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    impossiblegirl posted an update in the group RP Level 1: Great Lawn 1 year, 10 months ago

    Sorry, @autumnofwoodsbeyond I decided to just keep writing because I’ve been waiting for so long. I can say that my chapter is a few days after your next chapter takes place so that it all makes sense if you want. 
    The Zodiac RP
    P.O.V. Marina Stratis
    She was really asking me for help! I was so scared of hurting Rose, or making her mad at me or her just not liking me for no real reason. No one’s opinion about me had mattered this much before. Her opinion about me in general, but especially about my skill.
    Regardless, I was up early the morning after she’d asked me to arrange her songs. I had fallen asleep soon after listening to all of them, and was ready to work the second the rising sun shone through our thin curtains. I picked up the sheet music off of my nightstand, and tiptoed past Rose’s bed. She was sleeping peacefully in her bed, headphones still in her ears. I wondered briefly if she had just fallen asleep listening to music on accident, or if the music was to help her sleep on bad nights, like me. I suppose those were the things roommates found out about each other.
    Once out of our room, I marched down the spiraling stairs to the hallway of practice rooms. I counted them as I walked by, and stopped at the third one on the left. It was stupid, but I felt like I needed to practice in the same one I had last time. Like if I didn’t, it would be weird or different somehow. The thought of choosing a different room just made my insides crawl.
    Though all of the other rooms were empty, the door to this one was shut. I leaned closer to the wood, and inside I could hear the voice from earlier. The girl was singing softly, but not out of fear or embarrassment. It wasn’t like I could really tell, or like I knew anything about her, but I just felt that she was at peace here. Like she was comfortable and happy in that practice room because she was alone and singing. 
    Her voice was stunning. It soared high and low, and though I couldn’t make out the words, I could just feel the pain and joy in them. Her voice wasn’t breathy, like she was putting too much air in her voice, it was more airy. Like when you drop a feather and it just drifts, back and forth, riding the air until it fits the ground. 
    This was creepy.
    Seriously, I would die of embarrassment if someone listened to me singing alone. I was fine with audiences, but having an audience and being listened to against your will were different. In my mind, I could see the girl swinging open the door and coming out and seeing that I was listening. Then she would call the cops on my for stalking her or something, and I would be expelled and have to go home and be with my parents and sit through Hunter’s visits home.
    I hurried into the practice room next door and listened again through the wall. Yes, I could be practicing since I was in my own practice room. But I just felt wrong in a different room, and I really couldn’t stop listening to the girl. I sank to the floor, curled in my knees, and let her music float around me.
    It wasn’t too long until I heard her door clicking open, and footsteps disappearing down the hallway.
    I threw myself into the practice room, and shut the door. Though I had my work cut out for me, I just wanted to unwind for a moment. I sang a few songs that had been bouncing back and forth in my head lately, aching to escape. At home, I had sung so much it was unhealthy. I sang in public, on the bus and in the cafeteria when no one could hear me. Wow. That was really sad. 
    But here, everything was much quieter. Since our schedules were entirely up to us, no one place was crowded. The cafeteria and hallways, usually the prime spot for being accidentally elbowed or shoved, were almost empty when I used them. Though the busy and noisy spots were almost panic inducing for me, I missed the ability to just sing whenever I felt like it and be safe in the knowledge that no one would hear or care. Here, if I just burst into song, I would be a freak.
    So I let all out here. Little bursts of melodies released entirely as vowels, commercial jingles, catchy choruses that I didn’t really know the words to, songs I’d found late at night as an excuse to not sleep, big musical ballads that I’d memorized from Original Cast albums. 
    Thank God no one was listening outside.
    After what must have been a sad amount of random singing, I got to work. The songs Rose had given me were all translations, it wasn’t hard to tell. Though they were melodic and beautiful, they seemed to lack the…subtlety and story-telling methods of the musical theater music I was accustomed to. And as I tried to fit ‘Rolling Girl”into my own vocal range, another problem confronted me. The songs all seemed to come from their own stories, with separate characters and universes and timelines. There was no easy connection, and even if I managed to some realistic story, there was no way we could gather enough interest to have one person for each of the characters the songs presented. The thought of forcing more than one of these characters into one was a nearly impossible.
    Still…I didn’t have any friends here yet. Not that I had come here to make friends, and not that I expected anyone here to want to be friends with me. Just, it would be nice to be a part of something here. And nice to make life at the academy better than it was at home. Who knows, maybe having a project and a purpose here would make me less anxious here.
    So, after trying to make a few of the lyrics a little more descriptive in their English forms, I put all of the sheet music back in the folder and started to head out.
    Thoughts of the girl in here before me crossed my mind. She had sounded so hurt as she sang, I couldn’t help but feel like she was reaching out.
    No, that was stupid. Singing when you thought no one was listening couldn’t possibly be a cry for help. Still, music like that deserved recognition.
    I reached into my folder, pulled out the cover page of the first song I found, and tore a small piece off of it, wincing at the small imperfection. Pulling a pencil out of my bag, I cautiously started to write.
                        Dear girl who was here at 8 in the morning,
    Smooth. I erased immediately, but was still afraid whoever found this (would it be the girl? What if it wasn’t, and someone completely different found it and figured out it was me?) would read the words through the smudging. 
                          Dear Mysterious Soprano,
    What if that wasn’t her vocal part and she just felt like singing his for a day? Who was I to decide her vocal range? I’d been moved around so much in choir my default play application just said ‘female singer’.
    No. I couldn’t freak out about something this stupid for no reason. I came here to get better and singing and to to be better in all the other ways. Especially the making-friends-and-not-looking-insane-and-worrying-to-much-about-my 
    -sweaty-hands way. 
    And if this was just a letter, she couldn’t see my hands or how much I was freaking out or anything else. Yeah, this was the best way. I breathed in and out a few times, and kept writing.
    This is probably weird, but I’ve heard you practicing twice now and I just want to say that you sound amazing. I’m not sure if you’re here to sing or testing it out, but you’re really talented. 

    Wow. It all looked so much creepier in real life. But it couldn’t get much better than that, so I left the note on the music stand and walked away quickly  before I could get cold feet. 
    I trudged up the stairs to my door, humming the whole way, and sat down to read. Books had always been my salvation after a long day at school or play rehearsal. I guess  favors for roommates (friendship?) and socializing had become stressful somewhere along the way. 
    Soon after I started getting lost in the story, Rose came home. I looked down at the folder, and realized I still needed to given her an answer.
    She must have remembered too, because she sat down and looked at me expectantly. I took a deep breath, and picked up the folder.
    “I looked over all the music, and I’d like to help you. This isn’t really my thing, so I can’t make any promises about the quality, but I’ll try. I might want to change some things and add a little music of my own since they weren’t made to go together, but I’d really like to work on this with you.”
    And I ruined a cover of your sheet music, so please don’t ask for it back!
    Rose smiled immediately, and sat up a little straighter.
    “Okay, let’s get to work!”

        basicallykiko77 replied 1 year, 10 months ago

        Awesome! Loved all the details and great character voice! Who’s writing next?

          impossiblegirl replied 1 year, 10 months ago

          I’m not sure if anyone is next for sure… @autumnofwoodsbeyond was supposed to write before me, but I just went. Proabably just whoever wants to.

        basicallykiko77 replied 1 year, 10 months ago

        Ok, we’ll see then 🙂

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