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    iceprinces posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 4 years, 5 months ago

    So… I expanded my bios A LOT. These are the expanded versions!
    Name: Maylynn. Some people call her May, but she doesn’t like it when they do.
    gender: girl
    School: Good for girls
    Age: 14
    Father: No one knows. Most people assume that he’s a villager
    Mother: the fairy godmother from Cinderella.
    Talent/hobbies: Can grant people wishes as long as the wish the person asks for is something that is good and that they really want it. Amazingly good at Magic. She enjoys to mess around with it but doesn’t want to look like she’s doing it for no reason. Good at being a leader. Has wings that allow her to fly which she loves to do. Helps people as a daily activity. Amazingly good at sword fighting and an ok archer.
    Appearance: has smooth, long, straight, midnight black hair that goes down to her waist. Has big, intense hazel eyes. Pale skin. Pointy nose with freckles on it. Small ears that twitch when she gets annoyed. Tall. Small hands. Innocent face. Skinny but not to skinny. Has freckles running across her cheeks and her nose. Likes to wear old-time-y clothes but not dresses. Likes to wear pants, and shirts. She’ll only wear a dress or a skirt if it’s absolutely necessary. Wears a lot of hoodies. Wears colors like pink, green, blue, red, and purple.
    Pet: has a pet bear that she brought home from the woods one day. It doesn’t stay around her a lot it mostly roams on its own unless she calls it.
    Personality: ********. Great leader. Gets stressed easily. Super nice. Doesnt like it when she’s surrounded by to many people in a small room, it makes her feel nervous. Very clever and smart. Gives herself super high expectations. Sometimes follows her own rules. She tells herself that ‘one of the greatest joys in life is doing something that everyone else thought was impossible to do.’ Likes to have fun and get the most out of life. Can be Stubborn. Likes to form a plan before charging into something. Easy to talk to.
    Finger-glow: bright pink
    Crush: Rallen son of the evil queen from Snow White but if you try to get her to admit it she’ll deny.
    Backstory: lives with her mom in a castle. One day when she was 12 she went off into the woods to explore and found a bear. She brought the bear home with her but the next day it wondered off and she could only get it to come back when she called it. It never stayed though. A few months after that she started going out into the village to grant people wishes and help them. When she turned 14 she got invited to the school for good and evil. At first she refused to go because she didn’t want to leave home but she soon agreed cause she didn’t want to miss out on the oppurtunity.
    Name: Rallen
    Gender: boy
    School: evil for boys
    Age: 15
    Father: Unknown
    Mother: the evil queen from Snow White
    Talent/hobbies: can use magic to make magic mirrors. Loves to prank people and joke around. Has an effect on people that makes them believe him but it starts to wear off on a person the more he uses it on them so he doesn’t use it often. A good archer. Good at making weapons and surviving alone in the wild. Also knows how to hunt.
    Appearance: *****, messy, dark, chocolate brown hair. Small light brown eyes. Tall. Tanned skin. Button nose. Small ears. Has a signature wicked grin that makes people think that he did something bad. Strong. Not very skinny. Likes to wear leather jackets, black clothes, clothes made from animal skin, and hoodies. Also likes to wear colors like red, blue, green, and black.
    Pet: a falcon
    Personality: jokes around a lot. Clever smart. Likes to pull pranks on people and joke around. Is sarcastic in series situations. very Very VERY stubborn. Hates **** what people say and loves to prove people wrong. Can be self-obsorbed. Loves to go near the sky and into high places. falls asleep during class a lot. Zones out a lot and sometimes doesn’t even realize it.
    Finger-glow: sky blue
    Crush: Maylynn, daughter of the fairy god mother but he doesn’t realize it yet and would NEVER admit it.
    Backstory: Never knew his parents even though he some how knew who his mom was. Lived on the streets as an orphan with a group of other orphans but he spent most of his time alone. When he was 12 he started feeding a falcon and the falcon started following him around. When he turned 15 he went to the school for good and evil and was very happy to get off the streets.
    Name: Shadow but she HATES it when people call her by her real name because it was given to her by her evil parents so she tells people to call her Night. Very very few people know her real name
    Gender: girl
    Age: 16
    School: good. But sometimes people mistake her for a Never and she sometimes sneaks around and breaks rules.
    Father: a wizard
    Mother: a witch
    (Both of her parents are dead and were evil. She hates it when people thinks that she’s evil because her parents were so she never tells anyone who they were)
    Talent/hobbies: she can fade into the shadows and become a shadow.
    Appearance: long wavy jet black hair it’s blue highlights on the edges. Bright black eyes that look like a dark gray. Wears a lot of black and is almost always wearing a black cloak. Super pale skin. Pointy nose. Big eyes. Small mouth. Small ears. Small head which some people think is to small for her body. Likes to wear long dresses, dress shirts, tank tops, shorts, and jeans. Likes to wear colors like black, blue, red, or purple.
    Pet: a black Raven that she named midnight. It doesn’t spend much time with her and is usually flying around the woods.
    Personality: reaaallllllyyyy mysteries and secretive. Curious. Can seem suspicious. Breaks rules that don’t seem important to her. Can be a rebel. Can be helpful if she feels like it. Has pride and honor. Doesn’t like to be told that somthing is impossible because she believes that anything is possible as long as you try hard enough and work toward your goal. Sometimes plays harmless jokes and pranks. Can be rude without realizing it. Tricks people sometimes.
    Weapon: has a sharp black dagger made from pure darkness.
    Finger-glow: dark gray
    Crush: none… Yet (I will be *cough* putting one *cough* in for *cough* her)
    Backstory: lived with her mom for atleast 3 years before her mom disappeared and she was sent to live with her dad. She lived with her dad until she was 7 but then her dad went insane and almost killed her. She ran away into the woods and taught herself how to fight, survive, how to find food and water, etc. she found a wounded Raven and healed it later it became her pet. (Midnight). When she turned 14 she got invited to the school for good and evil. (She’s on year 2 FYI)

    Ok there. Those are my edited/expanded/revised/whatever bios. 😉

        tally2006 replied 4 years, 5 months ago

        I think I might do an expanded bio.
        Name: Talia (hates when people call her that nickname is Tally)
        Age: 11, turns 12 on December 23
        Gender: Girl
        School: Good
        Parents: Real mom and dad are Little Red and the Hunter, but Little Red divorced the Hunter and fell in love with the Wolf, but the Wolf is a Never and Little Red is an Ever, so that didn’t work out, and besides, Little Red fell in love with Robin Hood, and they got married except Robin’s real true love is Maid Marian, so THEY got married and so Tally lives with Robin and Marian.
        hobbies: Drawing, writing poems, braiding cherry blossoms into hair
        Talent: Has phantoms of white tigers wisp out of her finger so she can be two places at once. If you have ever read Harry Potter, it is like Hermione’s time-turner.
        Appearance: jet-black hair that is usually braided, cocoa-colored eyes, olive-brown colored skin like Kiko’s, but some amount darker. Usual outfit is Good uniform with a necklace from her mother that has a charm of a white tiger and a basket of biscuits. Head shape is roundish, and slightly big, but everybody from her hometown (Shazabah Deserts) thinks it is cute. Medium nose that Ollie the Everboy says is a button even though Tally knows it is too big.
        Pet: a white tiger cub named Monarch that is super cute but usually gets thorns stuck in his paws that Tally has to take out. Tally found him abandoned in a lost city of Shazabah.
        Personality: Curious, Artistic, good-hearted, always up for giving very (she thinks) helpful advice. Never gives up until she epically fails at something, always going to explore.
        Fingerglow: Light blue with a tint and swirl of sea green, a tiny speck of teal that only comes out when angry.
        Main Morgify: a sea green and light blue bunny.
        crush/bf: an everboy named Ollie of Shazabah that Tally thought was rude until she came to SGE.
        Backstory: You can pretty much see the backstory on the Parents section, but: she had a brother named Selvian, and he is 26 years old. He went to SGE, and graduated as a hat of a dwarf of the seven dwarves.

          tally2006 replied 4 years, 5 months ago

          Name: Ollie of Shazabah.
          Age: 12, 13 on August 27
          Gender: boy
          School: good
          Parents/relatives: great-grandpa was Hansel of Hansel and Gretel, and great-grandma was Peter Pan’s aunt.
          hobbies: eating, sleeping, bathing, sword fighting.
          Talent: can glide for amounts of minutes like Peter Pan and when Ollie hits 50, he’ll never grow old again.
          Appearance: Curly light blonde hair that fades faintly into a light-***** blonde, a square-circle jaw that makes Evergirls giggle. Pale, pale skin that gets sunburnt easily.
          Personality: always trying to be a Big Man even though he’s not the handsomest boy at SGE. Curious, adventurous, sometimes claims that he’s a little evil, too.
          Fingerglow: light, light, light blue that looks like ice and a mist of light sea green. Brilliant shade of dark blue-purple shines when Ollie’s angry.
          Crush/gf: None… kind of. Has a crush (and sorta is a bf) on Talia of Shazabah.
          Pet: a German Shepard named Wildfire after the fire an evil enchantress once tried to put him in.
          Main Morgify: a dog/cocker spaniel-poodle.
          Backstory: was found in the woods by an evil enchantress who plotted to kill. But then Ollie’s parents saved him, sorry that they ever abandoned him.

        peppy replied 4 years, 5 months ago


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