all, makes his way through. He has a small scrunched up face, mostly obscured by a curled moustache. He is a bit on the stout side, it appears he is a very wealthy man. His green eyes stand out from the rest of his face and I don’t think I will like him.
    “Well, hello new girl. I am The Sergeant, ruler of Regimay and the best officer that ever lived.” He says proudly, his voice sharp and loud. I hear Ade sniff behind me, it seems the hate between them goes both ways. “I hope you will enjoy Regimay. I would be very surprised if you didn’t. We have a lot to offer here, you must make the most of that, child. Now, first things first, what is your name?”
    “I’m Celestia.” I say, holding out my hand. A look crosses his face when he shakes it, a look that he’s trying to hide. Then I recognise it– disgust.
    “Thank you for welcoming me into your city. I am excited to see what it has to offer. But I just want to ask you one thing.” A desperate sniff from Ade. I ignore it. “How much freedom will I get?” The Sergeant’s face changes, it is more mean and rough now. He crosses his arms, stalking closer with every word,
    “It’s your decision, Celestia. Either you can except the freedom I’m offering you. Or you can downgrade,” His mouth is up to my ear now, “To the freedom of a jail cell.” I don’t think anyone else heard the last bit, they are all looking at me with confusion plain on their faces.
    “Meeting dismissed.” The Sergeant announces, speaking to the room. I follow the girls out, awaiting the sea of questions and tellings-off to begin. It does almost immediately.
    “What were you thinking?” Ivana scolds.
    “Way to ruin your chance!” comes Ade, her eyes no longer friendly.
    “Why did you do that? Is there anything to gain?” Arabella questions.
    “We’re all in danger thanks to you!” Ade tells me.
    “Yeah, yeah ‘what’. Something we didn’t tell you, you have to do your jobs well here or you get executed.
    “I didn’t know that! I just asked a question!”
    “It doesn’t matter that you didn’t know! Star, the point is that you were selfish and asked a stupid question, even if you didn’t know, you have to have known it would lead to something bad. You’re not an idiot.” The expression on Ade’s face breaks my heart, it’s plain she thought she had a true friend in me, and I let her down.
    “I’m sorry.” I say quietly. Ade’s face turns soft.
    “Maybe this time sorry isn’t enough. I know you didn’t mean it, we should have told you, but I don’t know if this damage is repariable.”
    “But you shouldn’t get punished! It was me who said it, why should you be the victims of the blade?” Something in her snaps.
    “Why don’t you go ask that to The Sergeant? You obviously just love asking him questions that we will have to pay for, so why not ask another? What’s the difference that it’ll make? One question, two questions. One execution, two executions. The same, right?” She storms off down into another room..
    “Extremely short temper, that one. Anyway, what was it The Sergeant whispered in your ear?” Arabella asks.
    “Oh, he said something about either having the freedom he offers you or the freedom of a prison cell. To be honest, neither sound fun.” I answer grimly. Arabella sighs.
    “Well, there’s not much we can do about it.”
    “Yeah, I suppose we just have to live with what we’ve got. The only other option is to not have anything at all.” Ivana agrees.
    “So, I don’t really know much about Regimay.” I say “Could you show me around a bit?”
    “Sure! If we go through here first, we’ll be able to take the easiest path through Regimay.” Ivana advises.
    “Follow me then.”  I really miss Ade now. If she were here, we would of made a joke about Ivana’s bossiness. She leads us down a corridor coming off from the Grand Hall, walls and floor all made out of dark, shiny wood. At the end there’s a large oak door, with a knocker in the centre. I am intrigued by it, but Ivana makes a sharp left turn and some wood slides open, revealing a lift. There’s no light, so I wobble through black until I find a side of it. A male voice rings out through the darkness.
    “You are currently on level one. Do you want to go down or up?”
    “Up please.” Ivana sighs.
    “Okay. How far?”
    “Just to level two please, mate.” Arabella chirps.
    “Okay. Excuse me while I programme your highly efficient journey.” I try not to roll my eyes at this, it’s obvious The Sergeant just put that in to make himself look good. The lift jerks and we begin to speed upwards. In no time at all, we are on Level Two, squinting at the bright light. It looks like a large glass ball that has been squashed so it is more a 3D oval. People walk in and out of doors lining every space in the wall. A bigger door stands in front of us, seemingly the one we’ll go through. I don’t see a clear source of light, but I have a feeling that the brightest lights are positioned just behind the walls, giving the room an artificial glow. There is a continuing buzz about the room, and I am unsure whether I can hear it or not. As I expected, we stride towards the large door. On closer inspection, I see that it is covered in runes and symbols, daring me to find out what they mean. I make a mental note to do so.
    “Okay, everyone here, we haven’t lost anyone on the way, have we?” Ivana questions.
    “No, not apart from Ade,” Arabella says dreamily.
    “Well, yeah, that’s obvious. If we’re all here then there’s no reason why we shouldn’t go through, right?” Ivana checks. Arabella looks unsure.
    “Well, no. But don’t forget what happened last time!”
    “That was ages ago, Bella, times have changed.” Arabella gestures to the door we’ve just come through.
    “Are you sure about that? Because, after what we just experienced, I’m not sure they have.”
    “Stop being so insecure! It’ll be fine, and even if it is like last time, we have each other don’t we?”
    “Yes, but Celestia doesn’t know how to fight them yet! And, even if it isn’t, we can’t afford to go through something like before! It would cost us too much. One time was one time, but I don’t think we will be spared anymore.”
    “Fight.. fight who?” I ask, suddenly feeling fear creep up my spine.
    “See, now she’s asking! I told you not to mention anything until she’s ready, now she’ll probably be all over us like a rash now! Why do you never listen to what I say?” Ivana scolds.
    “Well I’m sorry! If I was a new person, I’d be asking many questions also, and don’t you think this is actually one of the first? Why do you have to always be the best, Ivana? Why can’t you just sometimes accept that things won’t go your way?” Arabella shoots back.
    “Look, guys, I’m sorry for asking, I won’t say anymore.” I say, trying to solve this argument. “It’s fine, Celestia, don’t be sorry.” Ivana says, quieter. She turns to Arabella, “I don’t see a reason why we shouldn’t go through. If you don’t want to, then….I know, you can go see how Ade is. Your choice. But decide quickly.” Good, I think . I have been curious as to what lays inside this door ever since I saw it. The way it’s positioned right in the middle of others, and it’s bigger than them too. It gives off this aura of daringness, like it wants me to come in but knows I have to face the dangers. But what dangers? From the moment we approached it, Ivana and Arabella have been arguing about whether it’s safe inside. But what really bothers me, is the fact they keep bringing up ‘last time’. What was so bad that happened last time that gave them an everlasting fear of this door. Any other person would probably be scared also, but I have now made it my mission to venture inside, whether it’s with the girls or without them. I am more than happy that Ivana has saved me the trouble of going off without them, partly because I want to face whatever lays inside with other people, and also because I feel going off without them would cause them to dislike me more than they already do, and I don’t think I would be allowed here again if I did. No, that’s a lie, I would probably have to stay in prison for the rest of my life. So it’s a comfort to know that we are going in with Arabella or without her, though I would prefer with her, just because of strength in numbers. She pulls a grimacing face, like listening to the war in her head and trying to decide which side to take. Finally, she sighs.
    “You know, you could be a motivational speaker.” she mutters as she pulls a cube out of her pocket. It’s small, the reason how she could fit it in her pocket. It too has engravings on it, like the door and it match. It looks like the material used on the floor in the halls, but glossier and almost like clouds are inside it, they give off the strange feeling that they’re moving. Ivana smirks as she pulls it out, this is victory for her. Arabella hands it to her and she inspects it for a second, then places it against the door. All at once, it detaches from its many locks and comes ajar. Smoke billows from it, and I have to step back to avoid getting engulfed by it. As Ivana reaches a hand to open it, it swings open by itself. I get myself into the right mindset, preparing for monsters, ghosts, three headed armadillos, anything that could cause me a large amount of damage.
    But it’s none of them.
    It’s a girl.
    I hope you enjoyed, comment if you want to be tagged, yadda yadda yadda.
    Hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading!

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        I love it! Great job on your 3rd chapter!

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        Wow this is really good!

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        An evil girl? A girl that none of them expected?

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        wow, this is getting really interesting!

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