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    highflyer posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 4 years, 1 month ago

    HELOOOOOOO PPLZ!!!!!!! I am not in a cookie or waffle mood today so *hands out pies and cakes* In this update there will be 3 chapters because my head is full of ideas and if I don’t get them out I will forget them……..
    Chapter 3: Meatal Sonic, Laurence, and ***** Cat…… what next!
    Amelia P.O.V
    I was walking to Salz house when out of nowhere this thing picks me up.
    “HEY!!!! LET GO!!!” I shouted when I turned around I saw something unexplainable! I screamed “HELLLPPP!!!!!! HELLPPP MEEEEE!!!!!!” I squirmed in its arms but all that did for me was make the thing lift its arm to punch me. Before it did someone shouted, “HEY! Where did you learn to treat a lady!?!” I looked back. And there was the same person I saw in the forest.
    Sonics P.O.V
    When I got to the scene Meatal Sonic was about to punch the same girl I saw in the forest! “HEY! Where did you learn to treat a lady?!?” She turned around and gasped….
    I caught her as M.S ran away well flew away. “Hi. I’m sonic..” I said star struck. She giggled “Hi! I’m Amelia Lynn Rose-” She covered her mouth…”I-I’m sorry…. don’t tell anyone that is my name….They call me Amy….” I scratched my head then she said, “thank you for saving me.”
    Amy’s P.O.V
    I was walking home. It was well past midnight when I herd a noise. I slipped out my hammer and called, “hello? Is anybody out there?” silence “Amelia? Is that you?” called Laurence…. “LAURENCE?!?” I pushed some bushes back and I saw Laurence. I dropped my hammer then hugged him “Laurence! It is you! how did you get here?” He blushed of embarrassment…. “Well… I got lost….” I raised my eyebrow then rolled my eyes, “figures…. well come on your probably hungry..” he followed……
    Sonics P.O.V
    I was running after the party when I saw something…. being irrational I ran toward it…. “WAIT!!!!” I saw a figure holding his hands up only his finger was glowing…. “I’m harmless! I’m ***** Cat but people call me Cheshire or Chess…” he held out his hand I took it then said, “Sonic… I should take you to Amy’s…. She has more patients than I do….”
    Chapter 4: the worst possible thing and portals
    2 years later on Sonic’s birthday…..
    Tails was huffing and puffing while saying “he….*pant* is *gasp* Coming!” we all gathered around so we could conceal the cake. “Hey guys! what’s up?” sonic said as he came to a halt. “SURPISE!!!!” We all shouted. As Sonic was opening his presents I noticed Chess and Laurence were getting ready to go…. “Boys? Where are you going?” they looked at each other then looked down.. “Amy… we found a portal back home…” Laurence said….. “And we want to go back….” Chess said I looked down “**… Right you got families…” Laurence looked at me in anger and growled at me while Chess was making don’t do it signs “You got family too!!!!! Just because they fight all the time doesn’t mean they don’t love you!!!!” I burst into tears. “my family is dead Laurence! dead! they died in the fire! And these people are all I got besides you! And If you want to go home then go!” I walked off drying my tears. I walked to Sonic maybe he would go on a walk with me….. “Sonic?….. Sonic?” but he was deliberately ignoring me. but thanks to tails he finally looked at me….. “What?” He snarled I looked down “Will you g-” There was a loud boom “Sonic did you miss me? Well you took everything from me now I will take every thing from you!” There was this monster thing Sucking people into portals! ” CHESS!!!!! LAURENCE!!!!” I tried to grab them but I was too late…..
    Hope you liked It !!!!!!!!!

        miko replied 4 years, 1 month ago

        nice (: Looking forward to your next chapter (:

        arian2 replied 4 years, 1 month ago

        Nice. Remember: new speaker, new line. 😉

        peppy replied 4 years, 1 month ago

        Oooooh! Cool chapter, I loved it, 🙂

        leslie191234 replied 4 years, 1 month ago

        Cool chapter, only minor errors… Loved it!!! 😀

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