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    horselover0425 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 3 years, 1 month ago

    I’m not new to this group, I’ve just never bothered to post anything, I’d just comment from time to time, but I’ve decided to finally post a bio, so…
    Name: Ann Pendragon of Camelot
    Fairytale lineage: Daughter of Tedros and Agatha of Camelot
    Age: 12
    Nickname: None
    Gender: Female
    School: Good
    Traits: She is super shy, but would die for the friends she has. She is extremely kind, generous, loyal, funny, and honest, and she has powerful magic. She fights for the true meaning of Good. She is quiet, but one of the best students ever. She is often underestimated, but watch out, she is keen and agile.
    Flaw(s): She is shy and quiet, and she won’t voice her opinions, unless she’s around her close friends.
    Appearance: Black hair that is usually French braided. Up to shoulders is straight, wavy till three inches above her waist, then up to waist is curly. Dark sparkling blue eyes. Pale snow white skin. Inherits her mother’s raven hair and pale skin.
    Finger Glow: Dark blue with streaks of silver
    Clothing: Usually wearing black leggings, a blue shirt, black jacket, and silver jewelry. Formal occasions wears different clothes depending on occasion.
    Talent: Inherits her mother’s talent of granting wishes, but she can grant much more powerful ones
    Pet: Her mare Beauty
    Weapon: Her main weapon is her powerful magic, but she is handy with a sword
    Hobbies: Reading, singing, arts, sports, cooking and baking, and learning
    Friends: Bella of Jaunt Jolie and Raina of Pasha Dunes
    Crush: You will see!
    Enemies: You will see!
    Hometown: Camelot
    Backstory: Ann has grown up surrounded by people who are legends in fairytales. She has been a studious girl since the age of three. She has been taught by her parents, Agatha and Tedros, Sophie, Guinevere, Lancelot, the Coven, and Merlin. She is highly accomplished in magic and in proving the real meaning of Good before she even is accepted. She played a major role in helping restore Camelot’s greatness. She wants to go to the School for Good to complete her mother’s goal, protecting and accepting the real role of Good. She is a bright girl who is shy, but would die for the friends she has.

        evilerruler845 replied 3 years, 1 month ago

        Very cool bio! And @miss-rachel, I see that you’re new, so:
        Welcome to RP Level 0! I’m @evilerruler845, so click my username to read my stories. We have different RP(roleplaying) levels. Level 0 and Level 1 are written individually (usually), but Level 1 has more detail in their stories. For RP Level 2 and 3, those who are in those groups work together on the same story/stories. Some of our Welcome Committee members are our elder @caramelprincess, @luna101, @kiko55, @dot111, and @fairytalegirl123. So, let’s get you started….To create a new character, we make a biography, bio for short. Plz post your stories in chapter(s), and you may do it in POVs (your character(s) point of view) as well. These are the basic things needed to create a bio:
        School(it doesn’t have to be about School for Good and Evil, which is optional):
        Appearance(optional, but here, we highly recommend it):
        Pet(s) (optional):
        You may add more as well, such as your enemy, favorite subject, etc. Plz don’t post one-liners, which are posts that are irrelevant to this group chat and/or are very short. Feel free to ask questions. Here’s a bio as an example:
        Name: Calypso Rose
        Age: 12
        Gender: Ever Girl
        School: The School for Good
        Famous Relatives: Sleeping Beauty (Briar Rose), Jack of Woods Beyond (The Jack that saved the harp and went up the giant’s beanstalk)
        Finger Glow: Lavender and White, with a touch of Turquoise
        Appearance: Silky, glowing, waist-length wavy golden-brown hair, sparkling glacier-blue eyes, long neck, very strong, with perfectly long legs, luscious pink mouth, pearly, angel-like skin (very pale), very tall
        Wears: A turquoise mix of flutter-sleeve and knot-front top (these are short-sleeved, btw), dark jeans, sky-blue sneakers, also wears a necklace made of amazonite, jade and emerald and a cute forest-green bow
        Personality: Calypso is very energetic, so hyper, that she actually jumps around with a big, sweet smile on her face every day, no matter the consequences. She’s very polite, kind, generous, loyal and noble. She has done many, many rigorous challenges that no girl has done before. It’s what makes her very qualified to be a student in the School for Good and be an awesome friend.
        Pets: A cute, little hummingbird named Leslea
        Weapon: A fan with a mix of this “throwing weapon” to damage enemies. This fan has a huge amount of power, meaning it is magical. It can create wind so strong that it can blow things out into space. This “throwing weapon” is also magical, meaning wherever you through it, it intends to throw it in any direction you intend it to throw that direction in. Or, if you don’t intend to let it go in any direction, it’ll randomly choose, but if your heart’s desire is strong enough, it will gently fly back to you, not damaging a single thing.
        Talent: Calypso is very good at singing, inheriting her mother’s talent. She has the power to sing so beautifully that it even makes Nevers (Evil students) cry. Her singing can be used for many purposes. She can use it to protect herself against enemies, like creating wind (combining that power with her fan), snow, all those things that has to do anything with weather. Another useful talent is that she’s very strong, like her father. She’s not very good with some weapons, but she is very strong, like, lifting a whole city with a tip of her finger.
        Backstory: Calypso was born from her wonderful parents named Briar Rose and Jack. She was “the perfect girl”, everyone in her kingdom said. She had special Weapons Training classes, which helped her get better in defending herself when the time was needed. She also had singing lessons as well, which her mother taught her. “It’s what makes her incredible.” one of the villagers complimented. “She is the girl you need.” Around the age 11-12, Calypso got her Flower ground Ticket. During her time when she was younger, her parents had always hoped she would make it into the School for Good. Their dreams had come true. This story will begin, starting with her life at her home getting to the School for Good.
        You can also do tags, which means that if you are tagging someone, you put @ in front of the person’s username. Like this: @evilerruler845, which is me tagging myself. You do tags to let others read the person’s report card, activity and stuff like that.
        I hope this helps you! Have a great time at RP Level 0! 🙂

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