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    indigosky12 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 9 months ago


    Name: Sage
    Residence: Maidenvale
    Status: Descendant (granddaughter of Briar Rose (aka Sleeping Beauty) and Rapunzel)
    School: School for Good
    School Rank: 2nd Place

    Fingerglow: Teal (gold after)

    Flowing hazelly blonde hair, slightly wavy; smooth, creamy, dewy soft skin. Jade green eyes, peachy lips. Slim body.

    Room: Purity 36

    “Amazing. Beautiful. Almost worthy to be my queen.”- Tedros, while Agatha and Sophie gapes at him.
    “Not yet equivalent to my excellence, but alright I guess. Millie, let’s go.”- Beatrix.
    “Worthy enough for me to hide a dungbomb in her bed.”- Willow

    Animal Sidekick: Sira (takes the form of any animal, usually a deer or a nightingale)

    Name: Charla
    Residence: Oz
    Status: (Normal)
    School: School for Evil
    School Rank: 9th Place
    Track: Henchman

    Fingerglow: purple

    Straight, chopped dark copper hair styled in a bob; pale jade-coloured skin. Dark brown eyes. Average body.

    Room: Malice 41

    “Almost make me long for the bathroom before I saw her consoling with Dot.”- Anadil
    “I like her.”- Mona
    “My friend until she gave me warts in Trial by Tales.”- Sage

    Looks like she can kill you but is more of a burnt cinnamon roll.

        indigosky12 replied 9 months ago

        Not as good as Willow, my other one, so soz :))

          indigosky12 replied 9 months ago

          I’m currently working on a letter from Willow(check the profile or see my favorite posts) to King Rhian. (Btw she sorta has a crush on Chaddick)

        evergirl391 replied 9 months ago


        aceocool replied 9 months ago

        Ya sounds great

          indigosky12 replied 9 months ago

          thanks guys really

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