iamadonut posted an update in the group Book 6: ONE TRUE KING 5 months ago

    In book two, Excalibur is described as a golden sword, and the sword that Tedros is holding perfectly matches the description of Excalibur. Although this would mean that Tedros broke in to the castle, found where Japeth was holding Excalibur, figured out how to escape all without being seen by Japeth, his scrims, everyone else there, and a…[Read more]

        tagathaforever16 replied 5 months ago

        Yeah I thought of that too

        ravenclaw24601 replied 5 months ago

        Maybe it’s only symbolic? Not everything that happens on the covers is realistic.

          iamadonut replied 5 months ago

          True, but usually stuff on the cover kind of happens, like I bet there will be a fight between Japeth and Tedros.

        glutter replied 5 months ago

        That is a very bigbrain theory and your probably right

          iamadonut replied 5 months ago

          Is that a insult of compliment? Either way, Thanks!

          glutter replied 5 months ago

          its just a compliment it means your smart. Its a pewdiepie compliment

          iniyaalsethupathi replied 5 months ago

          ah, I see that you are a man of culture as well

          glutter replied 5 months ago

          Thank you @iniyaalsethupathi are you part of the nine year old army too?