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    hesterjunior posted an update 1 year, 11 months ago

    So is Jem’s new bio, along with Seth’s and Andrew’s!


    Name: Seth Mintos of Saint Angles
    Nickname: Sethy, Seeeth, Sethie, Sethay, Se-boy.
    Nationality: Half elven. Which is why he as slightly pointy ears
    Gender: Male
    Race: Has a sort of british accent.
    Height: tall—5’11
    Shape: slightly underweight for his height.
    Hair color: Platinum Silver
    Eyes: Sea green
    School: Good (78%)
    Date of birth: Tuesday, 15th Feb 2005 (Age 14)
    Star sign: Aquarius
    Fingerglow: Leaf green
    Weapons: dagger
    Talents: Can control his own group of… magical animals? Just like Japeth’s scims except a bit different. The animals are called “Mystics” and they are leaves, but they can be DEADLY lol! Just imagine the flying carpet in Aladin and put a leaf there instead of the carpet. That’s basically what they are—except they are MCUH smaller and theres meny of them. They stick on Seth’s clothes like glue, and can be his armor.
    Flaws: A bit lazy, and loves playing pranks on teachers. A bit of a troublemaker.
    Crush: Jem
    Crushes on him: Some of the popular girls. The other popular girls like Andrew.
    Friends/Family: Pretty much all the ppl in the Roleplay xdxd. Andrew is his brother.
    Backstory: He and his brother Andrew, are the sons of King Ollarios and Queen Jena of Saint Angeles. Jena is an elf, Olarios is hooman. But everyone always treated Andrew like a king, and treated Seth horribly, which is why Seth is often a troublemaker and often rude (but not to his friends)
    Personality: brave, entertaining, greedy, troublemaker.
    Clothing: A crinkled white button down shirt, that is always left unbutton. The collar is turned down, and the sleeves are rolled up to his arms in a stylish way. Nothing is worn underneath his buttun up shirt. He also wears black breeches and boots.

    Name: Andres “Andrew” Mintos of Saint Angeles
    Nickname: Andrew, which everyone calls him. And at times Andy—which he hates being called.
    Nationality: British
    Gender: Male
    Race: Half Elven
    Height: REALLY tall XD. 5’11, same as his brother.
    Shape: Underweight for his height
    Hair color: Platinum Gold
    Eyes: Cloudy blue, flecked with rare grey color.
    School: Good (60%)
    Date of birth: A few days earlier than his younger brother, Seth, Tuesday, 9th Feb 2005 (Age 14)
    Star sign: Aquarius
    Fingerglow: Golden flecked with purple and blue.
    Weapons: Bow and arrow
    Talents: He can sort of control the weather XD. But if he does it too mcuh something TERRIBLE can happen. Also it’s painful so he hardly does it. Once, he got so mad at Seth that he made a cloud which soared over Seth and started raining on him and started striking him with lightning. It’ why Seth tries to stay away from him. Except Andrew is also scared of Seth’s talent xd, Seth once blasted his Mystics (leaves) on Andrew, which threw him to a wall and gagged his face with a much of Mystics. Andrew nearly choked! So they both don’t exactly like each other.
    Flaws: Can be a bit greedy, like his brother. But they are total opposites.
    Crush: Piper…. and sometimes he accidently finds himself staring at Cammie or Jem. He calls it “minor crush”
    Crushes on him: Popular girls, and Jem has a HUGE crush on him xd.
    Friends/Family: Pretty much everyone in RP. One of his good friends are Cammie, Piper, and Carmen.
    Backstory: Since he was two, he was like the head of the family. His parent loved him more then they did to Seth. So these two had a few conflicts over they past years. But they do love each other xd dont worry. ALSO ANDREW IS ONE OF THE KIDNAPPED CHILD!!!
    Personality: Extremely nice, and lovable. Very cute as well.
    Clothing: Sort of the same thing Seth wears, except a bit more stylish. And his shirts are not crinkled either.

    Name: Jems of Murmuring Mountains
    Nickname: Jem, Jemmy, Gem.
    Nationality: Human
    Gender: Female
    Race: Canadian
    Height: Above average, 5’6
    Shape: average, like 99 pounds
    Hair color: A platinum gold color
    Eyes: golden eyes/grey eyes
    School: Evil(67%)
    Date of birth: Wednesday, 22nd Nov 2006 (Age 12)
    Star sign: Scorpio
    Fingerglow: A blackish gold color
    Weapons: A small sword
    Talents: If she focuses, she can freeze person. Only works for three minutes though.
    Flaws: Ruthless, and stingy
    Crush: Andrew (one of the kidnapped child) who is just amazing in her persepctive, but sometimes she find herself staring at Seth.
    Crushes on her: Seth has a BIG crush! Andrew doesn’t even want to know if she exists or not–but Andrew does have a tiny crush on her.
    Backstory: Left alone on an island when she was young, parents are unknown.
    Personality: Ruthless, Intellegent, Cool, Nice, Energetic, Mysterious, Lazy.
    Clothing: A very emoish outfit with a beanie.
    What else should I add?
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        princessrachael replied 1 year, 11 months ago

        Like it

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