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    hope22 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 1 month, 3 weeks ago

    Chapter 1
    “It’s taken care of” she hissed. Eli stared up at the three girls there faces flooded by red and blue coloured light, anxious looks plastered to their faces. She sighed before grabbing them each by the arm and walking them over to the nearest cop. “Eli what are you doing?” Eden asked in a hushed tone “Eli are you out of your mind” Miranda exclaimed as they got closer and closer to the cop. “The bigger the move the less anyone suspects it ladies” Eli muttered in a tone that suggested everything was just breezy while continuing to walk over to the cop. “Um excuse me officer” Eli asked, the image of a sweet confused girl taking over her face “my friends and I are awfully confused as to what’s happening I mean being woke from our beauty sleep to all this comotion-” “look it’s okay nothing to worry about you’ll be back to bed in no time” replied the cop glancing at his watch which read 1:40 am. He gave the four girls huddled together in front of him under the star light sky a tight smile before walking off. Eli returned the smile then whipped around to face the girls. “If anyone asks we know nothing and we saw nothing, is that clear?” While Miranda and Piper nodded along as if they were in a trance Eden stood there with her arms crossed. “No”. For a second Eli looked surprised before her face twisted into an **** glare, she walked over to Eden. “Do you really want to go there Eden? I would think very carefully about what you’re doing” Eli hissed at her. Piper looked like she was about to be sick while Miranda looked like she’d rather be anywhere else. Eden stared at Eli with her long light hair cascading down her back and her green coloured eyes that made you feel like she would be able to find out every little secret you had. Eden knew this wasn’t a battle she would win. She always gets what she wants was what Eden was thinking while she gave Eli a long hard stare. “Fine” she retorted, tucking a strand of her ***** blonde hair behind her ear “but we know information that could hel-” “and that’s where i’m going to stop you” said Eli cutting her off “drop it”and that was that.

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