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    illputahexonyou13 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 4 months, 3 weeks ago

    i love this series

        eloiseruizpalma replied 4 months, 3 weeks ago

        Heyo! 💙 Welcome to the School for Good and Evil!! (aka the MADHOUSE!) I’m Eloise and I am a third year 50/50 girl. You can click on my username @eloiseruizpalma to view my activity. There are a few basic rules here… okay.. So… Remember you always have to be kind and considerate to others. You can’t post one liners in any of the RP groups (RP 0, RP 1, RP 2, RP 3 or fan fic) because they push down important posts, clogs up the area and slows down the site. One liners are accepted in the open chat, questions for soman, website central and book talk chats. When posting bio’s on any RP chats, your characters MUST HAVE FLAWS!! If they don’t they are called Mary Sues and are not fun to read about! If you want to tag somebody, you need to put an @ and then their name.. For example @eloiseruizpalma ! Don’t join the book chats (chatting about the handbook, ACoT, etc) if you have not read them!! Spoilers are posted all the time so it’s pointless! And NEVER quote the bee movie! Food fights and parties sometimes happen, so feel free to join them or begin one! But don’t make too many as it gets confusing. There are many different clubs you can join here as well as RPs. The doc for docs link is… . Feel free to join any, but a few you may need to ask permission.
        If you want to use emojis in posts, here’s how to do that! (btw, no spaces in between!!)
        🙂 is : )
        🙁 is : (
        😀 is : D
        😛 is : P
        😮 is : o
        😉 is ; )
        😐 is : |
        😆 is : lol :
        😎 is : cool :
        😕 is : ??? :
        We also have some abbreviations for a few words. For example…
        RP stands for Role Play
        POV stands for Point of View
        OC stands for Original / Own Character
        Here’s how to collects ranking points…
        -200 points = For new members
        -15 points = For commenting on a blog post in the ‘school news’ section
        -10 points = For each day you visit
        -0 points = For each comment in the Common Room
        -There is also sometimes a special assignment where once you answer/comment, you will receive a certain amount of points. At the moment you can earn 70 ranking points!
        Once you reach 1000 ranking points, you are no longer a newbie!!!
        When you write a story you must include a bio of your main characters. If you introduce an important character in the middle of your story, you have to include a bio, so we know a bit about them! Here is the bio template…
        When writing stories, remember no plagiarism!
        (@boomboompancakes) Twig, Berry.. it’s time to get the welcoming song!!
        Oh… and one more thing, try not to die 🙂 (literally!!)
        If you have any other questions, feel free to ask! We’re happy to answer

        princessgirl2911 replied 1 month ago

        Welcome to RP Level 0!! I’m Princess, a first-year Ever. (SECOND YEAR IN 3 DAYS EEEEE!!!)
        RP stands for Role Play, which is just story-writing. Before you write your story, you have to make a bio for your main character(s) so that your readers will understand them more.
        Template (This is the one that I use but you get the idea of it):
        Name (Include hometown):
        School (If SGE):
        Talent (If SGE):
        Fingerglow (If SGE):
        And if someone comments on your post asking to be tagged, put an @ sign in front of their username, like this: @princessgirl2911
        (you’ll know if you did it correctly if the text is purple, not white, when you post it)
        They’ll get a notification, and they’ll see that you posted a new chapter.
        If you have any questions, just ask!
        PS. If you want to see my activity, click on my profile picture or my username (@princessgirl2911)
        Happy story-writing!

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