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    Chapter 2: The Past, Present, and Future
    I woke up few minutes later and was helped up by Tedros. Without a word, I returned to my seat and focused on the Dean of Good, Professor Doves and the Dean of Evil, Lady Lesso arrived.
    As they talked, I started thinking. I am related to Lancelot. Lancelot had practically killed Arthur, despite the fact that Arthur made him a king. So one day, I would grow up to become a queen, alongside Tedros who would become a king. My plan was to restore ties with Tedros and Camelot for the benefit of my kingdom. His kingdom had become corrupt the minute the Grand Council began ruling. My kingdom, I haven’t seen for four years. The four years I had ruled alongside a council both of my father and my choice went very smooth. My mother had wanted me to learn how to rule from a young age, so she proposed that until I’m sixteen I will rule alongside a council, but the minute I ran away, they had full command. I trust my council to do what is right, but I have no idea what they have done, and if they have destroyed my kingdom, like Tedros’ council has done.
    The minute we were released for lunch, I felt like sprinting away, but then Professor Dovey had called me and Tedros.
    “You two. Follow me.” She said. “Come in. Please sit. I understand what you were thinking that entire opening ceremony Ann. Tedros, I understand that you are mad about your kingdom, and your father’s law that you can only intervene at the age of sixteen. But I have brought you here to tell you two that you are special. Ann, please begin, what you want to say.”
    “I want to restore ties with Camelot. We were friends Tedros. We pretended we were related, even though technically we are not. We played at gallantry. I understood from the minute your father died, yes I know he did, that your council was bloodthirsty and power hungry. I understand our stories are connected. I understand we can’t change the past, but we can change the present and the future. I understand why your father is dead, and I understand why Merlin is gone. I understand the true meaning of Good. That is all.”
    “Tedros, please speak.” Professor Dovey said utterly moved by my speech.
    “I know nothing of what you said, except a few. We were friends. We played at gallantry. We pretended we were sister and brother. That my council has destroyed my kingdom. I know nothing else. But I have one question Ann, how do you know all of that.”
    Chapter 1: Scroll down or @horselover0425
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