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    imhester posted an update in the group RP Level 2: Blue Forest 4 months ago

    So, i have an idea for a new RP here. Ik that there are the Zodiac Rp and other ones, so i am asking if there is any problem to create it.

        anadil777 replied 4 months ago

        Yh, I created the Zodiac RP so it’s fine. Tag me for it!

        anadil777 replied 4 months ago

        well I mean there’s another zodiac rp too, so ask whoever created that

        lucyeverynameoflumaria replied 4 months ago

        Okay wow that’s confusing because I did not know there were 2 Zodiac RPs.
        I think mine came around first because it started somewhere over 2 years ago?
        Anyhow I’m Lucy, I created a Zodiac RP, it’s fine if you want to run something else on the level!
        At the moment we are still trying to figure out some stuff, so feel free.

          imhester replied 4 months ago

          Thank you so much!
          Also, Lucy, idk how to start with my oc in the Zodiac.

          lucyeverynameoflumaria replied 4 months ago

          If I remember correctly you don’t have any chapters up yet, though I could be wrong.
          If you don’t you can just do an intro chapter and hopefully help get things rolling again. If you have, you could do anything from just going about the school day to really jumping into the plot and dealing with reincarnate stuff. Anything works, right now we’re just trying to get things off the ground again!

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