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    The Olympian Archives
    The Hermes File: #624
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    Wassup, y’all? Hermes here, and I’m here to answer a question that a girl named Sarah Berserker asked, “Where do we get all 6909 languages?”
    Well, it all started on a beautiful and sunny day on Mt. Olympus. All Ares wanted to do back then was to put on wars; when all of a sudden, Ares got a little soft (and he’s got muscles as hard as rocks. IRON ROCKS).
    “It’s a lovely day on Mt. Olympus, isn’t it, Hermes?” Ares sighed.
    “No! I mean, yes, it is!” I responded in shock that Ares was so laid back today, he was never like this normally. It was indeed a nice day on Mt. Olympus, one of the best since the world started. Ares began to hum a little tune and I recognized it for it was Dionysus’ favorite drinking song.
    “Have you been hanging out with Dionysus again?” I was very concerned because the last time he had been with Dionysus, Ares had just a little too much to drink.
    “Huh? I do not know this Dinosaur, is he a god, or a worthless peasant waiting to be destroyed?”
    “You know, Dionysus, the god of wine? If you have been with him lately then you can probably remember at least fifty bad jokes and puns, not to mention that you know Zeus will get mad. He won’t let you put on that war you wanted to.”
    “Why would l want to make wars and contentions? For l just want to help people have fun and party all night long! Ooo, look! A daisy!”
    “You don’t want to destroy Athens and have Sparta rule over all?” To be honest, I was seriously worried because Ares had been begging just the other day to put on his “little” war. After Zeus agreed, Ares later told him that it was going to be the war of the century. Of course, no one knew what a century was, but we decided to go with it.
    “Nope!” Ares smiled toothily like a toddler given candy.
    “We have to go to Dionysus, now!” I ordered. If Dionysus had turned Ares of all people into a *****, then who knew what he’d do next!

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