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    icouldntthinkofaname posted an update in the group Book 4: QUESTS FOR GLORY 3 years, 4 months ago

    Book 4 was by far one of the best books I have ever read in my life!!! SO many things happened that made my heart beat so fast!!! a few things I would like to discuss.

    1- What did the Lady of The lake and King Arthur mean when they said ‘unbury me’? Tedros said that it can not literally mean to unbury him but tbh I can’t think of anything else…

    2- Bogden and Willams abilities to tell the future : I am honestly surprised that people are not talking about this remember when they were playing with there tarrot cards and they warned Tedros about gifts? Tedros did not take them seriously and thought they were just being idiots. Fast forward to when Tedros and Rhian exchanged gifts. I think we all remember what happened then…Bogden and Willam predicted that something not good was going to happen and no one took them seriously…..

    3- Who is Willam older brother? We know that his brother knows Tedros (because Willams brother told Willam to ignore Tedros meaning he knows how annoying Tedros can be sometimes) Tedros asked him who he is but Willam ignroed him. I think he is going to be a character that he will be introduced in book 5 and help Agatha.

    4-Everyone keeps saying that Agatha is all alone in the woods right now which is a total over exaggeration. The teachers in the School for good and evil are still there specifically Uma and Yuba the Gnome. Most of the students from the School for Evil were not captured (Ravan Mona Arachne etc) and let us not forget about Reaper (speaking of him where is he)? oh and the league of the thirteen ( 12 with Cindrella dead) if they are willing to help Agatha for a second time.

    5-I predict that both Tedros and Sophie will enter a state of severe depression. Tedros because he failed in his duties as a King and as a lover to Agatha as for Sophie it will be because every time she finds ‘True love’ something happens that takes it away from her

    6- I also predict that Kei might turn to the good side mainly because of his backstory about his village (if what he said to Tedros was true) I feel like Tedros will convince him to join the good side and in return Tedros will help his family.

    7- In book 5 I think that there are going to be so many more deaths I think Reena is probably going to die. Also maybe Bogden Willam or Hort because Soman apparently likes to kill teenage boys allot ( The fairy Bane in book 1 , Tristain in book 2 , Nicholas in book 3 and Chaddick in book 4)

    8- Also i just want to point this out I think it wasnt the snake that killed Chadick instead it was Rhian because in the chapter where poor Chaddick died we didnt see his killer use any scims also the lady of the lake told Sophie that the person who took her powers (who was also the person who killed Chadick) had King Arthurs blood and by the end of the book we realize that it was Rhian had the blood of King Arthur not the Snake.

    9- I think Kaveen (Princess Umas former lover) will probably make an appearance in book 5 and Willams older brother too

    10- Some people think that Aric might still be alive because of how many times he was mentioned in book 4. If so that will lead to some pretty interesting dialogue between him and Kiko or him and professor Dovey since he killed people who were important to them. I think that Evelyn Sader might still be alive mainly because we never saw her dead body when Rafal ‘killed her’ she just became a number of Butterflies (I hope she comes back she was a really cool villain)

        writejdo replied 3 years, 4 months ago

        1-I have no clue about “unbury me” but I’m really excited to find out what it means. I think it might mean that he has to dig up memories from the past surrounding his father, or that something is buried with him.
        2- Bogden and Willam are the best
        3- I hope that Willams older brother is one of the more minor characters mentioned in the first couple books, like ones that were only mentioned by name a couple times, so that we can get to know those characters better
        4- I agree that there are a lot of potential people to help Agatha
        5- I agree that they will both be depressed, and why can’t sophie realize that Hort is her true love??
        6- I want to see more of Kei in the next book
        7- Hort better not die, he’s the best
        8- I agree that it was probably Rhian who killed Chaddick
        9- I hope Kaveen and the brother show up
        10- if Aric is still alive I hope Kiko gets to punch him in the face, also it would be very exciting if Evelyn was alive

        everneverwhatsoever12 replied 3 years, 4 months ago

        1. I’m not sure about “unbury me”, but maybe they’re asking Tedros to unbury King Arthur’s story and that was a warning about Rhian.
        2. I’ve seen other people talk about this but Tedros and Dot’s name both mean “Gift” of some sort, so that’s interesting.
        3. Ok, apparently there’s a theory that William’s brother is Tristan? but isn’t Tristan Tedro’s friend?
        4. I really hope that the league of 13 appear again or at least Princess Uma.
        5. I agree with this completely.
        6. I also agree with this theory so much. I mean since there is such a sense of “balance” in this world, then I thought maybe since Rhian turned out to be on the snake’s side (well, he’s actually the snake) then maybe someone will turn to Tedro’s side and maybe that’s Kei.
        7. I have a really bad feeling about Soman killing Hort. However, I think if he did, all of the Fans would be really upset including me.
        8. It was definitely Rhian who killed Chaddick, I’m pretty sure. He’s the one who actually has Arthur’s blood.
        9. that’d be cool.
        10. Well, Aric is probably going to have his story told, but it’d be interesting if he or Evelyn shows up.

          thesgeturtle replied 3 years, 4 months ago

          1) maybe “unbury me” means to “unbury the truth”
          2) BE WARY OF GIFTS. THE GIFT TEDROS GAVE RHIAN WAS TONTAKE CARE KF EXCALIBUR!!!!!!!!! That’s when Rhian took over
          3)could William be Tristan’s brother?(red hair)
          4)Agatha has a lot of “supporters”(Like Prof. Dovey was there for Cinderella)
          5) I think Tedros will, maybe not Sophie
          6) it could be true, maybe Kei was just helping Rhian or the snake for money… others did
          7) a couple minor characters might die…
          8) it could have been Rhian. But maybe the snake didn’t gain his suit yet and he didn’t have scims. Maybe Aurthur’s blood didn’t mean a son of Arthur… that’s a stretch tho lol
          9) in book 4, Uma claimed that she had to leave for the first few weeks of school, I think she saw Kaveen and attempted to make up. And of Tristan is William’s brother, he might show up the way Sader did in books two and three. Same with other characters
          10) Evelyn may come back like August did. Same with Aric… There may be a “flashback” or a story about Aric (like the ones Evelyn used to tell)

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